Whatever, Bitch

Grayson Pfeiffer was a recurring character in the television series Scream. He is portrayed by Bryce Romero.


Season 1


In Mr. Bransons classroom, everyone receives a mass text message of the video of Emma losing her virginity to Will. Grayson, sitting behind Will, shows him the text. Will gets up and tells him to shut up, which he does.


Brooke is on her phone and Grayson, wearing a mask, sneaks up on her and scares him. When Grayson mimics her she takes his mask and leaves.

Later, Grayson runs out of the pool in need use the bathroom but runs into Audrey. Audrey tells him to use the pool bathroom instead in which Grayson reluctantly goes. When he does so however, the killer finds Grayson and kills him by slitting his throat offscreen. Sometime after, Ava is looking for Jake, asking several party guests, until she reaches the bathroom and discovers Grayson's corpse with his throat slit open. She screams and all the party guest leaves.



  • Much like Principal Himbry, Grayson was murdered so everyone would leave Brooke's party, much like Principal Himbry was the reason why everyone left Stu's party.
  • Grayson is the last victim to be killed by the Lakewood Slasher in Season 1.
  • Grayson is the only character that is not personally involved with the main characters to be killed.
  • In the Season 2 premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer, his full name was revealed in Noah's murder mystery board as Grayson Pfeiffer.
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