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Jenny Randall was a Woodsboro high school student who appears in Scream 4 and was best friends with Marnie Cooper.

Jenny was the second character to fall victim to the fourth Ghostface's killing spree.

Jenny seems to symbolize the female version of Steven Orth, because she has more of an aura of masculine confidence, but was a "girlish" jock.


21st Century Attacks

Jenny appears at the beginning of the movie while watching Stab 7 with her friend, Marnie Cooper. Jenny begins to explain why the movie starts with the opening scene of Stab 6 when Marnie gets confused by it. She tells her that it's a movie-within-a-movie. However, Marnie already knows this and says that the Stab movies aren't even based on true events. Jenny tells her that the first three films are based on actual events from Sidney Prescott's story, but she threatened to sue them if they continued to use her story, so they made up everything else. Jenny says that the fifth movie is the worst because it has time travel in it.

"Is this Trevor ?" Jenny talking to Ghostface on phone

Jenny suddenly blurts out that she heard a noise upstairs. Marnie doesn't believe her but Jenny goes upstairs and sees that her window is open. From there she prank calls Marnie. After revealing herself to not really be Ghostface, Jenny hears a commotion downstairs as Marnie is murdered while on the phone with her. Jenny, thinking that Marnie was pranking her to get even, heads back downstairs seeing Marnie's phone on the ground. Taunting she says, "Lights out, phone on the floor. You know, you really could direct horror films." She answers the phone when it rings thinking it's Marnie trying to continue the prank. Ghostface begins to taunt her. Now a bit worried it's not Marnie, she inquires, "Is this Trevor?" Ghostface replies, "Do I sound like a Trevor to you?" Ghostface deems that she is in his movie now. The same movie Marnie was in but her part had to be cut short deeming she was too boring. When Jenny asks how he insults her by saying she is the dumb blonde with the big tits and will be more fun before she is killed. Jenny, very

Jenny´s Chase

insulted, yells on the phone, "I have a 4.0 GPA and 135 IQ asshole! What did you do with Marnie?!" He tells her and she deems it's not funny. He says warns her in response to her statement of "that's not funny" by saying, "this isn't a comedy, it's a horror film. Some people live; some people die, and you better start running!".

As Ghostface finishes saying this, Marnie's dead body is then thrown through the glass door, causing Jenny to scream. After looking at Marnie's corpse, Ghostface pops out and chases Jenny. Jenny reaches the front door but looks back. She screams as Ghostface stabs the door with his knife. Panicking, Jenny runs upstairs and hides. Ghostface soon comes up the stairs. Jenny turns on a light and leans her head against the door. Suddenly, the door flings open as Jenny screams. Ghostface continues chasing her as Jenny screams. She opens the door but Ghostface reaches her.

Jenny is stabbed in the back, causing her to scream in pain. Ghostface removes the bloody knife as Jenny falls down some stairs into the garage that is currently under renovation. Jenny presses the button to activate the garage door and drags herself across the floor as the garage door rises. Ghostface deactivates the door and it comes

Jenny before her Death

back down, crushing Jenny's back with her groaning in pain. Jenny tries to go further, but her back injury holds her in place. Ghostface then reactivates the door and drags Jenny back into the garage by her feet with her screaming. Then Ghostface holds the bloody knife for the second stab. Jenny screams with horror as the knife comes down for the stab, her scream echoes.

Alternate Death

In the alternate opening, Jenny heard the noise upstairs and went up to investigate. After pranking Marnie, she comes back downstairs and sees Marnie lying next to the couch, appearing dead before she smiles. She was playing a prank on Jenny to get even. They stayed on the couch and talked, agreeing to stop trying to scare each

Jenny is attacked by Ghostface

other, until Marnie got up from the couch and went to the kitchen to get some snacks for them to eat. Jenny tells Marnie "You're not fooling anyone. I think you secretly like horror movies. Marnie just vaguely says, "Maybe." As soon as Marnie closes the refrigerator door, she sees Ghostface standing behind Jenny and assumes it's another prank saying, "Ok assholes, real original." Jenny just asked Marnie, "What?" as she did

Jenny's alternate death

not know Ghostface had entered the house and is standing right behind her.

Ghostface stabs her in the back, Jenny cries out and falls into the sofa, then he starts stabbing Jenny in the stomach. Marnie thinks it is a prank, but soon after sees Jenny is really screaming in pain and realizes it's for real. After being stabbed in the stomach six times, Jenny is really dead and Ghostface turns his attention towards Marnie and, after a small chase, he mortally injures Marnie by stabbing her in the stomach, then stabs her several more times, finally killing her.

Jenny after her corpse is found by the police

The next day, Dewey and Deputy Hicks meet while the officers are taking down the Ghostface masks from the light poles throughout the city, they are called to the Randall house for a serious situation with an officer saying, "It's bad, Sheriff, real bad." Jenny's corpse is found bound to a chair by Dewey, Deputy Hicks and other Woodsboro police where they take various camera shots of the death scene. Once the pictures are taken, Dewey immediately requests to cut Marnie's corpse down from the ceiling fan and cover them up saying, "they're just kids."





  • "This is the last person you're ever gonna see alive." Fake Ghostface call (To Marnie)
  • "I have a 4.0 GPA and a 135 IQ, asshole." (To Ghostface)
  • "Somebody falls for it every year!" (To Marnie after tricking her)
  • "Good one, Marnie! Lights out, phone on the floor. You know, you really should direct horror films...wherever you are. Let me guess, you want me to walk by an open door frame so you can pop out, huh?"
  • "Ok, timing! Timing is perfect! But you don't have an app on your phone, so you can't talk like Ghostface, can you?"


  • Her casting call states: "A bouncy teenage girl with a fountainhead of pop culture that is impressive. Like all teenagers who live in Woodsboro, she is obsessed with the Woodsboro murders and with the STAB films."
  • It is possible, however unlikely, that Jenny's family name is a reference to popular Scream character Randy Meeks, as the name "Randy" is an abbreviation of the name "Randall".
  • It has been speculated that Jenny was the girl that Trevor cheated on Jill with. It was hinted that this may be true when she asks if the person on the other end of the phone is Trevor. Another hint is from an alternate viewing of the movie where Charlie uses Jenny's phone to call Jill and Olivia calls her the other woman.
  • There is a deleted scene where the police investigate the crime scene. It shows Marnie hung from the ceiling

    Jenny Randall is the new Steven Orth

    fan and Jenny bound to a chair, much like Casey Becker and Steven Orth from Scream. This is what Gale is referring to when she asks if there's any comment on these killings paralleling the original Woodsboro murders at the press conference being held at the hospital.
  • Her death is based on Tatum Riley's death from the first movie, as well as Steven Orth's, as she was gutted and tied to a chair.
  • She was killed by Jill Roberts because she was the girl Trevor cheated on her with.
  • In the casting call for Marnie, Jenny's name was listed as "Patty".
  • Marnie represents the innocent side of Casey Becker while Jenny has the not so innocent side plus the "bangs" hairstyle she had in the original. Casey dumped Stu for Steven, but worse, Jenny was the participated in Trevor cheating on Jill with her.


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