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Damn, white girl, the killer in the house. Get out the house, sis!

–Kym while watching the 2007 Halloween film on her television

Kym is a main character and the tritagonist of the third season of the television series Scream. She is portrayed by Keke Palmer.


Kym, a bold and beautiful social activist with a big heart on one hand and zero patience for suffering fools on the other hand. When Kym and her friends find themselves hunted by a killer, she works to flip the script and survive at any cost.

Appearances (6/6) 

Season 3 (6/6)



  • Unnamed mother
  • Monica (aunt via mother or father)



Kill Count

The following is Kym's Ghostface kill count:

Beth's corpse Beth Shot in the chest (hit on head and knocked down by Marcus Elliot and Liv Reynolds) Endgame


And stay down, bitch

–Kym to Ghostface chasing her, Devil's Night

Boom! Final girl, y’all. Underestimate at your own risk.



  • Kym is a high school student at Weaver High School.
    • She is a member of The Deadfast Club
    • She shares similarities to John Bender from the 1985 American comedy The Breakfast Club, despite the gender swap.
    • She is the second person and second survivor overall to have survived Ghostface’s killing spree this season, the first being Marcus, the third being Liv, and the fourth being Hawkins (unbeknownst to him, since he was never attacked).
  • Kym is very similar to Maureen Evans, Hallie McDaniel, and Tyson Fox in that she shares a similar friendly disposition, charm and self awareness, that the aforementioned characters have. However, her sarcastic yet serious demeanor, charisma, and humor (sass) as well as her determination in herself makes her similar to Gale Weathers. This trait is also seen in other characters in the franchise such as:
  • Kym receiving a call from Ghostface as well as being attacked while at home alone is likely a reference to Sidney Prescott and her confrontations with the killer throughout the Scream franchise.
  • Kym is the only main character this season to kill Ghostface.
  • In “Blindspots”, Kym states to have an aunt named Monica.
    • This is a subtle yet loose reference to Courteney Cox, who before starring in Scream, was best known for her role as Monica Geller on the NBC show Friends.
  • Despite there being only four survivors (with Kym, Marcus, and Liv being from the now disbanded Deadfast Club), in Season 3, it is notably one less but still a group of survivors much like the Lakewood Five from Season 2.
  • Kym is also the first female in this season to actually be confronted by Ghostface in person (the second person overall, the 1st being Marcus), as Liv Reynolds was only taunted by the killer at her window but who didn’t confront her in “The Deadfast Club”.
  • In “Endgame”, the trio including her, Marcus, and Liv, standing down after the showdown looking down at the dead body of their killer(s) after being put down after “one last scare” (Beth, who awakens only to be shot down and killed by Kym after she warned Marcus and Liv of this rule) is likely an homage to the ending of Scream, as Randy, Sidney, and Gale stand over after Sidney shoots down Billy Loomis for his last scare, exactly one moment after Randy told her about the same rule.
  • Kym is officially the first Black female character to have survived Ghostface’s attack on her and in the franchise, the second being Liv Reynolds.
    • Her and Liv are joined by Mindy Meeks-Martin as the third and most recent Black female character from the fifth Scream film, with each having survived their attacks from their respective Ghostface.
    • Kym is also the first Black character to kill a Ghostface.
    • Kym survives both predecessors Maureen Evans and Hallie McDaniel from the film series, and Zoe Vaughn from the TV series, respectively.
  • The trio of Kym, Marcus, and Liv is most likely an homage to the trio of survivors from the first four Scream films, and whose season finale is especially referenced to Scream 3, which include Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley, and Gale Weathers with each character, with the TV trio being similar to the movies at the finale such as:
    • Kym to Sidney (seeing as both are single at the end, having survived their killers spree, and who outsmarted their respective killers)
    • Marcus to Dewey (seeing as he’s at the end in a relationship to Gale and who defended both females throughout against the killer)
    • Liv to Gale (also is the other half and in a relationship at the end, who talked the killer down, much like Gale has done in the films, and outsmarted them)
      • Hawkins also survives, despite not having been attacked and was perhaps one of many characters whom interacted with the main characters in the franchise but not be attacked due to a rule in the franchise.
  • In a promotional teaser, Kym is called "The Rebel".


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