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But I am scared of you. Everyone who comes around you dies. And your friends should be scared, too, because they're all gonna die.

–Haley Meyers to Emma Duval, Dawn of the Dead

Haley Meyers was a recurring character and antagonist in the television series Scream. She attended George Washington High School. She was portrayed by Mary Katherine Duhon.


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Haley first appears when she bumps into Audrey at the theatre after closing, immediately recognizes her as the girl who saved Emma and Maggie from being killed by Piper.  Since Audrey can't find the keys after a shadowy figure takes them, she takes Haley to the back exit, but is confronted by an unknown person wearing the Lakewood Slasher costume, who is armed with a hunting knife. Haley alerts Audrey of the killer's presence, but is pushed against the wall and apparently stabbed to death by the killer. However, Audrey stabs the costumed person in the chest with a screwdriver, perhaps fatally, in self-defense.

Haley gets up after pretending to be dead, and it turns out that the entire attack was a staged prank. She beckers Aaron, who was the killer behind the costume, to get up, stating that she should be okay. The new sheriff, Miguel Acosta lets Audrey off the hook, much to Haley's indignation, who insists that she should be arrested.


Audrey gets a text from the new killer, and at the same time sees Haley texting on her phone with an infuriated look, making her think that Haley is the person texting her, and conclusively the new killer. Audrey, very furious, follows Haley upstairs and pushes her against the wall. Haley tries to calm her down, but she threatens to press charges against Haley if she is the culprit. She looks at her phone, but sees that she was only texting her boyfriend Aaron and calls Audrey a freak. Haley walks away, telling Noah that Audrey is a "psychotic bitch".

Dawn of the Dead

Haley is called into the office for questioning, and she suspects Audrey mentioned the prank and outed her as the killer, but Audrey informed her that she actually hasn't been questioned. Haley walks away, wondering why she of all people was questioned.

Later, she complains that Emma should be the prime suspect for having Jake's phone, and thinks she was only released because her mother is a medical examiner. Emma confronts her and wants to know what she is talking about, explaining that there is no need to be afraid of her. Haley disagrees and taunts Emma about how anyone who comes around her dies. Emma defends herself, saying Haley has no idea what she's been through, but she interrupts and taunts Emma about her family. An angered Emma slaps her, then she retaliates by tackling Emma to the floor, initiating a brief cat fight on the floor, which is ended by Kristen Lang.

Just a matter of minutes later, Audrey steals Gustavo's laptop and exposes the gruesome digital drawings to the class, one of which is Zoe's severed head. Haley says that only a serial killer would draw that stuff, and watches as a bunch of boys jump Gustavo.

The Orphanage

Hayley is seen walking past Kieran, Emma and Brook in the hallway. She taunts them about their 'freak show' at the carnival the night before and Kieron tells her to give it a rest.

She is next seen handing out masks at a party being thrown at the abandoned blessed sisters children's home. Emma confronts her believing she threw the party under the guise of Emma and Audrey being the host, however she reveals that she is just helping out this person, saying that they are a 'very special friend'. Emma tries to make Hayley see that her friend could be the killer but she just laughs it off and walks away.

She goes to collect more masks from the back when a person in a black raincoat enters and when Hayley notices she approaches them flirtatiously. She says that their plan worked and tries to kiss this person but they lower their mask. Hayley bends down preparing to perform oral sex but the killer raises a hunting knife and attacks her. She tries desperately to crawl away but the killer grabs her, picks her up and stabs her in the chest. The killer then throws her to the ground and begins to stab her repeatedly in the chest and stomach; her screams being drowned out by the music, until she finally succumbs to her injuries and dies.

Her corpse is found by Deputy Laverne Shell who shows it to Sheriff Acosta. Her body is revealed to have been hanged by her hands between two pillars, underneath a sign that say's 'Face the Mask'.

Appearances (6/24)

Season 2 (6/14)


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

After talking to Emma, Haley heads to the backroom of the orphanage to replace the box of masks she was giving out. She closes the door behind her and turns on the light. As she puts the box down, the Killer appears behind her without their mask on. Haley recognizes this person and approaches the killer in a flirtatious mood and tries to kiss the killer, but they pull down their mask.

Haley leans down before the killer thinking that her friend was being hard to get, but before she did anything, the killer takes out their knife, making Haley let out a terrified scream. As the killer swings the knife towards her, she dodges and tries to crawl away but the killer grabs her and stabs her in the chest. The killer throws her to the ground with Haley screaming.

The Killer continuously and brutally stabs her multiple times in the chest and stomach. As the killer stabs her one last time, Haley's body twitches on the ground as she gurgles on her own blood.

Deputy Laverne Shell later takes Sheriff Acosta to the orphanage, showing him Haley's corpse hanging from two pillars below a sign that reads "Face the Mask ".


  • "She gets a license to kill cause she shot Piper? I know you're new here, officer, and from a big city, or whatever ["Actually, I'm from Lakewood originally."] Then, you should know, around here, someone gets stabbed, someone gets arrested."
  • "F.Y.I., your bestie's a total psychotic bitch."
  • "Her whole family is crazy, aren't they? Anytime there's a killer loose, somehow, there's always a crazy Duval left standing!"
  • "Do the rules just not apply to them?"
  • "You dumb bitch!"
  • "Hey you guys, I enjoyed your freakshow at the carnival last night."





  • She knew Kieran was the killer because she dated him before he killed her.
  • Haley succeeds Nina Patterson as the official bitch and mean girl character from Season 1 of the TV series (albeit not a queen bee).
  • She shares a similar attitude and persona of her film counterpart Maureen Evans.
    • However, Maureen was merely a common loudmouth who means well at the end of the day, while Haley is a legit villain as a mean girl.
  • She can be argued as an evil counterpart to Hallie McDaniel from Scream 2, as both had a romantic relationship with their respective killers.
    • She can also be argued as an evil counterpart to Trevor Sheldon from Scream 4, as both cheated on their respective official partners.
  • Haley is the first official mean girl (non-killer) to be represented in the franchise, following female characters (despite being stuck up, weren't), whose personality is similar to Gale Weathers, but her ("bitch") traits are aligned to be more akin to that of female killers Jill Roberts, Piper Shaw, Beth and Amber Freeman:
  • Haley's death would homage that of Christine Hamilton's death in the opening of Scream 3, as well as the prank occurring with her and her boyfriend, Aaron, similar to when Christine confronted Cotton Weary, although reversed. Haley being fake injured in a prank is also an homage to Tyson Fox startling Sarah Darling in the film with fake scissors and VFX makeup seeming like he was stabbed in the head with them, similarly, prior to Sarah's death.
    • Since Aaron survived after being stabbed in self-defense due to his prank with Haley by Audrey in the opening of Season 2, while Haley didn't and was fake stabbed by Aaron, despite dying in reality later, much like the couple and Sarah.
  • Haley becomes officially, thus far, the only character to have been oblivious, supposedly, of knowing a killer (who was part of a duo, formerly) and despite knowing their identity, was unaware of their involvement in the murders and was thus a clueless assistant and accessory by the killer; this was due to Kieran luring her due to her lust for him instead of peer-pressure.
    • This aspect would be reversed and referenced with the character of Christina Carpenter, similarly in Scream (2022); despite her character not being aware of the fact until after of her secret affair Billy Loomis being a killer during the events of the 1996 Woodsboro Murders; reversed, due to Billy never involving Christina to begin with while Kieran did to Haley in the 2016 Lakewood Murders, despite her not knowing.
    • Like Christina, Haley cheated on her partner with another man, who was a killer.
    • Unlike Haley, Christina wasn't attacked nor killed and survived perhaps due to her pregnancy by Billy with her first child and losing her lust for Billy due to her faith to her partner; thus why Billy never involved her.
  • She makes her first appearance in the second season premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • She was a student at George Washington High School before her death.
  • She was involved in a prank gone wrong with her boyfriend Aaron, against Audrey Jensen in I Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • She was not on friendly terms with Emma Duval, Brooke Maddox, Noah Foster, Gustavo Acosta, and Audrey Jensen.
  • In Dawn of the Dead, she got into a physical fight with Emma Duval.
  • It was revealed that she hates the Lakewood Six deeply enough to be okay with them being murdered.
  • She threw a party in Emma and Audrey's name in The Orphanage.
  • She unknowingly knew, dated and helped the New Killer (aka Piper's accomplice, Kieran Wilcox), only putting a front on hating Kieran due to him being a false member of the Lakewood Six.
  • She was confronted and stabbed to death in The Orphanage by the Lakewood Slasher.
    • This makes her the first female victim of Season 2.
  • Her death shares many similarities to Olivia's death from Scream 4 and Judy Hicks from Scream 5.
  • Haley faking her own death is similar to Billy Loomis faking his death in Scream.
    • The only difference is that Haley did not turn out to be the Lakewood Slasher and was only playing a prank.
  • Haley is the first accomplice in both the film and television series to not be involved in the murder spree, yet knowing the identity of the Lakewood Slasher, though she may not have known he was killing people.
  • While she fits the bitch troupe, she is also the prankster type of character you see in slashers, who pull a prank as a sick joke before eventually being killed.
  • Her death is very ironic because by her own admission she is afraid of Emma and the Lakewood Slasher yet she does nothing to distance herself from either. She throws a party and is handing out Brandon James Masks and even attempts get intimate with the killer before being killed.
  • She is the first victim in the franchise to be directly attacked and killed while trying to be intimate, with the Killer no less.
  • Is somewhat similar to Frankie from the 6th film as both are problematic to the main characters without being any of the killers. It could be argued that Haley is the lesser evil as she is just a mean girl/twisted prankster while Frankie was actually trying to take advantage of Tara Carpenter. Although its implied that Haley knew Kieran Wilcox was the Lakewood Slasher and she was intimate with him, but this is all speculation while its known what Frankie was trying to do with Tara (And possibly other girls). Utimatly Haley is killed by Kieran while Frankie is tasered by Tara's Sister Sam.

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