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Jamal "Jay" Elliot was a main character of the third season of the television series Scream and the secondary antagonist. He was portrayed by Tyga.


Jamal is Deion's half-brother. Despite hanging out with a rough crowd, he’s got a big heart and an undying loyalty to Deion.


Jay was born Earl Elliot and an unknown mother and from a young age was introduced to his brother Deion Elliot but not his twin brother Marcus Elliot. Deion and Jay became close and would visit each other every summer when Earl would bring Deion to see him. In 2012, Deion was murdered by The Hook Man and as he and Marcus had swapped costumes, Marcus was assumed to be Deion and eventually took on his identity and reputation with everyone believing Marcus to have died. When Jay moved to Atlanta to stay with Sherry Elliot and Earl, he knew that something was wrong when 'Deion' didn't recognise him as they had previously met in secret. Jay eventually realised that Marcus had taken on Deion's life whilst Deion had died that night.

Jay later got a job at a tattoo parlour and there he met Beth who was a regular customer. Jay recognised Beth's sociopathic tendencies and shared with her the story of Deion and Marcus which made Beth realise how much of a hypocrite Deion was which then influenced her motivation to take on the mantle of Ghostface which was the costume Deion wore when he died. Jay and Beth formed a romantic relationship and partnered up to go after Marcus and his friends, with Beth posing as one of the group members to get the suspicion off of her.

Jay initiated the killing spree by murdering Tommy Jenkins by posing as a disabled man named Marcus who needed help from an Uber driver. Jay later hosted a party under his alter-ego "Mr. Fade", who was notorious for throwing pop-up parties in Atlanta, and there he killed Beth's ex-boyfriend, Avery Collins, who was seen as a hypocrite for acting as a big-shot on the outside but being the complete opposite on the inside.

Jay's final kill was when he lured Marcus and his friends to the Hook Man's trash yard and stabbed him before crushing him in the trash compactor. Although planning to betray Jay and kill him from the beginning, Beth decided to kill him earlier as she had attacked at the hospital and Kym put pieces together that made her realise that Jay was Ghostface. Beth was forced to kill Jay in order to stop him from taking credit for being Ghostface as well as revealing her identity to the police. Beth stabbed Jay with a trash picker and locked him in a crate for Marcus to find. Once found by Marcus, Jay explained his motives before finally succumbing to his wounds and dying.

Committed Murders

Crime Scene Photo Victim COD Episode
Tommy Death.jpeg
Tommy Jenkins Stabbed in neck, head covered with plastic bag The Deadfast Club
Avery Death.jpeg
Avery Collins Thrown onto metal spike The Deadfast Club
HookMan Death.jpeg
Hook Man Stabbed in stomach, crushed in car compactor The Man Behind the Mask

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Season 3 (6/6)


  • He used to love Marcus when they were younger, but his increasing bitterness, sadism and  self-righteousness took the better of him after Marcus decided to take the mantle of Deion.
  • However, his dying speech shows that part of him still cared about his brother, unlike any of the killers throughout the franchise.
  • Jay's death sitting down at the hands of Marcus is similar to Kate Roberts's death in Scream 4 at Sidney's hands.
  • Jay's hatred for Marcus is a reference to both Roman and Jill's hatred towards Sidney.
  • Beth used to be his close friend and partner, until she had a change of heart and decided to tell the cops about him.
  • His and Beth's relationship is similar to Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker's relationship.
  • He had a short period of being attracted to Kym, until he found out that Marcus sent her to gather information.
  • He plotted to kill Hook Man and Tommy Jenkins ever since he was eight, and came to hate Avery Collins after finding out how cruel Avery is.
  • Jay's rightful killing of Avery can be seen as similar to Roman killing John Milton in Scream 3, as well as killing Hook Man similar to him killing Cotton Weary.



  • In a promotional teaser, Jay is called 'The Hustler'.
  • Jay is the half-brother of Marcus Elliot and the stepson of Sherry Elliot, with them sharing the same father.
  • Him and Marcus's family connection is a homage to Roman Bridger and Sidney Prescott, due to them sharing Maureen Prescott as their mother. His character is also homage to Roman.
  • In the finale, we learn the he was one of the killers, and wanted revenge on Marcus for taking Deion’s identity and getting him killed.
  • Jay is the first male lead since Billy Loomis, Mickey Altieri, and Kieran Wilcox in the franchise to have a male character lead with more incentive motive to a murder spree, since Scream 2 and Scream 4, as well as Season 1 which follow female characters (Mrs. Loomis, Jill Roberts, and Piper Shaw) leading killing sprees with somewhat more deeper motive than the men, making Jay and Roman the only ones with far more incentive.
  • He was killed by his accomplice, Beth, just like Charlie Walker before him. Beth planned to kill him from the beginning, but killed him earlier than intended after she found out Jay planned to tell the cops about her.


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