Ghostface's Buck 120 knife, as seen in Scream 4.

Over the course of the franchise, Ghostface has killed most victims with a Buck 120. However, from time to time he/she would often use other items. Ghostfaces such as Billy Loomis, Stu Macher and Mrs. Loomis used guns to kill their victims after revealing themselves. Roman Bridger used gas to kill Tom Prinze. Ghostface also has crushed and/or impaled victims. In Scream 4, Ghostface uses a Buck 120.

Below, is a list of people Ghostface has used the weapons on, whether they survived or not. It also includes the people revealed to be Ghostface, as that so far that most have died.

Buck 120


Mickey as Ghostface with the Buck 120 knife.

Exclusive to the Stab films

Pistol (Beretta 92FS or Glock 17)




Thrown from balcony

  • Cici Cooper
  • Tyson Fox
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