Heavenly Creatures
Season 2, Episode 11
Heavenly Creatures Emma and Audrey.jpg
Air date August 9, 2016
Written by Anna Christopher
Directed by Jamie Travis
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"You are SO screwed."
Eli Hudson

"Heavenly Creatures" is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the twenty first episode of the series overall and it aired on August 9th, 2016.


Noah has doubts about continuing his Morgue podcast. Emma and Audrey become suspects when evidence implicates them in the killing spree.


The episode opens with the killer sneaking into Emma's home through the back door while she is sleeping. Entering her room, the killer examines her belongings and steals her dream journal, accidently awakening Emma in the process. Emma goes to downstairs armed with a pair of scissors but only finds a wooden heart on the doorknob with her name carved on it. In the morning, the police arrive to make sure the killer has left the house. Kieran also arrives to comfort Emma. Acosta and Maggie discuss the carving and who the killer could be. Acosta decides to ask Ms. Lang, noting that she was foster sisters with Piper at the orphanage.

Emma, Audrey, Kieran and Brooke arrive to visit Noah in the hospital and offer to give Noah horror movies to watch. Noah refuses to watch horror anymore and decides to close down his podcast, ordering them to take down his murderboard. Brooke arrives to visit Gustavo at a hotel room just as he finishes a drawing of her father in blood, which he hides. At Noah's room while taking down the murderboard, Emma discovers from a newspaper clipping that Eli was present at Lakewood during Piper's killing spree and was at Will Belmont's funeral, which she shows Audrey and Kieran.

Audrey visits Noah at the hospital and shows him the photos he and Zoe has back at the carnival. Touched, Noah decides to make one final podcast for Zoe before closing it down. Audrey gets a text from the killer about "cutting people off" and they theorize that the killer is Eli due to Emma ignoring all of his E-mails. Kieran offers to confront Eli but Emma convinces him not to, worried what will happen if Eli really is the killer. At Eli's house, Tina explains that Mayor Maddox has paid her $15,000 to leave down and that they are packing their bags.

Eli demands that they stay in Lakewood and says that he will "deal" with the mayor. Quinn texts Brooke to come home but upon hearing loud music upstairs, goes to investigate, thinking it's Brooke. Eli, who turned the music on and is wearing a black hoodie, uses the it as a distraction while he looks through Quinn's belongings, taking some notes and leaving a threatening message. Acosta goes to talk to Ms. Lang, who explains that she barely knew Piper at the orphanage and doesn't remember doing things with her there. When told about her recordings of other students, Ms. Lang further explains that she is doing an informal study about the Lakewood Six.

She also explains that Gustavo has a fascination with death, starting when he looked into his father's files a while back and saw photos of a dead gang member. Finally, Ms. Lang suggest that Emma could have an obsession with Piper. Acosta then sends another text to Gustavo asking him to come home, which he deletes. During Noah's podcast, Gustavo comes in and shows him his drawings on an e-mail, encouraging him to continue the podcast. Kieran sneaks into Eli's house and overhears that Quinn's notes that Eli stole implicate the mayor in numerous acts of willful financial fraud. Eli suggests to Tina that they could use this as a form of extortion against Maddox so that they could stay at Lakewood instead of taking the mayor's money and running away from town.

Kieran searches for evidence, with Audrey and Emma watching in a video call. Kieran finds the notes Audrey sent to Piper under Eli's bed. When he brings them to Emma and Audrey, they also find pictures of the young Emma she saw back at the barn. Kieran tries to sneak the letters back under Eli's bed so that he doesn't get suspicious, but Eli discovers what he is doing. Quinn goes home and finds Brooke there, realizing that she doesn't want to see him anymore. He then gets a text (presumably) from Eli, demanding that they meet to discuss the documents that he stole.

At the hospital, Noah uploads his tribute to Zoe and announces his intentions of continuing the podcast. Shortly afterwards, the killer hacks into the morgue and takes over the podcast. Brooke watches the morgue and discovers the photo that has Audrey with Jake's body. The police also see the morgue and find the video has Emma and Audrey practically confessing to being the killers. Maggie goes to Acosta and deputy Stevens, who hide the broadcast from her. Maggie reveals that Kieran called her and explained that Emma and Audrey are going to the pig farm. The trio rush down there to investigate.

Emma and Audrey, unaware of the broadcast, arrive at the barn. Emma goes in while Audrey keeps watch. Inside, Emma goes upstairs to look for evidence, finding the hidden room Acosta discovered earlier and calls Audrey up to assist her. They find Emma's dream journal that the killer stole, that has the nightmare that Emma stabbed Noah, Kieran and Audrey to death, which he used on the morgue. Mayor Maddox arrives at the barn to meet with Eli. While he waits, Quinn's flashlight stops working and he gets lured to another cell phone. He is then shown a photo of the killer standing in the barn with a pitchfork.

As Maddox realizes that the killer is in the barn with him, the killer ambushes and impales him through the chest with the pitchfork. Emma and Audrey go to ask Quinn what he is doing here and find him barely alive and pulling out the pitchfork. The Mayor dies seconds later and upon hearing noises, the girls arm themselves with the murder weapon, assuming it is the killer. The police then arrive and, seeing their hands covered in Quinn's blood, arrest them for his murder.

Maggie and Kieran arrive and see Emma being arrested but Acosta stops them and says they can talk to Emma at the station. The episode ends with Emma and Audrey being driven to the station, realizing that the police think they are the killers.


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  • The title of the episode is a homage to the 1994 psychological thriller, "Heavenly Creatures" which was directed by Peter Jackson.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.35 million people.
  • Miguel Acosta visited Kristen Lang at the hospital and ask her about the recent events.
    • She shared that she didn't knew Piper while they were at the orphanage.
    • She also shared that her main suspects are Gustavo Acosta and Emma Duval.
  • Emma, Kieran and Audrey discovered that Eli was in Lakewood at the time of Piper's killing spree and was present at Will Belmont's funeral.
  • Emma and Audrey were arrested by the police after finding Quinn Maddox's corpse and his blood on their hands.
  • Emma Duval, Brooke Maddox, Kieran Wilcox, Audrey Jensen, and Gustavo Acosta visited Noah at the hospital.
    • He ordered the Lakewood Six to take down his murder board.
    • Noah told Audrey that he will do one final podcast as a tribute to his former girlfriend, Zoë Vaughn who died in The Vanishing.
    • Gustavo visited him and sent him drawings of him, convincing Noah that he should continue the podcast.
  • Noah referenced the film Final Destination in a speech on his podcast.
  • Noah Foster's podcast, The Morgue, was hacked by the Lakewood Slasher.
    • He/she uploaded a video about Emma and Audrey being the killers and providing evidence from Emma's dream journal and the recording of Audrey's confession about Piper and also the gif of Audrey tampering with Jake's dead body.
    • Brooke watches the video of Jake's death on her computer and saw that Audrey knew about Jake's death and didn't tell anyone.
  • It was revealed that Gustavo Acosta and Brooke Maddox were spending a few days at a hotel.
  • In the episode, Eli stole documents pertaining to a scandal involving Quinn Maddox.
    • The documents implicate the mayor in numerous acts of willful financial fraud. He mentioned to Tina Hudson, that they can use that as a form of extortion against Quinn Maddox so that they could stay at Lakewood instead of taking the mayor's money and running away from town.
  • This episode marked the death of Quinn Maddox, the fifteenth death overall in the series.
    • This makes him the sixth victim of the season and the fourth male victim.

Body Count

  • Quinn Maddox - Impaled through the chest with a pitchfork; Bled out.

Featured Music

  • Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – “Alps”

Emma, Audrey, Brooke, and Kieran visit Noah in the hospital

  • Remmi & Mig50 – “Coming For You”

Brooke enters the hotel room where Stavo is drawing and Mayor Maddox is on the news

  • Agnes Obel – “Familiar”

Audrey brings Noah a photo of him and Zoe, Noah decides to record his last podcast in Zoe’s honor. Audrey gets a text from the killer

  • July Talk – “Beck + Call”

Quinn goes to Brooke’s room to turn down the music and talk to her


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