Jeremy Blair was a character featured on the special episodes of the second season of Scream. He is portrayed by Alex Esola.


He is the book editor of Gustavo Acosta and Noah Foster. He was a prime suspect for the murders of Shadow Grove island, due to a prank he pulled, and the fact that he brought the Lakewood Six to the island, until his death.


Jeremy, who is now on the run after escaping a closet that "Alex Whitman" put him in, scares off Gina McLane, Audrey's new girlfriend when she threatens him with a firepoker. Afterward, he goes into a drawer and finds a photo.

He appears to be shocked by what he sees (it is later revealed that the picture is a photo of the real Alex Whitten and previous victim Billie Fields, revealing the Alex he knows is a fraud). As he walks around, staring at the photo, a pair of garden shears suddenly impales Jeremy through his shoulder.

Jeremy gasps in pain and shock and collapses on a nearby bed. Bleeding out in pain, Jeremy looks up, only to discover the identity of his attacker: "Alex Whitten" (His real name is later revealed to be Tom Martin).

As Jeremy stares at him in terror and shock, "Alex" raises the garden shears and plunges it down into Jeremy's stomach, penetrating it deeply and fatally, then violently rips it out. Jeremy gasps for breath as he dies from the strike, staring up at "Alex" in disbelief.



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