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Gus Gold is a minor character who appears in Scream 2 (1997). At the beginning of the film, Sidney Prescott is given the starring role as Cassandra at Windsor College, picked by Gus, who is her drama teacher.

As she states, she is due to open for the Greek tragedy play in "two days" before the killings begin. Sidney wants to pull out, following the murders, but Gus gives her a sympathetic, motivational speech against it.


The Windsor College Murders[]

He spotted Sidney's great potential and cast her as Cassandra in the college's production of Agamemnon.

After the murders of Maureen Evans, Phil Stevens and Cici Cooper, Gus convinced Sidney to resume with the play, joking that he was desperate with no understudy. He helped Sidney realize that she is a fighter, and that she could handle whatever obstacles came her way.

During a rehearsal of the third act, Ghostface appeared to Sidney, and Gus immediately sensed something was wrong. He put a halt to the scene and checked on Sidney as she ran off the set.


About Gus[]

  • "You're good." (By Sidney, about his clever ways of convincing her to pull through to star as Cassandra).

By Gus[]

  • "There's no understudy, I'm desperate."
  • "She knew she was cursed."
  • "I don't believe you."


  • David Warner was personally chosen by Wes Craven for a cameo, because Craven had been impressed with Warner's acting ever since he saw him in The Omen.