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  • Kenny Jones
Portrayed by W. Earl Brown
Location California
Occupation TV Cameraman for Top Story
Status Deceased
Death throat slitted with knife by Stu Macher
Quote The door
Appearance(s) Scream scream 2

Kenneth "Kenny" Jones was Gale Weathers' cameraman. He faithfully aided her in covering the Woodsboro Murders until he got his throat slashed by Ghostface.

He seemed like a minor character, but he was actually a main character in the story and intregal to the plot of the sequels.

He was the 5th and final victim of the 1st Ghostface killing spree.

Character Biography


Kenny after getting his throat slashed by Ghostface.

Kenny arrived in Woodsboro with Gale the day after Woodsboro High School students Casey Becker and Steven Orth were murdered. He filmed Gale outside of the school where she was seen by Sidney Prescott giving a broadcast on the murders with Gale saying, "No arrest has been made and the murder could strike again."

That night, Kenny and Gale were among the plethora of reporters outside the Woodsboro Sheriff's Department. Kenny caught on tape Sidney emerging from the police station after she was attacked at her home. Sidney punched Gale in the face when she confronted the teenager about the attack and the subject turned to Gale's book about the murder of Sidney's mother. Kenny caught Gale on her fall with another officer on scene saying, "Nice shot." redirecting this statement meaning how he captured the footage (but secretly meaning Sidney's right hook to Gale). 

Kenny´s throat is slashed.

Gale and Kenny went to Stu's party for footage being uninvited. He eventually let Sidney into the van while she was being chased by the killer. Gale was not present due to a walk with Dewey. They viewed footage of the killer about to stab Randy Meeks. However, Ghostface becomes distracted by Sidney screaming outdoors. Kenny leaves to go help Randy, but as soon as he steps out of the van, Ghostface appears and slashes his throat. Kenny turns around, muttering, "The door" to Sidney and points to the door for her to escape. He then collapses and dies. Then, Ghostface puts Kenny's corpse on the top of the news van, where his body appears on the windshield, before Gale crashes the van. Kenny's corpse falls off and crushes a fence. Gale then wanted revenge on Billy and Stu and she also felt so sorry and regretted all the bad treatment she gave Kenny.

Almost every time Kenny is seen on screen, Kenny can be seen eating some kind of food, usually Cheetos.

Scream 2

Gale's new cameraman, Joel Jones, learned about Kenny's fate and panics, Despite the fact that he was very loyal towards Gale in the previous movie, she still embellished on his death in her book by claiming Kenny was gutted. She tells Joel she made it up and his throat was actually slashed. He replies, "Gutted, Slashed, the guy ain't in the union anymore." Gale tells him she cannot do this without him. He continues to helps Gale until Randy falls victim in his Van. He abandoned Gale afterwards fearing his life, but returns for the final report of her overcoming the murders which she tends to a surviving Dewey instead.

Scream 4

Kenny´s corpse in the van´s window

Robbie Mercer's character is a complementary mixture between Randy and Kenny, Gale Weather's original Cameraman. Robbie spend his days recording events of his high school experience while being a horror film enthusiast. Gale gains a certain rapport with Robbie in her initial bidding for their help and repaying them to visit their school cinema club by him saying, "I Love you." even after verbally abuses him as she did Kenny.

In the original, Kenny tried to warn Sidney by saying, "Door..." with his throat slashed and fell dead. Robbie tried to warn Sidney and Jill by a single word, "Run..." and fell dead.

Robbie Mercer further implies the past subtle co-existing connection of Kenny and Randy's original characters.


  • (To Gale) "My name isn't Jesus."
  • (To himself after fixing the camera) "You're a genius!"
  • (To Gale) "Bitch Goddess!"
  • (About Randy) "Behind ya, kid! Behind ya!"
  • (On the videotape) "Thirty second delay..."
  • (To Sidney, also his last words ) "The door."

Behind the Scenes

  • He was described as "an earnest young chap on the chubby side" in the script.
  • Kenny and Joel share the same last name.
  • It is unknown who played him in the Stab franchise.
  • Kenny's death was one of the deaths that Wes Craven cut, in order to avoid an NC-17 Rating.
  • In Stab, Kenny's character was gutted following the change Gale made as an artistic license.