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This self-induced isolation thing you got going on, it's not healthy.

–Hallie's shrink-like commentary to her roommate and best friend, Sidney Prescott.

Hallie McDaniel[1] was a supporting character in Scream 2 (1997). She is the roommate and close friend of Woodsboro Murders survivor, Sidney Prescott at Windsor College, where she studied psychology. She was killed by Mickey Altieri while trying to escape with Sidney.

Hallie was the seventh character to fall victim in the second Ghostface killing spree.

She was portrayed by Elise Neal.



Hallie is a Psychology major from Ohio born in approximately 1977 (described as "twenty at most" in the script). She had enrolled at Windsor College as a freshman sometime in 1997. During this time, she became acquainted with her roommate, Sidney Prescott, who relocated far away from her hometown of Woodsboro, California, and they soon became close friends.

The nature of Sidney's closeness to Hallie is never elaborated on, but she appears to function as a new female best friend, after the loss of Tatum Riley, Sidney's best friend growing up.

During her time at college, she became a member of the Delta Lambda Zeta sorority. This sorority also consists of Lois and Murphy. Its fraternity big brother, Omega Kappa Zeta is what pre-med student, Derek Feldman was a part of. It seems with this connection, Sidney's roommate, Hallie, may have introduced Derek to her roommate, Woodsboro survivor Sidney Prescott.

The Windsor College Murders (1997)


Hallie wants to dance with somebody else.

Hallie is seen to be sharing a room with Sidney at Windsor College. She shows worry for Sidney's isolationist tendencies, calling it "unhealthy", and says she must attend the sorority mixer that night.

After being told to turn on the news, she becomes aware of Windsor seniors, Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens being killed the night before by a Ghostface copycat. After Sidney reunites with Dewey Riley, Lois and Murphy approach her about the sorority mixer. She becomes offended after they leave, when Mickey Altieri insults the Delta Lambda Zetas. Hallie, however, appears oblivious to the fact that Lois seems to forget her name and simply calls her "Pledge".

At the mixer, Sidney says Hallie is taking her Psychology major too seriously. But Hallie asserts that "despite its trivialities", it is a healthy environment for her to be in. She appears excited to be at the event. Also there, Hallie is seen rejecting Mickey's advances at the sorority party. This occurs sometime shortly after Cici Cooper's death.

Mickey Kills Hallie

Hallie is killed by Ghostface.

Hallie is visibly shocked after Derek Feldman is attacked by Ghostface. After Randy is also killed, she comforts Sidney. When Sidney is put under 24/7 protection, Hallie goes with her and the two bodyguards, Richards and Andrews. After the bodyguards are both killed, Hallie and Sidney are caught in the back seat with the doors locked.

After Ghostface crashes the car and is unconscious in the driver's seat, Sidney realizes the only way out is through the window at his side. After Sidney escapes through the window, she encourages and supports Hallie as she does the same.

Hallie's death

Hallie's death

Sidney, wanting to know who the killer really is, runs back to the car, but sees that he is gone. When Sidney shouts this out to Hallie, Ghostface jumps out from behind the rubble and grabs Hallie. Unable to escape, Ghostface is easily able to stab Hallie four times in the chest before throwing her dead corpse on the ground. Sidney, horrified, runs in the opposite direction. She later informs Derek of Hallie's demise, before Derek himself is killed by Mickey—who is both of their killers.





  • "Hey! I pledge allegiance to the Delta lambdas."
  • "Come on! Okay, I am not a sorority pusher. I just think, despite its trivialities, it is a life-affirming, mentally stable, healthy environment for you."
  • "I think you're taking your psych major a little too seriously, Hallie." Sidney to Hallie about her comments on the sorority party.
  • "That's beginning to become your theme song: I'm fine. Yeah, fucked up, insecure, neurotic and delusional."
  • "Which one is Kevin Costner?" Hallie about Officer Richards and Andrews.
  • "I'd love to. With that tall, wide shoulder fraternity boy over there. Think you can arrange that?" Hallie to Mickey's offer to dance with him.
  • "It's okay to break."
  • "I'm her therapist."
  • "No, Sid. Come back!"
  • "Derek, he's after me. He killed Hallie." Sidney telling Derek that Hallie is dead before he is killed by Mickey.
  • "Did you get that on film?" Hallie asking Joel, after Sidney punches Gale.
  • "Stupid people go back, smart people run." Hallie telling Sidney that they should run while the killer is still incapacitated.


  • Her name is a possible reference to the first Black woman to win an Oscar, Hattie McDaniel.
  • It's possible her first name can be a nod to Halle Berry.
  • In the script, she is described as "an attractive, young, black woman. Twenty at most. Bronze. Fun. Full of life."
  • The original script of Scream 2 said that Hallie was to be one of the murderers, along with Derek Feldman (who she was in a secret relationship with) and Nancy Loomis.
  • Had the script not changed, Hallie would have been the first African-American Ghostface, a title that was given to Jamal Elliot from the third season of the television series.
  • She is the third African-American killed by Ghostface in the entire franchise.
  • As a killer in the original script, Hallie stated she was inspired by Juliette Lewis in Natural Born Killers (1994).
  • She is the last person to be killed by a masked Ghostface in Scream 2. Both Hallie and Kenny Brown, the last victim in the first film, were killed in front of Sidney, who has the same facial expression at both murders.
  • Elise Neal appeared in the movie, Logan (2017), based on the popular Marvel and X-Men comic character Wolverine. In 2009, Liev Schreiber (Cotton Weary) had appeared in the first Wolverine movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, playing Wolverine's longtime archnemesis Sabretooth/Victor Creed.
  • In the Slasher film, I Know What You Did Last Summer (written by Kevin Williamson) the character, Helen Shivers (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) was being transported by a police officer, who is eventually murdered by the killer (Ben Willis) and becomes trapped in a police car just like Hallie and Sydney, When Richards and Andrews are killed by Mickey Altieri. all three eventually escape from the police car.
    • However just like Hallie, Helen is killed not long after escaping the police car.


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