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Jasmin Savoy Brown is an actress who portrays Mindy Meeks-Martin in the fifth Scream film, simply named Scream (2022 film) and Scream VI (2023 film).

She also portrays young Taissa in Yellowjackets (2021—present) on Showtime. She previously had roles in The Leftovers (2015—2017) and For the People (2018—2019).


Born in Alameda, California and raised in Springfield, Oregon. She relocated to Portland, Oregon to become a professional actress.

In September 2020, she was cast in an undisclosed role in Scream (2022 film), later revealed to be Mindy Meeks-Martin. [1]


  • At age four, she had her first role in a church musical which sparked her love of performing.
  • Growing up, she participated in numerous musicals and was a member of various musical clubs, choirs and groups.
  • She identifies as a lesbian, as well as queer, and is a mixed-race woman.
  • Unlike her character, Jasmin was unfamiliar with the franchise before being cast.
  • Her on-screen brother (portrayed by Mason Gooding) however, was a fan, and wrote a 6-page paper in college at NYU proposing why the franchise deserved a reboot.
  • ironic as their characters have the opposite dynamic in the story (Jasmin's Mindy character is the film geek).
  • Two years older than her on-screen twin brother (Gooding) in real life. Both are close to a decade older than their high school characters (in Jasmin's case, she is possibly a full 10 years older than her character).
  • While she is not the first LGBTQ member in the franchise (that honor would be towards the screenwriter of the Scream franchise, Kevin Williamson), she is the first that she portrays a character who also is, regarding her race and orientation, is also the first of that. She is joined by the likes of other actors (some are non-binary, and go by they/them) in the community which most notably includes both Portia De Rossi and Nico Tortorella in the films amongst others like Bex Taylor-Klauss, Bella Thorne, and Paris Jackson, the latter helming from the TV series.

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