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I've got no house, no bodyguard, no movie and I'm being stalked. Because someone wants to kill me? No, because someone wants to kill you. So, now, starting now, I go where you go. So that if someone wants to kill me, I'll be with you and since they really wanna kill you, they won't kill me, they'll kill you, make sense?

–Jennifer explains her motive to stay close to Gale Weathers.

Jennifer Jolie (born Judy Jurgenstern) was a major character in Scream 3 (2000 film) portrayed by Parker Posey. She was an eccentric "must-see" television actress who achieved her Hollywood big break, co-starring in two Sunrise Studios-produced slasher films, Stab (1997 film-within-a-film) and Stab 2 (1999 film-within-a-film) as Top Story reporter Gale Weathers, writer of the non-fiction True Crime book, The Woodsboro Murders (1997) and other related Ghostface phenomenon books.

She assisted in the investigation of the Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro murders before finally falling victim to Ghostface during Scream 3, who was revealed to be the new director, Roman Bridger. Following her murder, the role of Gale was recast. It is also unknown if someone else portrayed Jennifer herself in the final product released years later, based on the events of Scream 3, Stab 3: Hollywood Horror (approx. 2006 film).

A photo of the late actress (in actuality, a publicity still of real-life actress Parker Posey in 2006 at the Superman Returns premiere) is seen in Scream (2022 film) as teenager Tara Carpenter makes a Google search of the cast list and information of the original Stab.

Jennifer was the eighth character to fall victim in the third Ghostface killing spree.



Jennifer Jolie Publicity Still

A publicity still for Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro. (cancelled 2000 film)

Jennifer was a "must-see" TV actress before the Stab films. When she got the part, she tried to repeatedly call Gale Weathers, but Gale never returned the calls. Due to the fact that the events of Stab 3 were to be fictional, her co-stars, Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer were against returning for the role.

As production for the later-cancelled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro emerged, Jennifer chose to be apart of the third film, however.

She hires professional protection when it becomes apparent that several murders have been taking place. Her bodyguard, Steven Stone, and ex-policeman, Dewey Riley, become her guardians.


What are they looking at? Jennifer Jolie, Gale and Dewey in Scream 3 witnessing something horrific

Jennifer begins developing a strong bond with Dewey, much to the dismay of his love interest, Gale. As it becomes apparent any one of the actors might fall victim to Ghostface next, she reverts to constantly staying close to Gale since she firmly believes the killer might enjoy killing the real Gale Weathers over her.

Even though they are in constant quarrel, they enjoy each other's company over going out alone as it provides a false sense of security. When others are attacked however, Jennifer has already displayed traits of cowardliness.

Screenshot 20230306-085218 Gallery

Jennifer is afraid of getting killed third like in the script.

She decidedly sneaks out on the others, fearing for her own life more than caring for others. Being chased down by Ghostface, she eventually comes across Dewey and Gale who cannot see her due to the secret compartment she finds herself in. It holds a one-way looking glass with her on the wrong end.

Jennifer Jolie Death Scream 3

Desperately banging the mirror to call out for help, she is cornered by Ghostface. Finally gaining some courage, she fights back, hitting Ghostface while screaming that he can't kill her because she is the killer of Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro.

However, Ghostface gains the upper hand and begins to stab her all over her torso. Dewey and Gale notice the mirror moving but they don't find her until she is finally stabbed to death and falls out of one of the shot glasses onto the floor in a pile of broken glass.

Posthumous references

As one of the original cast members of Stab, Jennifer Jolie would have been apart of what gained a cult following in the Scream universe. Future serial killer and Woodsboro Cinema Club president, Charlie Walker began hosting Stab-a-thon in 2009 at Woodsboro, California, celebrating all Stab films back-to-back. This continued until 2011 (the third stab-a-thon) when he initiated his own killing spree.

Jennifer Jolie Stab Scream 5

Close-up of Jennifer Jolie, as seen as part of the original Stab cast web search results.

The fourth film reveals Jennifer Jolie was recast following her murder. Rebecca notes to Gale that the Rileys characters were married 10 years in Stab 3: Hollywood Horror. It appears the film was most likely released in approximately 2006, given it would be at least ten years since the original Woodsboro Murders (the earliest possible time frame for the overly "movie romance" fictionalized Dewey and Gale to marry, since time travel is not an element used until Stab 5).

A decade later, in the fifth film, Tara Carpenter was questioned about trivia from the original Stab film. From Tara's Google image or IMDb cast list results, Jennifer can be seen among the listing of the original cast (the photograph is a still of Parker Posey in 2006 at the Superman Returns premiere).





  • According to the DVD commentary, the scene where Posey's Jennifer gets Patrick Warburton's Steven Stone character to pick her up, Posey improvised and did other improvisations before and after the shot take they filmed. In one version, she asks him to sing a song, and in another, she leaves to cry in another room. The crew would all come in to watch Posey do different comedic stunts for her character.
  • Jennifer (and Posey's performance) was considered by many as the standout newcomer for Scream 3 and has retained popularity in the overall film series long after the film's release. (She was nominated for an MTV Award for Best Comedic Performance for her performance as Jennifer.)
  • She was described as "an ambitious young starlet" in the script.
  • She expresses fear and dislike of basements twice in the film. She accompanies Gale down to the archives basement, however, she didn’t with Roman in the Mansion basement.
  • Posey considers Jennifer's death "poetic" as she dies trying to speak to Dewey and Gale through a two-way mirror, they can't see her, but she sees them, saying "She wasn't adept to being in reality!"
  • Actress Tea Leoni was a strong contender for the part of Jennifer Jolie. The studio felt that Parker Posey was a better fit and cast her instead.
  • Commenting on the 20th anniversary for the third film, Posey discussed her character's reasoning for staying while the killings occurred as an actress herself:
    • "How dissociated is Jennifer Jolie to allow herself to be a third wheel? I needed to make sense of it," she explained. "So, she's an actress getting carried away with the part and unable to let go of it. I saw her as an archetypal fool, refusing or unable to grasp reality and instead enter into it by animating it —spontaneously riding the chaos instead of waking up and going somewhere safe. Like when I jumped into my security guard's arms — fleeing but no place to really go. She keeps running scared."
  • Parker Posey plays actress Jennifer Jolie while Emily Mortimer portrays actress Angelina Tyler. These are named for Angelina Jolie. Posey's character's first name is a reference to Cox's close friend and Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston.
  • In the film, Cox's Gale states to Jennifer Jolie, "I'm sorry that things didn't work out with Brad Pitt, but being single — that's a good fallback". There is a dark sense of irony here. At the time of production, the scandalous Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston tabloid marriage affair stories had not occurred, and would not circulate for another 5 years.
  • Parker Posey wore the exact same reporter costume that Courteney Cox wore in the first movie. All of the Stab 3 props, however, were replicas because the originals had been destroyed. The costume was the only thing that appeared in both Scream and Scream 3.
  • A polaroid revealed Posey also wore Gale's outfit for Scream 2, but it is unknown if this is a deleted scene or Posey enjoying time off-camera in the costume and props department.
  • Jennifer Jolie is the only Stab cast member to not be named after their actor who portrays them. She is portrayed by Parker Posey.
  • Jennifer is the only Stab cast member to be killed in the third ghostface massacre and was the only original cast member to return to Stab 3 following her murder.
  • In Scream VI, it is shown that the abandoned theatre used to build Richie Kirsch's shrine had onced screened a retrospective of Jennifer's works.


  • "Where? Nancy Drew wants to know where."
  • "You can't kill me! I'm the KILLER in STAB 3! I'm the KILLER!" (To Ghostface, who stabs her in the back)
  • "Who gave you a place to stay? Who were you supposed to be protecting?!" (To Dewey)
  • "You're obsessed with her and you're obsessed with her daughter!" (To John Milton)
  • "My. Lawyer. Liked. That." (After Gale punches her) (Improvised line)
  • "Fifty dollars? What are you? A reporter for Woodsboro High?" (Ad-libbed by Parker Posey)
  • "Is there a story in that building?"
  • "Gale Weathers would find a way." (To the real Gale about her character).


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