"He was making a movie called 'Stab'. He was stabbed."
—Detective Wallace
Joshua Wallace
Portrayed by Josh Pais
Location Hollywood
Occupation Police Detective
Partner Mark Kincaid
Status Alive

Scream 3

Detective Joshua Wallace was a cynical police officer assigned to the Stab 3 murder investigation. His partner was Det. Mark Kincaid.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was described as "Kincaid's cohort and partner. He's in his late thirties. Family man" in the script.
  • A deleted scene was filmed paralleling the cops coming onto the scene of the final confrontations of Scream and Scream 2 in which Wallace is surprised at all the chaos, but was deemed superfluous with the scene following at Sidney's home.
  • Wallace's first name is never mentioned throughout the film. However, on his desk at the police station and on the bullet proof vest that Sidney wore to the Milton Mansion, the text "Det. J. Wallace" can be seen, which means that his first name at least begins with the letter "J", it is most likely that his first name is "Joshua", which would be a reference to the actor who portrays Wallace (Josh Pais).
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