Kevin Duval was a recurring character in the television series, Scream. He is portrayed by Tom Everett Scott.


Kevin Duval is Maggie's former husband and Emma's father. At some point, he was attacked by Brandon James, who also shared a romantic interest in Maggie. After this, Kevin and Maggie were divorced, with Kevin leaving both his former wife and daughter in Lakewood while he left. Maggie and Emma haven't contacted him since he left, vice versa, and didn't know where he was living. After the death of his step daughter, Piper Shaw, Kevin returned to Lakewood to help Emma recuperate.

In Season 2, Kevin returns to Lakewood and is revealed to have had abused Maggie due to getting drunk too often before he left her out of guilt. He left Lakewood again shortly before the new killer had revealed their existence to the public to get help for himself. However, at the end of Halloween/Halloween II, he is shown to be back in Lakewood, watching Kieran's grave.

Appearances (5/22)

Season 1 (1/10)

  • Ghosts (Flashback/Hallucination)

Season 2 (4/14)


  • Kevin Duval became traumatized when he discovered that his then-girlfriend Maggie was having sexual relations with Brandon James, during the time their relationship had developed problems. Some speculate that if he is the real killer of the 1994 murders, then his motive was to use Brandon's mask to frame him.
  • He is named after creator of the Scream franchise, Kevin Williamson.
  • Kevin Duval was introduced in Ghosts via hallucination. He marked his real appearance in Psycho.
  • Like Neil Prescott, he is a suspect in the murders and is missing during season one. Unlike Neil, knowing the affairs of his wife made him estranged from his family. Kevin's departure affected his daughter, Emma, much like Sidney when she loses her father before the events of Scream 4.
  • In Halloween II, he is seen standing over Kieran Wilcox's grave with a unhappy expression on his face.
  • Kevin is considered by many as the lead suspect to be the third killer.

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