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It was even better than we ever could have imagined. I mean, when the knife went in her, it's like she wasn't human anymore. Just an animal. And every time it went in, she was less and less human. And then, she was just meat.

–Jason to Ghostface

Jason Carvey was an opening antagonist in Scream VI. He was a film student at Blackmore University and the roommate of Greg who together wanted to finish making Richie Kirsch's film that was halted when Samantha Carpenter killed him. To satisfy his bloodlust he lured in and killed his professor, Laura Crane.

He was portrayed by Tony Revolori.


Early Life

Jason was born in approx. August 2003 grew up in Atlanta with his best friend Greg and the two idolised horror movies. Jason and Greg idolised Ghostface and had a shrine dedicated to him hidden in a wardrobe in their dorm room. After the 2022 Woodsboro Murders, he and Greg wanted to finish making the movie that Richie Kirsch was making. The two enrolled at Blackmore University university to follow Samantha Carpenter, Tara Carpenter, Chad Meeks-Martin and Mindy Meeks-Martin, unaware that Wayne Bailey, the father of Richie, and his kids Quinn and Ethan, were already planning their own killing spree to get revenge against Sam for killing Richie.

The New York Ghostface Murders

Murder of Laura Crane

S6 0048

Almost one year after the 2022 Woodsboro Murders, Jason described himself as having "blue balls" from killing, meaning that he may have killed before, and wanted to satisfy his bloodlust. He matched with his film professor, Australian woman Laura Crane, on Flirtr, under a fake identity, and talked with her for a while before asking her out on a date. Laura waited at the restaurant whilst Jason was hiding in an alley and then texted her saying he was lost and asking if he could call her. Laura agreed and Jason called her and told her he was on his way after discovering he was on the wrong street. He asked Laura for a description of the building and Laura went outside to check.

S6 0060

Jason then told Laura he found the right street and was coming down an alleyway he believed led to the restaurant. He asked her to confirm and Laura approached the alleyway and he told her he was walking down despite the fact that she couldn't see him. He asked her to wave however then pretended to get panicky and said someone was following him with a knife. Laura took the bait and ran down the alleyway only for Jason to activate a voice changer and speak to her as Ghostface. He jumped out of an alley wearing a Ghostface costume and brutally stabbed Laura to death.

Meeting his Maker

Jason then removed the costume, put it into his backpack and changed into his Blackmore University hoodie and walked back to campus, crossing paths with Tara Carpenter along the way who was going to a frat party. Jason returned to his dorm room and put the bloody mask into a Ghostface shrine hidden in the dorm.

S6 0083

Jason sits on the sofa to watch Friday the 13th and gets a call from Greg who is using the Ghostface voice, despite the fact that they agreed they wouldn't. They discuss their plan to finish Richie's movie and 'Greg' reveals he is watching Jason through their security cameras and plays a game of Hot and Cold, leading Jason to the refrigerator where Greg's mutilated and decapitated body is. Jason realises he is speaking to a real Ghostface killer and is then attacked by the killer, wearing Billy Loomis' old mask.

When Jason asks the killer what about the movie, Ghostface responds: "who gives a fuck about movies" and kills him, leaving Samantha's drivers license behind as bait.


After hearing of their murders, FBI Agent Kirby Reed comes to New York City, having followed Jason and Greg's online activity for months. Gale Weathers later discovers an old abandoned theatre in Jason and Greg's names and uncovers it as a shrine dedicated to Ghostface. It is later revealed that Wayne Bailey actually helped his son Richie build the shrine and then put in in Jason and Greg's names to cover his tracks.

Committed Murders

LauraDeath Laura Crane Stabbed in the chest 14 times. Scream VI





Before reveal

  • He has a knife. He's following me!

After reveal

  • I got massive blue balls.
  • Are you using the fucking cameras?
  • But we have to finish the movie.

As Ghostface

  • The worst part is... you teach a class about slashers and you still walked into a dark alley. Alone.
  • Now I see something red!


  • Tony Revolori had not previously watched any Scream films and joined the franchise after being convinced by Mason Gooding.
  • Despite wearing the Ghostface costume during his kills and being a canon killer, Jason doesn't count as a proper Ghostface, because his plotline is completely separated from the main story and the main Ghostfaces.
  • His death mirrors Phil Stevens in reciprocity of circumstances; (instead of Phil’s antics with his girlfriend Maureen and killed by vengeful mother, Nancy Loomis, as ghostface.) In this version, Jason’s antics are posing as Laura’s romantic interest and killed her in attempt to continue Richie’s Legacy, but only to be killed be vengeful father, Wayne Bailey, as ghostface.
  • Jason is the third killer in the franchise (including the television series) who isn't an official Ghostface, predated by Tom Martin and Luther Thompson.
  • Him and Greg Bruckner are the first film characters from Alanta, Georgia.
    • The main characters from the 3rd season of the TV show predate them.
      • Jason and Greg are around the same age as them too (unstated if the show and movies are connected).
      • Although Jason kills Laura Crane in New York City, he would technically be the 3rd Ghostface from Atlanta after Beth and Jamal Elliot.
  • The first unofficial Killer to be killed by an actual killer (Wayne Bailey).
  • He is also the only unofficial killer in the franchise to get his own poster.
  • Jason is vaguely similar to Friday the 13th Part V: Jason Lives antagonist Roy Burns as he pretends to be Jason Voorhees, who eventually comes back in the sequel. Jason is not an official Ghostface, but just a fanatic and of course his role is a lot smaller as Roy is the antagonist of Jason Lives.
    • This is also somewhat similar to Charlie Deveraux in Halloween: H20 originally being written as a copycat killer that pretended to be Michael Myers and eventually being killed by the real Michael. Jason himself is killed by one of the actual Ghostface killers, albeit a much smaller role than Charlie. In the final film, Charlie is a regular victim of Michael.


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