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Piper showed me, that killing people is way more fun than therapy!

–Kieran to Emma Duval and Audrey Jensen, When a Stranger Calls

Kieran Wilcox, formerly known as Kieran Hudson, was a main character of the television series Scream. In addition, he is the main antagonist of the second season and the hidden secondary antagonist in the first season. He is portrayed by Amadeus Serafini.

Seventeen, he is the brooding mysterious "bad boy" type that girls fall for with intense eyes and smoldering appeal. He is both smarter and a bit more mature than most of his peers. Kieran is the new kid at school with a mysterious past archetype. He moved there from Atlanta because his mother and stepfather died in a car accident three weeks earlier and is reluctantly forced to live with his dad, Sheriff Hudson, in Lakewood.


Early Life

Kieran was born to Clark Hudson and Mrs. Hudson. Clark left him in Atlanta in order to support his addiction to pain pills. During his time in Atlanta, Kieran began stalking a girl and framed his cousin Eli for it. Kieran lived with his stepfather and mother in Atlanta until they died in a car accident, which was indirectly (or directly) caused by him. At some point, Kieran met Piper Shaw and formed a romantic bond with her through their shared hatred for the parents who abandoned them. Piper convinced Kieran to embrace his psychopathic urges and help her commit a series of murders in order to make Kieran's father, the Lakewood Sheriff and Piper's mother Maggie, the medical examiner feel helpless in stopping their rampage. Kieran moved to Lakewood after his mother and stepfather's deaths.

First Lakewood Murders

In Lakewood, Kieran began getting close to Emma Duval, Piper's half-sister in order to gain her trust under the pretense of having romantic feelings for her. After killing several people, Piper attempted to kill Emma and Maggie, only to be shot in the chest by Audrey Jensen, the person responsible for bringing Piper to Lakewood and then shot in the head by Emma. Her corpse was retrieved by Kieran and stored in the Orphanage were she was raised. Enraged by her death, Kieran was motivated to start another killing spree, now targeting not only Emma, but Audrey as well.

Second Lakewood Murders

After having killed numerous people, including Jake Fitzgerald and Mayor Maddox, Kieran unintentionally revealed himself as the killer to Emma, by saying that "she would feel safe again", Emma had been previously called by the killer, who said "you will never feel safe again". Exposed, Kieran then shoots Eli dead when he attempted to protect Emma from him. Despite his efforts, Kieran was subdued by Audrey and Emma, who spared him from death and let him being arrested by the police instead. Three months after his arrest, Kieran gets a phone call from someone using the killer's voice who says "Hello Kieran. Who told you, you could wear my mask?", and is visibly shocked by this.

After Kieran's trial sentences him to 10 consecutive life terms, he is visited by the killer, who kills his guard and confronts him in his cell. Kieran asks him who he/she is; the killer responds by slitting his throat in a swift move with the hunting knife. Kieran falls and tries to crawl towards the officer's gun, but the Killer pins him down and stabs him in the back of the neck, killing him.


Before he was going to be sent to prison, Kieran, hearing a noise, looks up to see a person in the Killer's costume laying face down in the ventilation vents above him, looking down at him. Nervous of what the killer will do, Kieran tells the nearby security guard that he needs to "use the can". The security guard refuses while writing notes down on a pad nearby.

The Killer slightly opens the vent, but the guard hears the vent creaking. When he turns around in surprise, the Killer jumps out of the vent and murders the guard by twisting/snapping his neck 180 degrees, while Kieran watches in shock from inside his cell, amazed at the killer's superior brutality.

The Killer then takes the guard's keys, lets Kieran out and confronts him. "Alright. You kept your word. So you're going to tell me who you are?" Kieran asks. The Killer stares silently for a few seconds before giving his response: swiftly gliding the hunting knife across Kieran's throat, slicing it open. A horrified Kieran gurgles while blood spurts out.

Completely dumbfounded and full of bewilderment, a gurgling Kieran drops to his knees and falls to the ground. As Kieran clutches his neck, bleeding profusely, he sees that the prison guard dropped his gun.

He desperately attempts to crawl toward the gun, but the Killer pins him down. The Killer then strikes the knife down into Kieran in the back of the neck, twisting it, finishing him off. He then turns Kieran's corpse over and admires his work as Kieran's corpse continues to bleed out.

Appearances (21/24)

Season 1 (9/10)

Season 2 (12/14)





Your boyfriend is banging your crazy half-sister and we're both about to kill you!

–Kieran to Emma, When a Stranger Calls

In the first season, Kieran met Emma at a party being thrown by Brooke. He kissed her, and they started a friendship. Kieran fought with Emma's ex Will over her. Will eventually began to win Emma back, irritating Kieran. However, after a video of Will and Emma having sex leaks, Emma begins dating Kieran. They keep their relationship secret, as Emma's mom and Kieran's dad are dating. After Will is kidnapped, Emma saves him. She plans a date with him. This worries Kieran. Will is later murdered. Emma's relationship with Kieran takes a turn when evidence implicating Kieran as the killer is found. However, after Kieran's dad dies, he is cleared, and Emma and Kieran continue dating.

Emma decides she needs time to heal from the events in Season 1 and breaks up with Kieran, leaving for a three month retreat that begins to help her heal emotionally from the suffering she endured.

They start up their relationship again at the beginning of Season 2, however, it becomes complicated further when Kieran tells the police Emma has the deceased Jake Fitzgerald's cellphone. Their relationship gets worse when Kieran goes behind her back and tells the police about the encounters she had with the Killer, and Emma starts to hang out with Kieran's cousin, Eli Hudson. They appear to have an "on and off and on again" relationship.

Eventually, after Kieran's "abduction" by the Killer, the two appear to have made up again after Kieran reveals the truth about the car accident and Emma keeps her distance from Eli, not trusting him anymore.

Their relationship comes to a final end in When a Stranger Calls when Kieran is revealed as the Killer, having only pretended to love Emma.

Your boyfriend is banging your crazy half-sister and we're both about to kill you!

–Kieran to Emma, When a Stranger Calls

Before the events of the first season, Piper met Kieran and established with him a secret relationship. Under the promise to help Kieran kill his father and seduce him, Piper convinced him to get close to Emma as part of her plan to kill her sister.

In Revelations, Piper attempted to reveal Kieran as her accomplice. After Emma and Audrey killed Piper, Kieran was motivated to start a killing spree on his own, both to avenge Piper and for his own pleasure.

In When a Stranger Calls, Kieran revealed their relationship to Emma.

Confirmed murders

Season 1

Crime Scene Photo Victim Cause of Death Episode
Tyler's Death Tyler O'Neill Completely decapitated (offscreen) Pilot
RachelMurrayDeath Rachel Murray Thrown off balcony, neck snapped in rope noose and hung. Hello, Emma
Will's Death Will Belmont Sawed in two with trencher. In The Trenches
ClarkHudsonDeath Clark Hudson Knocked out with fire poker, bound to a tree, stomach cut open, disemboweled and bled out accidently by Maggie through a trap. Revelations

Season 2

Crime Scene Photo Victim Cause of Death Episode
JakeFitzgeraldCorpse Jake Fitzgerald Stomach slashed with a scythe and disemboweled. I Know What You Did Last Summer
EddieHayesDeath Eddie Hayes Wine bottle smashed over head, stabbed multiple times in back and once in throat with corkscrew, blood loss. Vacancy
SethBransonCorpse Seth Branson Hand cut off with hunting knife, burned with iron, knifed in stomach and burned alive in house. Jeepers Creepers/

Let The Right One In

DeputyDwayneDeath Deputy Dwayne Thrown through glass mirror. Died of blood loss. Village of the Damned
HaleyMeyersCorpse Haley Meyers Stabbed 12 times in chest with hunting knife. The Orphanage
ZoeCorpse Zoë Vaughn Drowned in locked coffin at Wren Lake. The Vanishing
QuinnMaddoxDeath Quinn Maddox Impaled through chest with pitchfork and bled out. Heavenly Creatures
DeputyStevensDeath Deputy Stevens Knifed 4 times in chest and back 3 times. When a Stranger Calls
EliHudsonDeath Eli Hudson Shot 3 times in chest with handgun. When a Stranger Calls


Before reveal

Emma: "My perfect boyfriend slept with the deceased."
Kieran: "Necrophilia is a problem."
Emma: "Wow, you have a dark mind."
Kieran: "Oh you... You have no idea."
— Kieran and Emma talking in the greenhouse.[src]
  • "We said we were still friends. What friends don't write, right?" - I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • "You don't know anything about my father." - Psycho
  • "Hey, fight club. Not cool." - Vacancy
  • "Don't you have like everything to sign up for? First day, got a lot to do." - Vacancy
Emma: "(realizing he's the killer) Oh, my god, it's you. No... no, Kieran... Tell me that I'm wrong."
Kieran: "(sighs and chuckles) You're NOT wrong!"
— Kieran's revelation in the Orphanage.[src]

As Lakewood Slasher

Kieran as Lakewood Slasher

Kieran masked.

  • What if I'm already here? (in Audrey Jensen's voice to Rachel)
  • People wanna see blood and I'm gonna give it to 'em.
  • Then let's see what you've learned, Emma, can you put all the pieces together in time to save him?, or will Daisy's heart be broken the way she broke Brandon's?, It's up to you, but I can promise you one thing, it's gonna be GUT-WRENCHING.
  • "Don't hang up on me! I was nice enough to wait until you were alone. Thought you could get away with murder, didn't you? Well you can't, did you like the feeling of that ice pick in your hand?
  • Do you like being a creeper?" "I like torturing you, after what you did, you deserve it.
  • Better hurry, we have a guest.
  • Nice try partner, but I know you better than you think.
  • You should be a better partner, Audrey. I am doing all the work.
  • I want you to finally have some answers, killer. They're waiting for you back at Crescent Palms.
  • If you don't go now, the video of you playing with Jake's mangled body gets posted in the comments of your friends podcast. It's up to you.
  • You're not a victim, Audrey. You're a killer. Remember that, call the cops? You're done, confess to Emma? It's over, what's left? Just me.
  • Hello, Emma. Did you miss me?, Well, I'm coming for you!
  • I'm in your head, Emma. And you know it.
  • Don't you know the rules?, now that you and Zoe have had sex, you're both on the slasher chopping block, isn't it how that goes?
  • Any more threats and I light his coffin on fire and let you watch him burn.
  • I wanna keep playing. So, if you turn yourselves in, or even get caught, I'm gonna gut someone you love. Better start running.
  • Careful, Emma, you don't want to see my face.
  • I'm not hiding. I'm savoring... the final destruction of you, Emma Duval, and all you love.
  • Thought killing her made you safe? You'll never feel safe again, Emma! Never!

After reveal

  • ''I made the sheriff and the medical examiner look like idiots, we tortured them with a killing spree they could not stop.'' - When a Stranger Calls
  • ''Oh we were together before you and I even met.'' - When a Stranger Calls
  • ''All it took was your mother throwing Piper out like trash and my dad dumping me in [[Atlanta, Georgia|Atlanta]] so he could party on pain pills, it made me and Piper sick to see them together.'' - When a Stranger Calls
Kieran: "You killed my Piper."
Audrey: "Yes."
Kieran: "Which is why I tortured you too."
— Kieran to Audrey at the Orphanage.[src]
  • ''Don't think I won't end you right now, I'm done with you, you're trash!'' -To Audrey - When a Stranger Calls
  • ''Surprise! Your boyfriend is banging your crazy half-sister and we we're both about to kill you.'' -To Emma - When a Stranger Calls
  • ''Alright, you kept your word. So, you gonna tell me who you are?'' -Kieran's final words to his murderer - Halloween


  • He attended George Washington High before his death.
  • He shares similarities with Billy Loomis.
    • He is the boyfriend of the final girl.
    • He is a suspect for most of the murders.
    • He fakes his love for his girlfriend Emma.
    • He ends up being one of the killers.
  • He was living with his stepfather and his mother in Atlanta until they tragically died in a car accident 6 weeks before the start of the Pilot. He decided to go live with his father - despite the two not sharing the best relationship.
  • In Wanna Play a Game?, it was revealed that he had been in jail before coming to Lakewood.
    • However, it was never revealed why.
  • In The Dance, Noah and Audrey discovered a video on Rachel's cloud which showed him leaving a bar with Nina.
    • Kieran explains that after a fight with his father, Kieran went to a bar where Nina tried to seduce him, only for him to rebuff her advances and his departure to be recorded by Rachel.
      • This was initially truth in Season 1, however Season 2 showrunners changed Audrey's involvement and pitched Kieran as the other killer from day one.
  • In Let The Right One In, Eli revealed to Emma that Kieran had a huge fight with his step-father before he and his mother were killed in a car accident. Eli mentioned that Kieran had never forgiven himself since the accident.
    • However, it is unlikely that he seriously felt bad about their deaths, as Kieran was revealed as a psychopath.
  • In Village of the Damned, Kieran revealed the full circumstances of the car accident to Emma: Kieran was at the car accident and had the huge fight with his Step-father there. This distracted him and caused the car to crash, killing him and Kieran's mother.
    • However, after Kieran is revealed to be a killer, the truth of this statement is unknown.
  • He has a cousin named Eli and an aunt named Tina, they are introduced in Psycho.
  • Kieran was one of the members of the Lakewood Six.
    • He was the second member to die.
  • In Happy Birthday to Me, Kieran attended a surprise birthday party that Emma threw for him.
    • He is the first character in the series to have their birthday celebrated.
  • He got into a physical fight with his cousin, Eli Hudson, in Village of the Damned.
  • He was "kidnapped" (off-screen) by The New Killer in Village of the Damned.
    • He was also dressed up as the killer and almost shot by Emma before his mask was taken off.
    • This was later revealed to be a ruse as he was revealed to be the killer in When a Stranger Calls.
  • Kieran does not appear in Aftermath and The Vanishing.
    • He is the only series regular character, that missed an episode of Scream from both seasons.
    • While, Kieran does not appear in The Vanishing in person, he still does dressed as the killer to attack Noah.
  • He is the eight person in the series to get a call from the killer.
    • He is the only killer to get a call from another killer as a serious threat.
  • He was revealed to be the Season 2 killer and Piper's boyfriend/accomplice in When a Stranger Calls.
    • He committed all of the Season 2 murders by himself and did not have an accomplice.
    • He is the only killer to have killed people in two different killing sprees.
    • He killed with her while pretending to be Emma's boyfriend and form relationships with the Lakewood Six.
    • He is the first killer in the franchise to not be killed after his reveal, but the first to be arrested after.
    • He killed his own cousin and father.
    • He has the highest body count in the franchise, having killed at least 11 people across the two seasons.
  • Similar to Roman Bridger and Jill Roberts, they each murder their own parent.
    • Jill killed her mother Kate, Roman killed his father John Milton, and Kieran killed his father Clark
  • In Halloween, Kieran was finally murdered by the third killer due to his throat being slit and being stabbed in the back of the neck.
    • This marks the first time in the TV series, that a Lakewood Slasher killer had been betrayed by another killer.
    • This would be the first time in the Franchise that a killer is killed at the start of a movie or show. Up until this point, all those killed at the start of the movies or show were innocent victims of Ghostface or the Lakewood Slasher. In the 6th film, Jason Carvey would be the 2nd killer after Kieran to be killed by another killer at the start
      • Jill Roberts overall is the first Killer to kill another killer, her accomplice Charlie Walker in the franchise.
    • However, Jason Carvey would be the first Ghostface to be killed by another Ghostface at the start of the film. He is killed (along with his best friend and accomplice Greg Bruckner) by Wayne Bailey.
  • At the end of the Halloween special, Kieran's gravestone shows that he was born on September 8th, 1998 and died on October 24th, 2016.
    • Him being born in September is an error by the writers due to the fact that Season 2 is set 3 months later after the events of Season 1, making it January/February of 2016.
    • His actual birthday (Chronologically to the story) is January 28th, 1998.[1]
    • It is possible that Kieran lied about his real birthday date to Emma Duval in order to downplay Eli's suspicion on him.
  • The first and only killer in the franchise to date to actually be arrested and tried for their killing sprees. Up until this point every single killer before and after (Except the 94 and 3rd Lakewood Slasher as their identities are still unknown) were ultimately killed.
    • Billy Loomis had been taken until custody as a suspect but was released and later killed by his Girlfriend Sidney Prescott.
  • The first and only killer in the franchise to date to be killed while in custody.
  • The First and only Killer on the tv series to get his own Poster. Piper Shaw, Beth and Jamal Elliot did not get their own poster.
  • He also the first of only six killers in the entire franchise to get their own poster. Richie Kirsch, Amber Freeman, Ethan Landry, Quinn and Wayne Bailey are the only other killers to have their own posters to date.
  • If counting Jason Carvey there is seven killers with posters, but he wasn't an official killer like the six former.


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