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Jeepers Creepers
Season 2, Episode 6
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Air date July 5, 2016
Written by Anna Christopher
Directed by Evan Katz
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"Play time's over bitch."
Brooke Maddox

"Jeepers Creepers" is the sixth episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall and it aired on July 5th, 2016.


Brooke takes action on unfinished business, Emma and Kieran struggle with trust issues, and Noah's investigations lands him and Audrey in peril.


The episode opens with Emma getting a call from the killer, who taunts her again and tells her that she can't trust anyone. Kieran arrives at Emma's house afterwards and apologizes for telling the police about Jake's phone, explaining that he had to tell them to avoid being arrested. She tells him about the killer's call but explains that she can't tell anyone because of her PTSD. Emma then visits Noah, who hides his murder board behind a curtain. She tells him her theory that Piper's accomplice is out there and takes down the curtain from the murder board, seeing that Audrey is the prime suspect. He doesn't tell her about the photo with Jake's body and Emma refuses to believe that Audrey is Piper's accomplice.

Emma then visits Brooke who is ripping up a flower and tells her that she thinks that Branson killed Jake. After Emma leaves, Brooke overhears a conversation between Sheriff Acotsa and Quinn Maddox. Acosta tells Maddox that he investigated Branson and that he is coming up clean and also that Jake's phone is encrypted. Noah meets up with Audrey who tells Noah that her phone is missing. Noah goes to Emma and tells him about Eddie, a man who claimed that he saw Piper's accomplice. They plan to meet with him but neither are aware that he was already murdered by the killer. "Eddie" (The Killer) tells Noah to meet him at the fun-house tonight.

At a bar, Quinn meets with Ms. Hudson, whom she met at school at the lock-down. Gustavo meets with Brooke, who texted him over. Brooke tells Gustavo her theory that Branson killed Jake and asks him to find evidence in Branson's phone. Kieran and Sheriff Acotsa meet up but when he brings up Kieran's deceased father, Kieran angrily storms out. Gustavo returns to Brooke and explains that he had an alibi for what he did during the night Jake was murdered, dating Kristen Lang. Audrey goes to a store to buy a new phone but mysteriously finds that it is in her bag.

Noah and Emma discuss meeting "Eddie" at the fairground tonight and lies to Maggie about what exactly they are doing, claiming that it's only an interview for Noah's podcast but Maggie refuses to let Emma go anywhere tonight for her safety. Gustavo explains to Audrey that he is using the pictures to make a comic book called "Murderville", he also tells Audrey that he knows that deep down, she still suspects him.

Ms. Lang meets with Brooke outside the theatre on a bench, who fake cries and lies that she was with Branson the night Jake was murdered (which was Sunday), claiming that she feels guilty about it. Ms. Lang attempts to ring Branson but he doesn't answer. Brooke also calls Branson, who answers her; she tells Branson that she wants to get together with him. Quinn meets with Ms. Hudson again and offers to give a "off the books" job. At night, Emma attempts to sneak out of the house in her car but discovers that she has a flat tire. Noah arrives at the fun-house to meet Eddie and decides to leave in his car when he gets creeped out. But when he enters, he is ambushed and drugged by someone in the back seat, seemingly the killer, who abducts Noah.

Brooke arrives at Branson's apartment and pretends to be seduced by him. She then ties and restrains him to a bed and interrogates him on where he was the night of Jake's murder, making it clear that she will kill him if he doesn't confess to murdering Jake. After some initial torture from Brooke with scissors, Branson gives in and explains that he lied about his alibi and wasn't with Ms. Lang Sunday night. He reveals that he was waiting for Jake Sunday night because he was paying him to leave Lakewood and wanted Branson out of her life. He was supposed to come but he never showed. He also tells her about another girl named Caitlyn that he had a secret relationship with prior to coming to Lakewood. threatened to commit suicide but he didn't take her threats seriously. Out of guilt from this incident, as well as the other one, he moved to Lakewood and changed his last name to Branson.

When Branson insists under pressure that he did not kill Jake, Brooke then leaves Branson tied up, blindfolded and gagged on the bed, telling Branson that she never wants to see him again. Meanwhile, Kieran arrives and fixes Emma's car. Kieran asks Emma to promise not go; Emma lies to him and goes anyway. Brooke arrives at Gustavo's house who hides his Brandon James mask from her. Brooke confesses to Gustavo that she doesn't feel that anything changed and they embrace, with Gustavo staring at the case storing the mask while they hug. At the fun-house, Noah awakens to find his hands tied to a cart and Audrey also tied up, claiming that she was kidnapped too. Believing they might not get out of this alive, Noah confesses to Audrey that she stole her phone and saw the photo for her with Jake's body, scolding her for not telling about it. Emma arrives at the fairgrounds to look for Noah.

Noah confesses that he felt something when he kissed Audrey, who confesses that she loves Noah, but just as a friend. When Noah hears Emma arriving and begins shouting for her, he explains to Audrey that "Eddie" texted him to come and he brought Emma along. Audrey then explains that Eddie was murdered by the killer days ago and the killer must have lured him here. Audrey then unexpectedly breaks free from her binds and unties Noah. Audrey reveals she was aware that Noah suspected her of being the killer, so she kidnapped him and faked her own to convince him she is innocent; she did not know the real killer was here. She then makes Noah promise not to tell Emma anything until she can explain this to him. The Killer sees Emma entering the fairgrounds but she manages to hide and evade him. Emma runs into Noah and Audrey as Kieran arrives seconds later, who had followed Emma to the fairgrounds. All four then run out of the fairgrounds and escape unscathed.

Emma returns home with Kieran who confronts Emma over lying to him. She tells Kieran that he needs to understand that she needs to solve this on her own. They embrace and depart. An officer comes up to Acotsa in the morning and explains they have tracked down the E-mails sent from "Riley Marra" to Kevin Duval. He takes a look at the file which reveals that the E-mails came from Emma's computer, increasing his suspicions of her. Kieran returns to Acosta's office shortly afterwards and tells him that they need to talk about Emma.

Back at Noah's house, he is about to begin a podcast on 'The Morgue' when Audrey comes in, and tells him about her connections with Piper: Audrey wanted Piper's help to make a documentary about Brandon James, which made her come to Lakewood. When people started dying, Piper lied to Audrey saying it wasn't her. When she realised it really was Piper, it made her feel like all the murders were her fault. She tells Noah everything about the texts and the storage room and asks Noah not to tell Emma because she wants to tell Emma herself. They embrace, but they do not notice that Noah forgot to turn off the podcast, recording the information. Back at Branson's apartment, who is still trapped in the bed, someone arrives and takes off Branson's blindfold, revealing that it is the killer. He proceeds to plug in an iron, saws off Branson's right hand with his knife, then uses the iron to painfully cauterise the stump and stop the bleeding, keeping him alive.


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  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 2001 horror film, "Jeepers Creepers" which was directed by Victor Salva.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.45 million people.
  • Although credited, Kiana Lede (Zoë Vaughn) did not appear in the episode. This is the first time a regular cast member is listed as credit only.
  • This is the first episode Eli Hudson does not appear in after his introduction in Psycho.
  • In the episode, Noah referenced the film, SAW II in his conversation with Audrey at the Lakewood Carnival.
  • The new killer seems to keep his killings secret, hiding the bodies and playing mind games with the Lakewood Five in the aim of creating a surprise.
  • Emma and the others were chased by the new killer for a short moment.
  • Miguel Acosta discovered that the e-mails from Riley Marra had been sent using the computer of Emma.
  • The scene when Gustavo was wearing the Brandon James mask, whilst taking a picture with his phone in front of a mirror is a reference to a film dance sequence of Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.
  • In the episode, Emma received a call from the killer.
  • In this episode, it was revealed that Seth Branson and Kristen Lang had a secret relationship.
  • There is a tie-in to an earlier event from Season 1. Seth Branson was tied up by Brooke in the episode and in Wanna Play a Game?, Brooke tied herself up waiting for Seth.
  • In this episode, the extent of Audrey's involvement with Piper is revealed.
    • Audrey wanted Piper's help to make a documentary about Brandon James , and when people started dying, Piper lied to Audrey saying it wasn't her. When she realised it really was Piper, it made her feel like all the murders were her fault.
  • In this episode, Brooke interrogated Seth in his apartment. Once she confronted him, she started to go psycho on him.
  • In this episode, Seth explained the story of a girl named Caitlyn.
    • He mentioned to Brooke during the confrontation that he was in a secret relationship with her. He highlighted that Caitlyn had sent him suicidal threats that he did not take seriously, implying that she was not murdered, but that she actually committed suicide. Out of guilt from the incident, he changed his last name to Branson and moved to Lakewood.
  • In this episode, Seth Branson has his hand chopped off by the New Killer.
  • Audrey Jensen staged a fake kidnapping of herself and Noah Foster. However, when it is revealed that the New Killer is there, Audrey gets them free.
    • The reason for this is because Noah suspected Audrey of being Piper's accomplice in the first murder spree. She wanted him to stop suspecting her, so she kidnapped him, tied them both up, and made it look like the killer had kidnapped them.
    • this is the first episode to not feature George Washington High School.

Featured Music

  • Aquillo “Human”

Maggie tells Kieran Emma isn’t home, but Emma decides to talk to him

  • La Mar “Dead Sea”

Aunt Tina hits on Quinn Maddox at a bar

  • MYZICA “We Started a Fire”

Stavo tells Brooke that Branson was lying about his alibi

  • Novo Amor “Anchor”

Stavo shows Audrey his artwork because he’s creating a graphic novel

  • Polarsets “Leave Argentina”

Emma tries to drive away from her house but gets a flat tire

  • Bishop Briggs “River”

Brooke handcuffs Branson to the bed

  • Humans “Cold Soba”

Stavo wears a Brandon James mask and takes photos of himself. Brooke comes to visit


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