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Emma, what's on your lizard brain?

–Kristen Lang to Emma Duval, Psycho

Kristen Lang was a recurring character in the television series Scream. She is portrayed by Austin Highsmith.


A young, idealistic high school psychology teacher at George Washington High who becomes a confidant and mentor to her students. She is determined to build a relationship with her students targeting the Lakewood slasher survivors mainly Emma Duval.

Appearances (8/24)[]

Season 2 (8/14)[]


  • She was dubbed the "New Gale Weathers" in an interview with the executive producers.
  • She marked her first appearance in the series in the second season premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • She is a psychology teacher at George Washington High School.
  • In Psycho, she recorded her talk with Emma while meeting with her at the Grindhouse Cafe.
  • According to Brooke, Noah has a little crush on her.
  • She has a cool yet quirky way about her, often using greetings and phrases that often puzzle others. "Hey Sigmund and Sigmundafroids!", "Emma, what's on your lizard-brain?"
  • With the absence of Piper Shaw and Seth Branson, Kristen Lang has taken over both of their roles as an attractive teacher and as the older sisterly like friend for Emma to trust and talk to.
  • In Dawn of the Dead, she locked Emma in an office alone, after fighting Haley in the learning center.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, Gustavo Acosta revealed that she is in a secret relationship with Seth Branson.
  • She has the same age as Seth Branson.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, Sheriff Acosta claims she was Branson's alibi for the night Jake Fitzgerald was killed.
    • However, Brooke discovered Kristen lied whilst pretending to be distraught with guilt saying she was with Seth that night.
  • She was thrown down the stairs by the Lakewood Slasher in Let The Right One In. However, she survives the attack.
    • Making her the first and only survivor to survive a fall.
  • In Let The Right One In she tries to contact Emma and tries to apologize for locking Emma in the classroom during the lockdown. Later in the episode, she records herself saying how her relationship with Emma has come to a stop as Emma is now avoiding her. This happens minutes before she gets the call from the killer.
  • It was revealed in Let The Right One In that she has a collection of recorded tapes in the drawer in her office of conversations that she's had with each member of the Lakewood Six (except for Jake) and Gustavo Acosta.
  • She is the fourth person in the series to get a call from the killer.
  • It was revealed in The Orphanage that she and Piper Shaw were foster sisters.
    • She revealed in Heavenly Creatures that she did not talk to Piper while she was in the orphanage.
  • In When a Stranger Calls, she gets out of the hospital.
    • In this same episode, she was last seen writing a book called "The Madness of Two", primarily based on the psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief and hallucinations are transmitted from one individual to another.
    • This action resembles Gale Weathers, who also wrote a book after the events of Scream.
  • Along with Officer Reynolds, they are the only known supporting characters in the franchise to be viciously attacked by the killers and survive without being killed at a later time.
    • In both the films and tv series when a supporting character is attacked, they are usually killed.
      • Jake Fitzgearld (He technically appeared in all the episodes before his death, but is still considered a guest character) and Seth Branson are the first to break this trend, as both are attacked (Jake walks into a trap) and killed at later time while Renyolds and Kristen are presuambly still alive.

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