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Hello, Emma
Season 1, Episode 2
Emma episode 2
Air date July 7, 2015
Written by Jill E. Blotevogel
Jay Beattie
Dan Dworkin
Directed by Tim Hunter
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Wanna Play a Game?
What you should really be asking is, did you just lock me in or out?

–The Lakewood Slasher calling Emma

"Hello, Emma" is the second episode of the first season of the television series, Scream. It was written by Jill E. Blotevogel. It aired on 7th July, 2015.


The death of Nina and Rachel raises questions; and leads to a rift between Emma and Audrey. In other events, a podcaster arrives in town to report on the past and present murders.


The episode opens with an error message on Audrey and Rachel's viral video of them kissing; saying it's been removed to due its content being. However, Rachel is still able to see the comments, and gets a razor to cut herself; when Audrey calls. When she answers, she unable to hear her clearly due to a bad connection. They talk about the video, and how they have a "bitch infestation" at their schools, who are perpetuating their bullying. Audrey asks Rachel if she would like some company. However, Rachel denies the offer, as it is quite late. Audrey then responds with, "what if I'm already here?" Subsequently, Rachel hears a noise outside, and thinks it's Audrey joking around. After searching for her, she goes out to the balcony and finds a rope tied to the railing of her balcony. After lifting it for further examination, she discovers there's a noose at the end of the rope. The Lakewood Slasher suddenly appears behind her, ties the noose around her neck - to which Rachel fought - then throws her over the balcony; hanging her, and also breaking her neck.

After the credits, the camera explores different parts of Lakewood as we hear Piper Shaw's podcast talking about Nina's murder; and how the investigation unfolds each day. She says it's been four days since her murder, and Clark Hudson is still looking for Tyler. who is her assumed murderer. We then see Emma, who is listening to the podcast on her headphones as she makes her way to school. She is startled by Brooke (who's with Riley) and asks why Emma has read her texts, but neglected to respond. When Emma ignores her, Brooke stops her, and apologizes for what she said about Nina and Will at the party. Emma argues against the apology, pointing out that she had never told her about it. Brooke says she was afraid of what Nina would do, and admits she was afraid of her. Emma forgives her and three walk into school together. Along the way, Emma asks them if they've been getting any weird phone calls, to which Riley says it could be Jake.

At the police station, Clark is questioning Noah about Brandon James, and his obsession with serial killers. Noah says he tried to message Brandon's brother to identify the mystery girl (Daisy/Maggie) he was in love with, but none of his theories panned out. Clark finishes off by asking if he had ever tried contacting Kevin Duval, which Noah denies. When Noah is getting ready to leave, Kieran walks in, and Noah thanks him for saving his life back at the lake. Kieran replies with, "no problem" and Noah leaves promptly afterwards. Kieran asks Clark for the house key, and while getting it, Clark asks him what Noah was talking about. Kieran tells him that some jocks left him in the middle of the lake, and he saved him. When Clark asks who they were, Kieran says he's not a "21 Jump Street snitch," and leaves.

At the school parking lot, Jake thanks Will for the lift and Will talks about Emma and how she won't talk to him. He suggests a heartfelt apology and Jake says, "hell yes!" and they start to walk. They stop halfway and Will asks Jake if he deleted the files, and he says yes. Will starts to walk alone, when Jake starts to follow, he notices a trail of red paint behind his car that leads around the side, he follows it and discovers someone had wrote "Doosh" (douche) of the side of his car.

Outside the school, Noah and Audrey are at the memorial made for Nina. Noah notices Piper talking to a teacher, she finishes the conversation and walks over towards them and introduces herself. Noah says he's a big fan of hers and her work is addictive, she thanks him. Piper asks them both that she wants to know the real Nina. Audrey says "Nina was a stone cold bitch who got what she deserved." Piper asks her if she can quote her on that, but Noah says no. When Piper asks his opinion on her, he is about to saying something until Jake shouts from afar that someone's ass is toast. Noah pulls Audrey as they try to walk away. But Jake catches up to him and slams him against a wooden column telling him about his car and how it went viral and asks if he did it, Jake says he's dead if he finds out his lying. Jake gives him a small slap on the cheek before walking away. Audrey talks to Noah about his choice of spelling douche and Noah replies saying he should of used spray paint instead of paint.

In the school hallway, Riley says to Emma she doesn't care what the press thinks about Tyler saying he's not a psycho and Emma agrees by saying "If he's innocent, why doesn't he come forward." Riley says she doesn't know and thinks he might be afraid, Will then walks over to them and asks Emma if she got his texts, Riley says "Good luck" and goes to her locker. As Emma walks to her locker, she says she did get his texts and Will says he wants a chance to explain himself by saying Nina came on to him because she felt threatened by Emma. As they continue to talk about the situation, Kieran walks over to them and says "That's my locker and I'm pretty sure Emma's done talking to you." As they stare at each other, Emma asks if they want duelling pistols, making Will walk away and shoving into Kieran along the way. Emma and Kieran talk for a bit and he leaves. Audrey walks into the hallway and to her locker. Emma walks over and asks if they can talk. Audrey says "What is there to say?" They argue about the video and how Emma should of stop Nina filming it and how she feels guilty because of it. Emma asks they can move on from it and Audrey asks why. Soon, they receive a text message with the words "Payback's a BITCH" along with a GIF of The Killer facing the camera with Nina's dead body face down in the pool in the background. Soon every student receives the message and Emma is shocked to see its the Brandon James mask.

At the police station, Mayor Quinn and Clark are walking into Clark's offices whilst discussing that the last thing people need to see is the mask and Clark says he has a tech guy solving it. They run into Maggie who joins the discussion of Tyler being the main suspect. Quinn leaves and Clark asks Maggie if she is OK and says he'll protect her. Clark suddenly receives a new case as Maggie a text and discover they have to go to the same place and aren't happy with what they read.

Outside the school, Riley is seen texting and Noah runs up to her and they chat about the GIF and what they're doing for their doing for their pre-term projects. Noah says he doing an app that links to any downtime satellite away that lets you tool around the universe from any mobile device, Riley jokes that you can just go outside, lay down on the grass and look up. She says he should do it sometime, implying a date. Noah is speechless and laughs, Riley says she'll see him in class and walks away. He tells himself he has no game has as the school bell rings.

In Mr. Brandon's room, he tells everyone to put their phones down and they should focus more on their studies than Lakewood's web buzz. Jake says "Who could resist a murder selfie?" which makes Noah say a monologue about how murder is a lonely game and how we share the things we do, as he is saying his monologue, Riley receives and goes to read, Mr. Branson catches her. She apologises and says that her friend from St. Mary's texted that girl who goes there died. Everyone is shocked, especially Audrey who checks her phone. When Mr. Branson is in the middle of saying they should get to what they're doing, Audrey gets out of the chair and runs to the door saying she needs to go to the bathroom. Emma then follows her.

In the school hallway, Emma leaves the classroom and finds Audrey leaning over a locker, when Emma goes to comfort her, she pushes her hand away and appears in tears. She says, she called Rachel to check up on her and her mom called, she told her they found her hanging from her ceiling fan, thinking she committed suicide. Audrey then walks away in tears, leaving Emma saddened. We then see Maggie at the crime scene taking photographs of Rachel hanging from the ceiling fan.

Audrey is then seen waiting outside the principal's office, Noah sits beside her and tells him her father is picking her up. Noah says he's sorry and puts his arm around her as she leans on his shoulder. In the school hallway, Brooke says her friend from St. Mary's said Rachel was a train wreck and Emma says she killed herself because of her, Riley tells her not to blame herself as they were all there with Nina during the filming. Emma still blames herself as she was with Nina in the parking lot and let it (Nina's filming Audrey and Rachel) happen and she then walks away.

Emma then walks into the girls bathroom and is about to cry until she hears two girls saying whoever posted the video has more blood on their hands and they've got a new Nina.

At the Grindhouse, Emma is seen working and when taking Piper's plate, she says she recognizes her voice and Piper introduces herself. That night, Emma takes out the trash, she hears a noise and when she turns round, a figure dressed in black with their hood up is seen sitting on the ground. The door suddenly shuts and the figure is gone. When she starts to walk towards where the figure was, they stand up from behind a dumpster, Emma grabs a 2x4 board and starts to run, almost hitting Will. She asks what he's doing there and he says he got her text, which she didn't send. Inside, they think Brooke sent the text, Will apologizes about Nina, Emma confesses to kissing Kieran at the party. Will says it'll be great if she shows up at his game the next day, she says she'll try.

At the morgue, Maggie is examining Rachel's body when Emma walks in and learns Rachel was a cutter and had issues. Emma starts to tear up when she tells her mother about how she was there when Nina filmed Audrey and Rachel and how she think she caused what's happening before leaving.

In the library, Audrey is looking at photos and videos of Rachel. Back at the morgue, Maggie and Clark are discussing Rachel's death, Maggie says her neck snapped which wouldn't be possible if she was found hanging on her ceiling fan. They both start to suspect she didn't commit suicide. Maggie then talks about Emma saying she could of stopped the video.


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  • The episode was watched live by 0.81 million viewers.
  • The name in the title of the episode is a reference to the show's lead protagonist, Emma Duval.
  • Piper Shaw and Quinn Maddox made their first appearances in the series in this episode.
  • This episode marked the death of Rachel Murray.
    • In The Vanishing, it is revealed that Piper was not Rachel's killer. In When a Stranger Calls, it was confirmed that Piper's accomplice, Kieran was Rachel's killer.
    • Rachel approaching and opening her closet to see if she finds Audrey while on the phone with the killer posing as her, is a direct reference to Kirby Reed opening her closet in Scream 4 while on the phone with Ghostface alongside Jill Roberts after both the former are alerted and raise suspicion.
  • Emma sees the killer for the first time.
  • In the episode, Emma received a call from the killer.
    • When the Lakewood Slasher calls her posing as a home security caller, he says "You look tired" to which a disturbed Emma asks "What did you say?" and the killer says "You sound tired". This scene in the show is similar to the call between Ghostface and Casey Becker in the opening of the first movie when he says "I wanna know who I'm looking at." and Casey asks "What did you say?" and Ghostface says "I wanna know who I'm talking to."
  • This was the first episode in the series where Rachel received a call from the killer.
    • The killer modifies their voice to sound like Audrey in order to lure Rachel into the balcony for the kill.
  • In the episode, Noah mentioned to Clark Hudson, that he exchanged emails with Troy James as part of his research on Brandon James.
  • The way Rachel is found dead hanging is similar to the way Casey Becker is found in Scream, with the only difference being that the latter is stabbed and gutted when found.

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Rachel checks her social media then gets a call from "Audrey".

Emma listens to a podcast. Brooke and Riley join her in the GW High School parking lot.

Will confirms that Jake has gotten rid of any cyber connection to Nina. Jake finds “doosh” painted on the side of his truck.

  • Oh Wonder – Shark

Noah displays his lack of game while talking to Riley at school.

Emma meets Piper while working at The Grindhouse.

Audrey makes a memorial video for Rachel.

Fans arrive at the GW High School gym for the basketball game. Rivals hold up a “Murderville” sign.

The basketball game is in full swing.

Emma is home alone when the security alarm goes off.


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