Mickey threatens Sidney with the Glock 17 in Scream 2.

The Glock 17 is an Austrian pistol chambered in 9mm that replaced the Beretta 92FS

Scream 2

The two cops each carried a second-generation Glock 17. When Mickey Altieri stole the car he took both guns and gave one to Mrs. Loomis, who used the weapon to kidnap Gale Weathers. The two later threatened Sidney with the weapons but Mrs. Loomis double-crossed Mickey by shooting him several times. Mrs. Loomis then wiped her fingerprints off Mickey's Glock and threw it away, before holding the other Glock on Sidney. Sidney escaped and she fired the gun many times at Sidney, missing. Sidney would later get a hold of the Glock after Cotton grabbed the other one and shot Mrs. Loomis in the throat with it, killing her. She gave Gale the other Glock, anticipating Mrs. Loomis to come back. However to their surprise it was Mickey who leaped up, only to be blown away by Gale and Sidney. Sidney then turned around and shot Mrs. Loomis in the head to be sure she was dead. 

Scream 4

The cops in Woodsboro are again armed with Glocks and Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker get ahold of two, using them to shoot Trevor. Sidney then kills Jill by shooting her in the heart later in the film. 


  • Derek Feldman
  • Mickey Altieri
  • Mrs. Loomis
  • Trevor Sheldon
  • Jill Roberts


  • Mrs. Loomis
  • Mickey Altieri
  • Andrew Richards
  • Richard Andrews
  • Gale Weathers
  • Jill Roberts
  • Cotton Weary
  • Dewey Riley
  • Judy Hicks
  • Sidney Prescott




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    Jill with the Glock.

    The Glock 17 is the only pistol to appear in more than one Scream movie. The Beretta 92FS was restricted to only Scream while the Smith & Wesson 5906 is used by Dewey in Scream 3.
  • The Glock 17 has a 17 round magazine capacity, as opposed to the Beretta's 15.
  • The Glock is seen the most in Scream 4, used by everyone in the Woodsboro police department.
  • The Glock is more of a generic pistol design than the Beretta. The Glock is also more square-shaped with more angles. It is also mostly made of plastics and is therefore relatively light for a gun. The Beretta is more curved and heavier with more metal parts. The Beretta also has an external safety and hammer, while the Glock has neither. The Glock is striker-fired and the safety mechanism is located on the trigger.