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Jeepers Creepers
Season 2, Episode 6
Audrey hugs Noah
Air date July 5, 2016
Written by Anna Christopher
Directed by Evan Katz
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Play time's over, bitch.

Brooke Maddox

"Jeepers Creepers" is the sixth episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall and it aired on July 5th, 2016.


Brooke takes action on unfinished business, Emma and Kieran struggle with trust issues, and Noah's investigations lands him and Audrey in peril.

PLOT: “I’m in your head, Emma,” the caller tells her. “And you know it.”

Could that be the show’s hint that Emma is the new killer? Meanwhile, Noah (John Karna) is now in possession of Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) phone and is pretty certain that his best friend is Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice. All he has are the text messages from the real killer, which is not enough for Emma to believe him. She brushes off Noah’s accusations, telling him to get real evidence or remove Audrey as his prime suspect. But Noah’s got an idea. He texts motel clerk Eddie (Chase McCleery Bouchie) a photo of Audrey, hoping that he can identify her as the woman he saw Piper with.

Eddie won’t say yes or no via phone. Instead he sets up a time to meet Noah later that night at the fairgrounds funhouse. What poor Noah doesn’t know is that Eddie is already dead. Just like Jake (Tom Maden), the killer is using his victim’s cellphone to toy with everyone else.

Noah may think that Audrey is the killer, but Brooke (Carlson Young) believes that her estranged ex-boyfriend and former teacher, Seth Branson (Bobby Campo), is the person responsible for Jake’s death. She recruits Gustavo (Santiago Segura) to sneak into his father’s office at the police station to look into Branson’s file. What Gustavo finds is pretty juicy. According to Sheriff Miguel Acosta’s (Anthony Ruivivar) report, the police believe that Jake was killed sometime late Sunday night into early Monday morning. But Branson has an alibi for the whole night — the high school psychology teacher, Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith).

Brooke takes the info and decides to do her own investigating. She frantically places a call to Ms. Lang, asking her teacher to meet with her outside of school to talk about Jake. But when Ms. Lang arrives, Brooke turns the topic to Branson. She lies to her teacher, telling her that the reason she feels so distraught over Jake’s death is because she was with another man the night that Jake died — Branson. Ms. Lang keeps her composure around Brooke, but makes a call to her beau the moment she gets in her car. Branson doesn’t answer, however, that’s only because he’s on another call. Brooke puts on an act and tells her former lover that she’s “falling apart” and needs him. Branson falls for Brooke’s trap, promising to meet her at their old hookup spot.

As Brooke puts her plan into place, her dad, Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt), is doing something else shady on the side. He runs into Kieran’s (Amadeus Serafini) con-artist aunt Tina (Karina Logue) at a bar and brings her home. Tina thinks that she’s going to be locking lips with the wealthy mayor, but he has other plans for her. He reveals that an “off the books job” recently became available, and wants to know if she’s interested.

Although Noah has his meeting with Eddie set up for that night, he follows Audrey to a phone store. Of course, Audrey catches him, forcing him to awkwardly lie about trying to surprise her. It doesn’t appear as if Audrey buys what he’s saying, but it still gives Noah the opportunity to slip Audrey’s cellphone back into her bag without her seeing.

Kieran’s doing his own sneaking around; meeting with Sheriff Acosta even though he promised Emma he’d be more open with her. Emma makes up for it though by lying to her beau later that night when she runs out to meet up with Noah and Eddie. A flat tire prevents her from being able to meet Noah on time, but she drives over as soon as Kieran helps her fix her flat. She told Kieran that she wouldn’t go, however, Emma needs answers about the killer.

Tired of waiting on Emma, Noah decides to go into the funhouse by himself. Shortly after entering, Noah realizes that he made a huge mistake. Knowing that he probably walked right into a trap, Noah runs back to his car. Unfortunately, the Brandon James killer is waiting inside for him.

The killer drugs Noah and drags him onto a rollercoaster cart. When Noah wakes he’s tied to the ride — and he’s not alone. Audrey is bound to the ride just like him, only a couple of rows back.

Noah is certain they’re going to die and begins confessing everything to Audrey. He admits that he stole her phone and that their kiss from the party did mean something to him. Audrey’s also about to come clean when they hear Emma calling for them. Noah explains that Emma was going to come with him to meet Eddie, but Audrey breaks the news to him that Eddie is already dead.

In a bizarre twist, Audrey reveals that she’s not actually tied to the ride. She was the one that kidnapped Noah, but can’t explain why until they get out of there. She helps Noah out of his ropes and together they run out to find Emma.

Unfortunately for Emma, the killer has already found her. She’s running from the masked psycho when she finds Audrey and Noah. The trio is about to take off when Kieran turns the corner. He followed Emma to the fairgrounds in an attempt to protect her. But right now the two don’t have any time to argue about why she lied. They all flee the grounds before the killer can get to them.

Elsewhere, Brooke goes to see Branson. She jumps on top of him passionately, using handcuffs to hook him to the bedpost and a blindfold so he can’t see what else she has in store for him. When she pulls off the blindfold he’s fully tied up and Brooke’s straddling him with a pair of sharp scissors in her hands. She demands to know the truth about where he was Sunday night and cuts his face when he claims that he didn’t kill her “meathead boyfriend.”

Branson insists that he was with Ms. Lang, but finally confesses that he was actually at the hotel waiting for Jake that night. Jake was supposed to be bringing Branson $10,000 as payment to leave Brooke and Lakewood forever. Branson was going to accept the money and leave town, but Jake never showed. Brooke doesn’t believe Branson, especially after he says that her dad was working with Jake. But when Branson doesn’t change his story after Brooke threatens to cut off “Little Branson” she realizes that he’s telling the truth.

Brooke leaves Branson gagged and tied to the bed. She runs off to see Gustavo, who is looking at himself in the mirror wearing the Brandon James mask when she knocks on the door. Brooke tells Gustavo everything about what Branson said. But what neither of the teens know is that Branson is in danger just like them. Although Brooke left him alone, the Brandon James killer enters the room with a knife. The killer plugs in an iron before using their knife to saw off Branson’s hand. The mysterious Lakewood stalker then uses the iron to cauterize Branson’s wrist.

A police officer revealing to Sheriff Acosta that the emails from Riley that Emma’s dad received actually came from his daughter’s IP address. Kieran enters the sheriff’s office shortly after and reveals that they need to talk about Emma.

Finally, Audrey pays Noah a visit to explain everything that happened with Piper. Audrey says that it was her who brought Piper to Lakewood — but not so she could go on a killing spree. Prior to befriending Noah, Audrey felt a little like Brandon James herself. She asked Piper for her help on a documentary on Brandon James. When bodies started turning up, Piper denied her involvement.

Audrey begs Noah not to tell Emma so that she could tell her herself. That might not work out though. Noah’s podcast microphone was on, broadcasting their entire conversation to the World Wide Web.

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  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 2001 horror film, "Jeepers Creepers" which was directed by Victor Salva.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.45 million people.
  • Although credited, Kiana Lede (Zoë Vaughn) did not appear in the episode. This is the first time a regular cast member is listed as credit only.
  • This is the first episode Eli Hudson does not appear in after his introduction in Psycho.
  • In the episode, Noah referenced the film, SAW II in his conversation with Audrey at the Lakewood Carnival.
  • The new killer seems to keep his killings secret, hiding the bodies and playing mind games with the Lakewood Five in the aim of creating a surprise.
  • Emma and the others were chased by the new killer for a short moment.
  • Miguel Acosta discovered that the e-mails from Riley Marra had been sent using the computer of Emma.
  • The scene when Gustavo was wearing the Brandon James mask, whilst taking a picture with his phone in front of a mirror is a reference to a film dance sequence of Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.
  • In the episode, Emma received a call from the killer.
  • In this episode, it was revealed that Seth Branson and Kristen Lang had a secret relationship.
  • There is a tie-in to an earlier event from Season 1. Seth Branson was tied up by Brooke in the episode and in Wanna Play a Game?, Brooke tied herself up waiting for Seth.
  • In this episode, the extent of Audrey's involvement with Piper is revealed.
    • Audrey wanted Piper's help to make a documentary about Brandon James , and when people started dying, Piper lied to Audrey saying it wasn't her. When she realised it really was Piper, it made her feel like all the murders were her fault.
  • In this episode, Brooke interrogated Seth in his apartment. Once she confronted him, she started to go psycho on him.
  • In this episode, Seth explained the story of a girl named Caitlyn.
    • He mentioned to Brooke during the confrontation that he was in a secret relationship with her. He highlighted that Caitlyn had sent him suicidal threats that he did not take seriously, implying that she was not murdered, but that she actually committed suicide. Out of guilt from the incident, he changed his last name to Branson and moved to Lakewood.
  • In this episode, Seth Branson has his hand chopped off by the New Killer.
  • Audrey Jensen staged a fake kidnapping of herself and Noah Foster. However, when it is revealed that the New Killer is there, Audrey gets them free.
    • The reason for this is because Noah suspected Audrey of being Piper's accomplice in the first murder spree. She wanted him to stop suspecting her, so she kidnapped him, tied them both up, and made it look like the killer had kidnapped them.
    • this is the first episode to not feature George Washington High School.

Featured Music

  • Aquillo “Human”

Maggie tells Kieran Emma isn’t home, but Emma decides to talk to him

  • La Mar “Dead Sea”

Aunt Tina hits on Quinn Maddox at a bar

  • MYZICA “We Started a Fire”

Stavo tells Brooke that Branson was lying about his alibi

  • Novo Amor “Anchor”

Stavo shows Audrey his artwork because he’s creating a graphic novel

  • Polarsets “Leave Argentina”

Emma tries to drive away from her house but gets a flat tire

  • Bishop Briggs “River”

Brooke handcuffs Branson to the bed

  • Humans “Cold Soba”

Stavo wears a Brandon James mask and takes photos of himself. Brooke comes to visit


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