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In The Trenches
Season 1, Episode 7
In The Trenches
Air date August 11, 2015
Written by Jordan Rosenberg
Meredith Glynn
Directed by Leigh Janiak
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"In The Trenches" is the seventh episode from the first season of the television series, Scream. It was written by Jordan Rosenberg and Meredith Glynn. It aired on August 11th, 2015.


Emma races to save a friend from the killer's dangerous game of hide-and-seek before time runs out.


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  • The quote "I'll be right back" from Scream, appears in the series.
  • There was a chase scene in the abandoned bowling alley in this episode. Emma was briefly attacked by the killer before the cops appeared, at which point the killer disappeared.
    • This is the first episode to feature the Lakewood Slasher running after his victims.
    • In addition, this episode marks Emma's first real life face-to-face encounter with the killer.
  • This episode marked the death of Will Belmont.
    • This makes him the first main character to die in the series.
  • In the episode, Emma received calls from the killer.
    • In the second call, the killer modified their voice to sound like Will in order to lure Emma into a trap set by them.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.64 million viewers.
  • The title of this episode is a play on the name of the farming equipment used to kill Will, which is called a trencher.

Featured Music

Plays over the “previously on” recap.

Maggie prepares food in the kitchen. Emma asks about her dad.

Emma makes out with Kieran in the high school parking lot. Emma gets a text from Will.

Emma asks Noah to help her track Will’s phone at Nightmare Comics.

Maggie, the sheriff and Kieran all sit down for dinner without Emma. Maggie wants to call Emma. Kieran leaves to pick up Emma.

The group escapes the bowling alley where the sheriff, Maggie, Kieran and Audrey meet to help them.

Played in the promo after the episode

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