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Happy Birthday to Me
Season 2, Episode 4
Brooke Maddox covered in blood.jpg
Air date June 20, 2016
Written by Brian Sieve
Directed by Daniel Stamm
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Dawn of the Dead
"I think we've might have been dosed."
Gustavo Acosta

"Happy Birthday to Me" is the fourth episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the fourteenth episode of the series overall and aired on June 20th, 2016.


Brooke's worry over a friend's disappearance ends when a surprise birthday party takes the Lakewood Six on an unexpected trip deep into their subconscious.


The episode begins with Audrey burying the bloody corkscrew used to kill Eddie Hayes. Emma is making out with Kieran in the bed. As they do so, the Killer suddenly appears, who grabs and stabs Kieran in the back, apparently killing him. As he advances toward Emma, however, the sequence is revealed to be a dream. Emma writes the dream down in her journal. Audrey awakens from bed to feel a sharp object poking her leg. She then gets a call from the Killer as she looks at her blanket. She then lifts it up, and under the bed is the bloody corkscrew, which the killer had dug up. Audrey looks and sees that her window is open, which reveals that the killer broke in her bedroom through the window and placed the corkscrew in her bed while she was sleeping. Emma goes downstairs to find her parents arguing about Kevin staying and Emma yells at them that this is not about her. In Kieran's house, he and Eli talk, Kieran telling Eli that he wants a private birthday party with Emma, not a public one. Brooke gets a text message from "Jake" saying that she'll see him tomorrow.

In the coffee shop, against Kieran's wishes, Eli encourages Emma to make Kieran's birthday party a public and fun event, and they begin to bond. In school, Audrey gets another text message from the killer, and she becomes suspicious of Gustavo, as he begins to watch her. Audrey then pulls the fire alarm to gain access to Gustavo's computer when he isn't looking. After he leaves, Audrey takes a look at the computer and finds pictures of all the Lakewood six (With a bloody Emma having a knife in her head). Mayor Maddox goes to Sheriff Acosta for help to find Jake; the conversation reveals that Maddox filed out Acosta's job application for him to play "saviour". Acosta goes to Jake's house to look for him and finds nobody there, much to his suspicions. While getting the party ready, Emma and Eli bond further, appearing to be almost kissing before Brooke intervenes.

"Jake" deliverers some alcohol and drinks to the party before Kieran arrives, who is somewhat angry at Eli for telling Emma he wanted a public party when he didn't. The drinks begin to make everyone at the party sick. Noah looks up the drinks and Gustavo discovers the drinks might make them hallucinate. Brooke hallucinates Jake who appears to be abusive toward her, and Kieran gets sick, causing Kieran to go to bed and Brooke to storm out. Next, Audrey hallucinates Rachel, her old ex-girlfriend who was murdered by Piper. Filled with guilt, Audrey kisses the hallucination who turns out to be Noah. Zoë hallucinates Noah glowing and kisses him too, then goes on to kiss Audrey and the three of them kiss for a moment. As for Emma, she hallucinates a young girl, who tells Emma to follow her and has something to show her. Emma does so and follows the girl to the woods. There, she experiences hallucinations and finds the killer staring at her.

As the killer sprints toward her, Emma tries to convince herself it is a hallucination. She closes her eyes to calm herself, and when she opens them, the killer is gone...only for him to reappear a few moments later and swing his knife at Emma, but she ducks, causing the knife to be lodged into a tree. This delay allows Emma to escape, and she runs into her father, who had found out from her friends that Emma walked into the woods and came to check up on her. Emma tells him about the killer's attack on her, but the attacker is nowhere to be found. Acosta comes to investigate but comes to the conclusion that Emma hallucinated, as nobody else saw the killer, even though Emma insists she was almost stabbed and was real. Audrey steps up for Emma and informs Acosta of Gustavo's drawing of Emma in blood. Later, while calling Jake's parents to inform them of their son's disappearance, Acosta investigates his son's room and finds a Brandon James mask in a box, which is what the killer wears. Kevin tells Emma that he is leaving Lakewood again to get help for himself and Emma agrees.

The next morning, Kieran and Emma have a serious talk about how Emma might have come back to Lakewood too early, with Eli secretly listening in. At school, Noah tries to talk to Zoë at Audrey's urging, but she rebuffs him because he also kissed Audrey. In the auditorium, Brooke apologizes to Gustavo for thinking that he was a strange man, and he offers to hang out with Brooke again sometime. Eli apologizes to Emma for lying to Kieran, but she rebuffs him, making it clear that if the attack last night was real, the killings will start up again. Brooke and Zoë come up to the stage for their nominations in a pageant for Lady of the Lake (Along with three other girls). But when the banner for the pageant is pulled down, Jake's corpse, which the killer had smuggled inside, falls from the banner in front of Brooke, splattering his blood on her and officially revealing his death in the process. Panicked and terrorised, the blood drenched Brooke screams in horror while everyone else looks on in shock.


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  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 1981 slasher horror film, "Happy Birthday to Me" which was directed by J. Lee Thompson.
    • Similar to the movie, strange events occur at a birthday party just like strange things occurred at Kieran's birthday party.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.27 millions people.
    • This is the lowest viewer count that both the season and the series has.
  • This was the first episode in the series to have a character's birthday.
  • Emma and her friends planned a surprise birthday party at her place for Kieran Wilcox.
  • The Lakewood teens received a present from "Jake" which made them hallucinate.
    • Gustavo later mentioned that the drink that they had was laced with Ayahuasca.
  • The new killer officially revealed their existence to the public at the end of the episode.
  • In the episode, Eli showed his fake ID to Emma at the Grindhouse cafe.
  • Kieran revealed that Eli killed a dog when he was young.
    • However, we don't know if Kieran was telling the complete truth to Emma. Since he was revealed as the killer in When a Stranger Calls, it is plausible that he killed the dog and that he was projecting the blame to Eli, in order to avoid suspicion.
  • Jake Fitzgerald and Rachel Murray both appeared in this episode as hallucinations to Brooke and Audrey.
    • However, Jake also appears as a corpse at the end scene of the episode.
  • The end scene in which Brooke is covered in Jake's blood in the episode is a reference to a film scene in Carrie.
  • In the episode, Audrey received a call from the killer.
  • There was a chase scene in the woods in this episode. Emma was briefly attacked by the new killer before she ran into Kevin, at which point the killer disappeared.
  • Emma running from her secluded and induced state of mind nightmare only to awake and find it's not true pays homage to Scream 3 and Sidney Prescott's nightmare sequence, ironically both about the return of their killers.
  • This would later be referenced for Deion in Season 3 in the third episode The Man Behind the Mask.
    • However, it is currently unknown whether or not the killer attacking her was real or just a hallucination.
    • An alternate scene was filmed during the chase scene where Emma gets pinned to a tree by the Lakewood Slasher. However, the scene was not shown in the final version of the episode.
  • The first scene where Emma has a dream of Kieran being killed by the killer was originally supposed to feature her and Eli making out after he unmasked himself as the killer in her dream but was not shown in the final version of the episode. This would later be referenced in Season 3 when Deion has a dream of him awakening only to find Liv stabbed next to him and for his killer to appear and stab him as well.
  • It was implied in the episode that the killer used a voice changer over the phone to mimic Jake's voice so as to take a leave of absence from school. As part of the case investigation in Jake's disappearance, Miguel went to the school and found the above information through a conversation with one of the school administrators.
  • This is the second episode of the season not to have a death scene.
  • The fourth wall was broken in this episode, when Jake pulled his hand over the letterbox on the screen in Brooke's hallucination scene.
  • Kevin Duval left Lakewood in this episode to seek help for himself.
  • However He Was Later Seen Standing Over Kierran' Gravestonee In Halloween II.

Featured Music

  • J Sutta – “Forever”

Emma and Kieran make out. Emma sees the killer who stabs Kieran.

  • Clara-Nova – “Quicksand”

Emma texts Kieran and hears her parents arguing.

  • XYLO – “Bang Bang”

Brooke and Maddox talk about the pageant and Jake

  • Mount Saint – “Excuses”

Emma sees Eli and he convinces her Kieran wants a big party.

  • Western Lows – “Hesitation”

Noah attempts to ask out Zoë. Brooke offers an assist.

  • BESTie – “Infinity”

Emma sees Kieran off then goes shopping with Eli.

  • Beach Youth – “Days”

Audrey talk to Noah about Stavo in Noah’s room

  • FMLYBND – Space & Time

Emma and Eli set up for the party and share a moment.

  • FRENSHIP – “1000 Nights”

Emma tells Brooke about Eli. Jake sends a present.

  • Mike Posner – “I Took A Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix)

The gang waits to surprise Kieran at the party

  • Seeb – “Breathe”

The gang all do shots at the party

  • Litany – “Work This Out”

Stavo tells everyone they may have been dosed with a hallucinogenic

  • MISSIO – “I Don’t Even Care About You”

Stavo helps Brooke while Emma and Eli help Kieran

  • Tep No – “Under Rage”

Stavo helps Brooke while Emma and Eli help Kieran

  • Tender – “Afternoon”

Audrey tries to find Emma but sees Rachel, then makes out with Zoë and Noah

  • Terravita and Cats – “Girl Robot”

Audrey tries to find Emma but sees Rachel, then makes out with Zoë and Noah

  • Wafia – “Heartburn”

Noah talks to Audrey and she tells him Zoë likes him


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