Ghostface will be the main antagonist of the television series Scream, following Season 3. The killer will be using a slightly updated version of the mask that was used by the killers in the Scream movies. It is completely different to the Brandon James Mask that was worn by the killers in the first and second seasons.


Season 3

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  • It will be the first time for the television series, to introduce the Ghostface killer with the updated mask since its last appearance in Scream 4, back in 2011.
    • The name, mask and the father death costume were abandoned during the first two seasons. This was originally thought to be due to licensing rights. However, that is considered to be false.
    • In an article from Hollywood Reporter, it was highlighted that there were preliminary discussions about incorporating the mask in the series. However, the show later discarded the idea of using the mask for "creative reasons". [1]
    • Sometime after the announcement of the reboot, MTV made a deal with Fun World, in order to license the rights for the mask in the third season of Scream.


  • Behind-the-scenes shot of Ghostface

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