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Henry "Hank" Loomis is a powerful lawyer in Woodsboro and the father of Billy Loomis. He was formerly married to Mrs. Loomis.

He is portrayed by actor C.W. Morgan.


A younger Henry Loomis was the lead lawyer for Sunrise Studios in Los Angeles. At some point, he moved to Woodsboro and had an affair with Maureen Prescott, even though he was married. When his wife, Mrs. Loomis, learned he was cheating on her, she left him to raise Billy on his own. Hank kept his affair with Maureen secret from Billy. It wouldn't be until when Billy met Roman Bridger (Maureen's son, whom she had recently rejected) that he knew the truth of his mother's abandonment. Roman showed recorded footage of the affair to incite Billy to murder Maureen. Following his lover's gruesome death, Hank, along with the entire town of Woodsboro, believed the murderer to be Cotton Weary, one of Maureen Prescott's other lovers, until it was revealed that the true killers were his son and Stu Macher and Cotton was framed by them. He and everybody else in Woodsboro realized that he was innocent.



Hank And Billy

Hank arrived at the Woodsboro Sheriff's Department after Billy was picked up and interrogated as a person of interest in the attack of Sidney Prescott. He vouched to the police chief, that Billy used his mobile phone and told them to check the phone records. When Billy gives questionable answers to the chief questions, Hank begins to look at his son implying that he has concerns building. He was surprised to learn, that Billy had gone out the night before the night, when Casey and Steve were murdered. When officers take Billy to jail, he cries for his father and Sidney as he sees her with her back turned facing away. Hank replies that he is waiting for the lawyer.

His reaction to the role Billy Loomis played in the murders and the reason behind it is unknown, but it wouldn't come as a surprise that he left Woodsboro out of shame and pain for unintentionally turning his son into a psychotic serial killer. It's also possible that his reputation was destroyed when it became known that he had an affair with Maureen Prescott and that affair was what caused his son to go on a murder spree throughout the town out of anger and rage that the affair caused his mother to abandon him.

Scream 2

Mrs. Loomis mentions him to Sidney that Maureen stole her husband and broke up her family.

Scream 3

Roman showed Sidney footage he had recorded years previously of Maureen leaving a hotel with Hank. He can be seen smoking a cigarette here. Some of the footage shows the two of them smiling at each other and embracing close to the hotel room door, implying intimacy.


  • He was described as "an older version of Billy" in the script.
  • His affair with Maureen Prescott is one of the things that set the killing sprees in motion in the Scream quadrilogy.
  • Despite having minor role in Scream and not appearing in the subsequent films, he is indirectly one of the main reasons the original killing spree occurred.
  • According to the original Scream 3 website, Mr. Loomis used to work for Sunrise Studios.

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