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Stay the hell away from me, or I'll break something you love.

–Gustavo Acosta to Audrey Jensen, Dawn of the Dead

Gustavo "Stavo" Acosta is one of the main characters in the second season of the television series, Scream. He has an extreme interest of the Lakewood Six that made him suspicious when a new killer began to hunt down the survivors of 2015 Lakewood Murders. He later begins a romantic relationship with Brooke Maddox and, after the killer was caught, became a member of the group.


He is a dark, brooding outsider, constantly observing everyone from the sidelines. Much like Noah, he is passionate about horror, serial killers and comic books and happens to be a very skilled artist.

Appearances (12/24)

Season 2 (12/14)


Promise you'll take no prisoners, and kick ass as needed

–Gustavo to Brooke, Jeepers Creepers

Brooke and Gustavo found themselves having unintentional encounters with one another at the start of the second season. As the season progressed, Stavo helped Brooke on several occasions like pretending to be her boyfriend to get rid of Seth Branson and guiding her through the side effects of Ayahuasca, the drug that was spiked on the tequila on Kieran's birthday party. Following these incidents, Brooke sought Stavo to help her blame Branson for the death of Jake Fitzgerald. Stavo made her promise that she will not hold anything against Branson.

As the season continued, it was clear that they cared about each other. In Village of the Damned, Brooke invited him to stay the night at her house as a way to cope after the disaster of the Lakewood Days Carnival, and after sleeping together in The Orphanage, Gustavo tells Brooke her father's secret about Jake, later they both meet in a hotel. In Heavenly Creatures, they both agree to go back to their respective homes after a stay in in the hotel. Although Brooke does what she promised, Gustavo ignores it and does not come home. In When a Stranger Calls, their relationship becomes complicated after Brooke's dad, Quinn Maddox, was killed. Gustavo incorrectly suggests to Brooke that Audrey Jensen might be responsible for his murder, but Brooke knows this is inaccurate asks him to leave, which he does. At the Zenith Theater, Brooke doesn't let Gustavo into the theater since she has become suspicious of him. Later, Brooke is stabbed by the Lakewood Slasher which leaves her in a critical state. At the hospital, Gustavo cries and tells himself that Brooke being in this state is his fault. At the end of the finale, Brooke and Gustavo are shown having dinner at the Acosta's house along with Gustavo's dad, Miguel Acosta.

In the Halloween specials, their relationship becomes complicated once again after Brooke tells Gustavo that she doesn't want him to join her when she moves to New York for college. At Shallow Grove Island, Stavo becomes flirty with the groundkeeper of the Island, Billie Fields], in order to make Brooke jealous. Brooke confronts Stavo for his behavior which Stavo tells her that he only wanted to get under her skin. At the end of the special, Brooke tells him that she does want him to go with her to New York and she also tells him that they will figure things out.

Every issue has a twist leading to a cliff hanger. The dramatic conundrum keeps generating bloodshed. And there's always another issue...and another. Kinda like Lakewood. Killing never ends.

–Gustavo to Noah after class, Psycho

Throughout the season, Gustavo confronts Noah about his points of view regarding horror movies and comic and shows him that they're other sides of every story. As the new killings start again and as Audrey's suspicions towards Stavo get worse, Noah defends Stavo against Audrey's accusations and explains that he is innocent.

In the season two finale, Noah becomes suspicious of Stavo when he mysteriously appears at the Zenith Theater, where the rest of the Lakewood Five were. After Brooke gets stabbed, they both meet at the hospital and Stavo reveals to Noah how he should have stayed at the theater for her sake.

In the halloween specials, they both become best selling authors for their graphic horror novel based on the killings of Kieran Wilcox. Both of them are convinced by their editor Jeremy Blair, to go to Shallow Grove Island and they decide to bring the rest of the Lakewood four along with them. In the middle of the storm, Stavo tells Noah that his writers block is caused by lack of personal experience with being involved in a killing spree.

Stay the hell away from me, or I'll break something you love

–Gustavo to Audrey after the school fight, Dawn of the Dead

As the killer starts to harass Audrey, she starts to suspect Gustavo for his dark and mysterious personality. She constantly asks the others about how they feel about him and his behavior. As the season advances, Audrey's and Gustavo's relationship gets worse in the school lockdown, when Audrey reveals his drawings to everybody which causes Stavo to be physically attacked by the rest of the school that causes his tablet to be broken by one of the other students. Following the incident, Stavo shows Audrey his drawings and confesses that he suspects her for everything that's been happening.

In the season two finale, Stavo goes to Brooke Maddox's house after her father, Quinn Maddox, was murdered. Gustavo believes that Audrey was behind his murder, however Brooke does not believe him and asks him.

Their friendship becomes better after the finale and the halloween specials, where Audrey was convinced by Gustavo and Noah Foster to come to Shallow Grove Island for a trip.





  • Gustavo: "Or they go home to the horror of their actual lives" - I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Gustavo: "Every issue has a twist leading to a cliff hanger. The dramatic conundrum keeps generating bloodshed. And there's always another issue...and another. Kinda like Lakewood. Killing never ends." - I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Gustavo: "You're talking about Jake Fitzgerald. Number Six. That's your boyfriend, right? I know all of you Lakewood Sixers." - Psycho
  • Brooke: "Could I get just one Stavo-free day? Do you have any of those?"
    Gustavo: "Yeah, the thing is, we're all out of that." - Vacancy
  • Gustavo: "Is this old dude bothering you?" - Vacancy
  • Gustavo: "I think we might of been dosed" - Happy Birthday to Me
  • Gustavo: "It's just a comic book! It's just a fantasy, not real life!" - Dawn of the Dead
  • Gustavo: "Stay the hell away from me, or I'll break something you love" - Dawn of the Dead
  • Gustavo: "I know what you are doing"
    Audrey: "What I'm doing?"
    Gustavo: "Being nice, complimenting me. But deep down, you still suspect me."
    Audrey: "If that's what you think I'm doing, why are you showing me your stuff?"
    Gustavo: "Because maybe I'm doing the same" - Jeepers Creepers
  • Gustavo: "Promise you'll take no prisoners, and kick ass as needed." - Jeepers Creepers
  • Gustavo: "If you think I'm the killer, prove it" - Village of the Damned


  • Gustavo's quick wit, suspicious demeanor and love of horror/horror comics make him similar to Mickey Altieri.
  • He marked his first appearance in the series in the second season premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer.
  • He is a student at George Washington High School.
  • He is the son of the new Sheriff, Miguel Acosta
  • He is romantically interested with Brooke, which is reciprocated briefly in Happy Birthday to Me.
  • He is shown to have an strong interest with the Lakewood Six, especially for Brooke Maddox.
  • Gustavo revealed to Brooke in Psycho that he ranks the members of the Lakewood Six.
    • He later mentioned that he ranked Brooke on fourth place, Noah on third and Jake on sixth.
  • He owns a bicycle, which he was shown riding in Psycho.
  • He has in his possession a fake Brandon James Mask, but its unknown how or why he has it.
  • He has four tattoos; a dagger on his right arm (shown in Happy Birthday to Me), a spine on his back (shown in Jeepers Creepers), a bird on his right triceps (shown in The Orphanage), and a skull on his left arm (shown in The Orphanage)
  • Let The Right One In is the first episode Gustavo does not appear in.
  • It was revealed in Happy Birthday to Me that Gustavo drew graphic images of the members of the Lakewood Six.
    • Gustavo later confessed that he was making a graphic horror novel with said drawings in Dawn of the Dead.
  • It was revealed in Village of the Damned that the reason Gustavo and his Dad, Miguel Acosta, moved to Lakewood is due to an unknown accident involving a gun that happened in Phoenix.
    • Miguel later confessed to Maggie in The Orphanage that his best friend, Kyle, got shot in the face while they were playing with his gun, killing him instantly. Instead of being frantic, Gustavo started drawing pictures of his dead body.
  • The Vanishing is the second episode Gustavo does not appear in.
  • It was revealed in Heavenly Creatures that he and Brooke Maddox spent a few days at a hotel.
    • In the same episode, he visited Noah at the hospital and sent him some of his drawings by email to encourage him to continue the podcast.
  • In When a Stranger Calls, he seems to receive a text from Brooke to meet up at the Zenith Theater.
    • When he arrives, it is revealed that Brooke did not send the message, with the sender presumably being Kieran Wilcox, who is revealed to be the killer.
  • Him and Noah Foster become best selling authors by their graphic horror novel based on the murders of Kieran Wilcox in the Halloween Specials.
  • My loosely be based on cartoonist John "Derf" Backderf, who was a high school friend of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer and made a graphic novel about their friendship called My Friend Dahmer in 2012 , which was eventually adapted into movie that Starred Ross Lynch as Dahmer and Alex Wolff as Derf.


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