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I Know What You Did Last Summer
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date May 30, 2016
Written by Michael Gans
Richard Register
Directed by Brian Dannelly
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"I'm back here because I want to get back to normal. It would really suck if you guys started acting weird around me."
Emma Duval

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" is the first and season premiere of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall and it premiered on May 30th, 2016.


Emma returns to Lakewood hoping to move on, while a mysterious provocateur threatens to expose Audrey's secret and one of our won meets a grizzly death.


The episode begins with a girl (LeLe Pons) on the phone with her friend Becca when she hears noises coming from upstairs. She goes up looking for her cat called Butterscotch. She finds that her basement ladder is open. She goes in and finds Butterscotch. She is confronted by Becca, who stabs her and tells her she is sick of her slut shaming. Becca pushes her out the window and the girl dies. The scene is revealed to be a scene from a movie playing at the movie theatre in which Audrey works.

She gets a mysterious and creepy text message that says "Hello partner". The person also claims to be "a friend of a friend", indicating that the person knows something about her involvement with Piper. After the person hangs up, Noah calls her to tell her he's on his way to pick her up for Emma's welcome home party. After closing, Audrey bumps into a female customer named Haley Meyers, who recognises her as the girl who saved Emma. Since Audrey couldn't find the keys, she takes Haley to the back but is confronted by a person wearing an outfit similar to Piper's killer costume, armed with what appears to be a knife. This person seemingly murders Haley and goes after Audrey. Noah arrives at the theatre to pick up Audrey and sees the "Killer" going after her. He tries to enter, the door is locked and he can only watch helplessly as the "killer" continues to chase her. But she uses a fire extinguisher to get break into a glass cabinet and stab the "killer" in the stomach with a screwdriver, perhaps fatally.

In pain, the "killer" removes his mask, revealing an unnamed male, whom is shocked that Audrey stabbed him. As he falls to the floor, the supposed dead Haley approaches. It turns out the attack was a prank, much to Audrey's horror and Noah's shock. Later, the sheriff who replaced Clark Hudson after his death, Miguel Acosta, reveals that the prankster survived and will be fine due to a camera strap around the place where Audrey stabbed him, which blocked the stab and left only a punctured wound. Acosta lets Audrey off the hook as she acted in self-defence, much to Haley's indignation.

After killing her half sister, Piper and going on a three month retreat, Emma makes her return to Lakewood. Jake, Audrey, Noah, Brooke, and Kieran welcome her back with a party. Emma informs her friends that she just wants to be normal again. Emma and Kieran spend a few moments alone outside, catching up with each other. Emma hints at staying the night with him to Kieran but not before Noah, interrupts the moment. Noah, then proposes to Emma about being on his radio show. Emma states that she wants to move on from the past and that Noah's proposition would not allow her to do so. She later declines his offer.

When the welcome party is over and Audrey leaves to get into her car, she receives an unknown call. The new mystery person claims that he is a new killer that is making their intentions known. They want to punish Audrey for murdering people last summer. Audrey hangs up on the person, believing it is a prank like before. After the call, she goes straight to Noah, who has come across comments on his podcast about the prank attack that happened earlier.

Later in the episode, Brooke and Jake have broken into the school pool and talk about their secret relationship. Jake mentions to Brooke that he wants to go public with their relationship but Brooke hesitates as she knows that her father hates him for his previous blackmailing tactics. Jake says that it would be a challenge to convince Brooke's father but then, highlights that Brooke loves the thrill of an undercover relationship. When Brooke gets angry at how Jake referenced the faults of her previous relationship with Branson, she leaves but not before breaking up with him. When Brooke is gone, a disappointed Jake confesses his feelings and admits that he is in love with her to himself.

Back at Kieran's place, Emma and Kieran have a conversation that eventually leads to a kiss but not before Emma backs off due to the resurgence of trauma that she experienced from the killings. When they later sleep during the night, Emma is woken up by the sound of a pig squealing. She goes to investigate and walks into a dream scene. She follows a little girl into a barn where she's running her hands through the insides of a pig. She screams but not before waking up, finding that Kieran chose to sleep on the couch.

Wanting to prove Brooke wrong, Jake goes out to a barn alone to do something. But as he walks toward it, he notices a wind up pig toy. Curious, he walks toward the joy but accidentally steps into a bear trap and falls to the ground in pain. A new killer appears and proceeds to knock out Jake by bashing his head in with a bloody bat. Back at home, Emma and Maggie have an argument. Maggie discovered that she stayed the night with Kieran. She feels like Emma is trying to run away from her. Emma admits that she hasn't forgiven her mother for her connection to Piper.

Audrey has become even more noticed at school after the prank. Brooke breaks the news to Emma that she and Jake broke up. Emma tries to get through school day even with the memory resurgence of trauma from Piper's killings. Later in class, Emma and Brooke discuss their respective relationships. Kristen Lang, the teacher of psychology, arrives and picks on Emma the moment she spots the new sheriff's son Gustavo Acosta who looks back at her. The teacher starts talking about dream analysis and Noah gives out information on how psychology relates to dream analysis by referencing horror films. Gustavo is revealed to have a strange drawing of Emma on his computer...with blood on her face, which nobody sees except him. With Noah's knowledge, it gets him the attention of Emma's childhood friend, Zoë Vaughn.

After class, Emma asks Zoë to help her catch up in class. Kieran shows up for the first time at school and discusses with Emma that he will see her another time as he is currently busy. Gustavo pops up in front of Noah and tells him that he is focusing too much on the end when it came to the class discussion of horror motifs and dream analysis. Later, Audrey comes up to him and shows him the threatening text she's getting. He makes her go to the police. At the police station, Audrey gets the text that the anonymous stalker "knows what she did last summer...Get it?". She doesn't file the report, still trying to convince herself it's a prank. When Noah refuses to let this go, Audrey yells at him that Piper is dead and that it's all over. Later when Audrey visits Noah at his home, she goes to apologise for yelling at him. She finally asks about the murder mystery board. Noah believes that the person who instigated the theatre prank is the one who sent her the texts. Later, he explains his theory to Emma and Audrey that he believes Piper had a accomplice who will take over the role of the Lakewood Slasher and finish her work, leaving Audrey with a visible worried look on her face.

Later in the evening, Kieran and Emma have a serious talk about their relationship as well as their past history. It makes her realise that talking things through might actually help her get past it. She goes onto Noah's show and sees the new murder board. She takes a good look and recognises the barn from her nightmare. Noah reveals that the barn belongs to Brandon James brother, Troy James. She wants to go see it, which she does. At the barn, Jake is kept alive. He manages to break the lock in the barn, but the killer intervenes and forces him back inside.

Emma brings Brooke to the pig farm in the middle of the night. Brooke highlighted that she was concerned about going in but Emma hesitates stating that she wanted to find out what the place held. Once Emma discovers that the farm is empty, they begin to leave but upon seeing a light in a small house closer to the pig farm, Emma decides to go in. A few moments later, Jake is hung up with metal cables until the killer uses a scythe to kill a horrified Jake by slicing him open. At work, Audrey gets a message from the killer that guides her to the bathroom. One cubicle in the bathroom has a bunch of letters from Audrey to Piper which are taped up on the walls. Audrey responds by taking all the letters off the wall and disposing of them, now fully convinced this is no prank. She gets another call saying "BTW, I have all of them". When she begins rapidly deleting the message, it is always replaced with another one that says "You can't delete your history!!!".

Emma visits the house after seeing a light from the farm while Brooke waits outside. Emma shouts, looking to see if anyone lives here. She discovers clippings from past murders and pictures of Emma as a little girl. Emma then spots a dark figure (presumably the killer) looking back at her from the corner and begins screaming, assuming she is about to be attacked.


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  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 1997 slasher film, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" which was directed by Jim Gillespie. The movie is an adaptation of the 1973 novel of the same name by Lois Duncan.
    • The episode borrows the 'I know your secret' element from the films, as a mysterious person knows a secret of the main character's past. The new killer knows Audrey's secret connection with the former Lakewood slasher, Piper Shaw.
    • The opening sequence of the episode with Audrey at the Zenith Theater is a homage to the opening sequence in Scream 2
    • This episode was originally titled "Thrust for Blood", but it was altered due to the change in show-runners.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.40 million people.
  • New cast members Kiana Ledé (Zoë Vaughn) and Santiago Segura (Gustavo Acosta) joined the main cast this season. Connor Weil (Will Belmont) and Jason Wiles (Clark Hudson) are no longer cast members as of this season due to their character deaths in the previous season.
  • There is a three month gap in the series between the events of Season 1 and this episode.
  • The running time of the episode is 67 minutes. It was confirmed by MTV, via the official website.
  • There was a chase scene at the Zenith Theater in this episode. Audrey was attacked by a prankster donning the Brandon James mask.
  • This was the first episode in the series where Audrey received a call from the killer.
    • In the episode, she received two calls from the killer.
  • In the episode, Tina Hudson was first mentioned by Kieran in a conversation with Emma outside his house.
  • It was revealed that Noah re-branded Piper Shaw's podcast show, renaming it as "The Morgue".
  • In the episode, Noah's murder board is revealed.
  • Sheriff Miguel Acosta, Gustavo Acosta, Zoë Vaughn, Haley Meyers and Kristen Lang made their first appearances in the series.
  • This episode marked the death of Jake Fitzgerald, the first death of the season, and tenth overall.

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Featured Music

  • CanvasBeta – “Start a War”

Season 1 Recap

  • That Poppy – “Money”

Movie girl is talking on phone before looking for her cat Butterscotch.

  • The Sherman Family Singers – “The Lobby is the Place”

Audrey ushers a leftover moviegoer out the door. Audrey races away from a killer

  • Ayer - “Shotgun 2 My Heart”

The group discusses how to handle Emma before her arrival at Kieran’s house.

  • Keke Palmer - “Figure You Out”

Brooke and Jake break into their high school swimming pool. Jake wants Brooke to be honest with her dad. Brooke breaks up with Jake

  • Daughter Jack - “Down in Flames”

Kieran and Emma get intimate. The song continues as Emma checks her scar in the bathroom mirror

  • Fickle Friends - “Say No More”

The group catches up to each other in the high school parking lot and head into class. Emma has a flashback

  • Pr0files - “Get It Up”

Emma and Brooke discuss the men in their lives

  • Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, Lee Richardson & James Cocozza - “Outta My Mind”

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