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What's your favorite scary movie?

–Ghostface to Casey Becker, arguably the most iconic question referenced in the franchise.

Ghostface is the main antagonist of the Scream film series. His identity is voiced by Roger L. Jackson in all appearances.

Ghostface was named after a vinyl Halloween mask. It was sold as a Father Death costume in real-life. The mask was inspired by the Edvard Munch painting, The Scream.

Ghostface often called their victims on the phone, taunting or threatening them before stabbing them to death with an eight-inch hunting knife. They occasionally asked their victims horror movie trivia and stalked them in a manner reminiscent of said films.


Scream (1996 film)

Scary night isn't it? With all the murders and all it's like... right out of a horror movie or something

–Ghostface to Sidney Prescott


High school student Casey Becker received a series of phone calls from a flirting stranger while she prepared a movie night with her boyfriend, Steven Orth. She realized her caller could see her, and that he had already beaten and tied Steve to a lawn chair outside her home. The caller forced her to answer horror movie trivia, and then gutted Steve when she answered a question wrong. Casey made a run for her life, but Ghostface caught her. He gutted her and strung her up to a large tree for her parents to find.

The next day, with the town of Woodsboro, CA reeling from the double homicide, Ghostface called Sidney Prescott at her home. Ghostface taunted her before attacking. She told him off, but discovered her boyfriend, Billy Loomis, nearby. Billy was brought into custody, but Sidney received another call from the killer. He informed her that she "fingered the wrong man...again," implying that he was responsible for her mother's murder a year previously.

Woodsboro High school was temporarily shut down for the students' protection after Sidney was attacked by Ghostface in the school bathroom. With hardly anyone around, Principal Himbry was murdered in his office after school let out. He was later strung up to the flagpole as a diversion to get many students to leave Stu Macher's party, where Ghostface struck again.

Sidney's best friend, Tatum Riley, was murdered in the garage. Next, Ghostface seemingly murdered Billy Loomis in the upstairs. Ghostface stalked Sidney outside, where he slashed the throat of Kenny Brown. Ghostface stabbed Dewey Riley and continued chasing Sidney outside. Eventually Sidney made her way back inside the house, where she learned Ghostface was really Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. With the help of Gale Weathers, she saved her father and killed both Billy and Stu.

Scream 2

Hello, Sidney. Remember me ?

–Ghostface to Sidney Prescott

A side portrait of Ghostface.

Ghostface struck at a premiere showing of Stab (1998), the slasher movie based on the Woodsboro Murders. He stalked Windsor College students Phil Stevens and Maureen Evans outside the theater before murdering Phil in the restroom. He put on Phil's leather jacket and joined Maureen inside the theater, posing as her boyfriend. Ghostface stabbed Maureen to death in plain sight of the entire audience.

The next night, Ghostface called Cici Cooper at her sorority house. He taunted Cici before chasing her upstairs and throwing her off the roof to her death. This drew the attention of police and local partiers, leaving Sidney alone. Ghostface called and attacked her, but Derek Feldman interfered; Ghostface escaped after slicing his arm.

The next day, Ghostface scared Sidney at her play rehearsal before calling Randy, Dewey, and Gale in the campus center. Randy stalled the killer on the phone while Dewey and Gale tried to track him down, but Ghostface pulled Randy into Gale's news van and murdered him.

Shortly thereafter, Sidney received an instant message from Ghostface at the school library stating: "You're going to die tonight."

That night, Ghostface surprised Gale and Dewey in Windsor's film department with footage of the first three victims. The two ran, but Ghostface chased them down and stabbed Dewey viciously. Simultaneously, a second Ghostface killed Sidney's police escorts while stopped at a red light on the way to a safe house. He tried to kidnap Sidney and Hallie, who were trapped in the backseat, but he lost control of the car when Officer Richards died stopping him. Ghostface was knocked unconscious in the crash, which allowed Sidney and Hallie to escape. He came to and murdered Hallie, then chased Sidney to the theater.

Inside the theater, Ghostface revealed himself to be Mickey, and then shot Derek. "Debbie Salt" brought Gale in at gunpoint, and Sidney recognized her as Billy's mother, Nancy Loomis. Sidney made use of the theater's set and she and Gale killed Mickey and Mrs. Loomis with the help of Cotton Weary.

Scream 3

Oh, it's hard being friends with you, Sidney. When you're friends with Sidney, you die. Well, these friends don't have to, Sidney. It's up to you.

–Ghostface to Sidney Prescott

Scream-0017 510

A woman claiming to be from the Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro production called the Woodsboro Police Department looking for information on Sidney. They refused to give her any and a month later there was a mysterious break-in. This would prove to be the work of Roman Bridger with his multi-voice changer. He didn't get Sidney's file because Dewey removed it to keep her safe.

Ghostface next tried to get Sidney's whereabouts from Cotton Weary. Ghostface called Cotton and threatened to kill his girlfriend, Christine Hamilton, if he didn't talk. Cotton refused, so Ghostface attacked Christine. He used his multi-voice changer to impersonate Cotton to confuse her. When the real Cotton showed up to protect Christine, she beat him over the head with a golf club. With her back turned, Ghostface stabbed her to death. Cotton tried fighting Ghostface off, but the killer stabbed him to death as well. Ghostface left a mysterious photograph of a young Maureen Prescott at the murder site.

Sidney dreamed that her dead mother came to her from outside. Maureen turned into Ghostface as Sidney approached the window. This startled her into waking up.

Actress Sarah Darling was soon lured to the empty Stab 3 production offices for a rehearsal with Roman Bridger. Ghostface appeared and chased her through the offices until he finally knocked her through a glass window and stabbed her in the back. He left another photo of Maureen with Sarah's body.

Ghostface called Sidney at her secret home using Maureen's voice at first. He switched to the sinister baritone and threatened her life.

That night at an informal wrap party at Jennifer Jolie's house, Ghostface struck again. He called Jennifer's bodyguard, Steven Stone, as Dewey, and then stabbed him to death. When the others found Stone's body, Ghostface cut the lights. He faxed fake script pages, tricking Tom Prinze into using a lighter to read. It ignited the gas Ghostface filled in the house and blew Tom up. Ghostface attacked Gale outside, but Dewey shot him. The killer fled but left behind a third picture of Maureen Prescott. This photo included the message: I killed her.

Sidney came to Hollywood the next day to join Dewey and Gale since her location was compromised. Ghostface attacked her on the Stab 3 set and used a body bag to remind Sidney of Maureen. Sidney fought him off and the killer escaped.

That night, Ghostface crashed Roman Bridger's birthday party at John Milton's mansion. He seemingly killed Roman, and stabbed Angelina Tyler to death. He fought the others, murdering Tyson Fox and then Jennifer Jolie before subduing Gale and Dewey. He called Sidney and told her he'd kill Dewey and Gale if she didn't come to Milton's mansion. Sidney arrived at the mansion, and the killer made her pass a metal detector over her body, then discard her gun. He confronted her with the bound John Milton and revealed he was Roman Bridger, still alive, and confessed he was her half-brother. Roman filled her in on the missing pieces of Maureen's life and murdered Milton. He and Sidney fought to the death, and Sidney prevailed with the help of Dewey and Gale and Mark Kincaid.

Scream 4

Spare me the lecture! You've done very well by all this blood shed, haven't you? How about the town you left behind?

–Ghostface to Sidney Prescott

Scream 4 Ready Ghostface

On the eve of the 15th anniversary of The Woodsboro Murders, Ghostface breaks into the home of Jenny Randall where she is having a sleepover with her friend Marnie Cooper. Ghostface interrupted Marnie as she was being pranked with a fake Ghostface phone call by Jenny and he killed her outside the house. Jenny came downstairs to find Marnie and finds a phone on the floor which starts ringing. When she answers it's the real Ghostface on the other line who threatens her and then throws Marnie's body through the window of the house. Ghostface chases Jenny through the house and into the garage where he crushes her back with the garage door and then stabs her to death.

The next day, Ghostface hid evidence of Jenny and Marnie's murders in the trunk of Sidney's rental car which the police find after following a trail from Jenny's house. That night whilst Jill Roberts, cousin of Sidney, and her best friend Kirby Reed are watching a movie together, Ghostface calls Jill from her ex-boyfriend's phone, which Kirby answers, and alludes to the fact that he knows Jill and Kirby are watching a movie and that he is hiding in the closet. When Kirby finds the closet empty Ghostface reminds them that he never said Jill's closet and the pair realize he is talking about the closet of neighbor Olivia Morris, a friend of Jill and Kirby's. Ghostface bursts out of Olivia's closet and guts her to death. Kirby and Jill's screams attract the attention of Sidney who runs next door and finds Olivia's dead body. Ghostface calls her on Olivia's phone and threatens that he'll be coming for her when he's ready and that he'll make her suffer until then. Ghostface then barges out of a closet behind her but Sidney fights him off and throws him down the stairs, but he is able to escape before the police can catch him.

Whilst at the hospital treating Jill's wounds, Sidney fires her publicist, Rebecca Walters, who is followed into the parking garage by Ghostface. Rebecca tries to flee in her car, but Ghostface had already cut wires from her engine. He chases her through the parking lot but as she tries to get back into the hospital the handle breaks off and he catches her, stabbing her in the gut and then throwing her off the roof of the parking garage into a crowd of reporters witnessing a press conference by Dewey. The next night at Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer's annual Stab-A-Thon, Ghostface disables cameras set up by Gale to catch the killer and when she goes back to fix them, he emerges from behind and stabs her before fleeing into a crowd of other attendees dressed as Ghostface. At the Roberts house, Ghostface kills Deputy Hoss and Deputy Perkins in their police car. After discovering Jill has escaped to Kirby's house, Sidney and Kate Roberts try to go after her but Ghostface attacks and kills Kate before Sidney flees.

At an afterparty at Kirby's House, Ghostface stalks the remaining teenagers. He follows Robbie outside who is live vlogging to his audience and kills him. Sidney arrives to get Jill away but when they try to leave, Ghostface attacks them and Kirby. Ghostface chases Jill and Sidney upstairs, and Sidney helps Jill hide whilst she climbs out onto the roof where Ghostface chases her and then throws her off. Sidney runs back inside, and Kirby takes her down to a room in the basement to hide but Charlie finds them and begs to be let inside. Kirby, not trusting Charlie, doesn't unlock the door and Ghostface emerges behind him and ties him to a chair, similar to Steven Orth in 1996. Ghostface calls Kirby and Sidney on Charlie's phone, and whilst Sidney goes upstairs to find Jill, he plays a trivia game with Kirby which she wins. When she goes outside to free Charlie, he pulls out a knife he had hidden and stabs Kirby, leaving her for dead.

Sidney comes back downstairs and as she calls out for Kirby, suddenly Charlie grabs her from behind and holds a knife to her throat. She escapes his grasp, and she runs to the front door into the path of Ghostface's knife. He takes off his mask to reveal Jill underneath. Jill and Charlie take Sidney into the kitchen and reveal that they played the role of Ghostface together, fooling everyone around them to think it was anyone but them. Jill's motives were to earn fame and fortune by being a final survivor of the Ghostface killing spree, obviously affected by growing up in the shadow of her famous cousin. Charlie's motives were to recreate the Stab movies and to win the heart of Jill. They planned on framing Jill's ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon, as the killer but as they prepared to stab each other like Billy and Stu did 15 years ago, Jill stabs Charlie in the heart and stomach to kill him and frame him as an accomplice of Trevor's.

Jill reveals that it was her plan all along to frame Charlie and that the media would prefer a sole survivor like Sidney was after Randy died. She then stabs Sidney. Believing her to be dead, she further pursues her goals by self-inflicting pain to make it appear as if she was attacked by Ghostface, but lived and defeated him. As the police arrive, Jill falls down next to Sidney's unconscious body and pretended to be unconscious too. Jill is taken to the hospital and as she imagines, she gets her 15 minutes of fame. She discovers Sidney is still alive and slips up by revealing she knows where Gale was stabbed. As Dewey realizes this, he runs up to Sidney's room where Jill is attempting to finally kill her. With help from Dewey, Gale and Judy Hicks, Sidney is able to electrocute and then shoot Jill to death.

Scream (2022 film)

She's not the only one I'm gonna hurt, I had to get you to come back here somehow, didn't I?

–Ghostface to Samantha Carpenter

Ghostface attacks Tara Carpenter

Ghostface calls Tara Carpenter whilst she's home alone, claiming to be a man named "Charlie" who knows her mother from "group". Tara believes this man could be her mother's boyfriend and so she goes along with the conversation, keeping her friend Amber Freeman informed the whole time. Charlie quizzes Tara about her love for horror movies and asks if she wants to play a Stab trivia game, which Tara is forced to play when the caller reveals he'll kill Amber if she doesn't. Tara plays along and mixes up a question about the original Stab movie and when she tries to run and save Amber, Ghostface appears at her door and stabs her. Ghostface breaks into the house and stabs Tara seven times and breaks her leg before being interrupted by the police.

Ghostface kills Vince

The next day, Ghostface kills Vince Schneider outside a bar after he threatens Liv McKenzie, it is then revealed that Vince was related to Stu Macher. At the hospital, Ghostface calls Samantha Carpenter and reveals that he knows she is the daughter of Billy Loomis and will expose that secret. Ghostface then appears from behind the door and attacks Sam, who escapes. It is later predicted by Mindy Meeks-Martin that Ghostface is trying to create a re-quel to Stab 8 to appease the "toxic" fandom.

Ghostface kills Dewey Riley

Yes, today! A triumph over an old and bitter enemy.

The next day, Ghostface attacks and kills Judy and Wes Hicks and then attacks Tara at the hospital where he kills Deputy Clay and eventually Dewey Riley, who attempts to kill Ghostface by shooting him in the head. Sam, Tara and Richie Kirsch are lured to Amber's house at 261 Turner Lane to get Tara's spare inhaler and Ghostface attacks Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin leaving them both for dead. After an argument breaks out between Liv, Sam and Amber, Amber pulls a gun and kills Liv, revealing herself as a killer.

Ghostface unmasked

Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers arrive to the house and immediately know Amber is lying, so Amber shoots Gale and lures them inside. Sidney and Ghostface, who is Amber underneath, get into a fight and Richie appears to come to their rescue, only to reveal himself as the second killer. A fight breaks out between the group with Sidney, Gale and Tara killing Amber by setting her alight with hand sanitizer and then shooting her through the head, and Richie getting stabbed repeatedly by Sam before she slits his throat open, bringing the new killings to an end.

Scream VI

Who gives a fuck about movies?!

–Ghostface to Jason Carvey

S6 0046

University professor, Laura Crane, matches with a man on Flirtr who asks her out on a date. Whilst waiting for him, she gets a call from him, and he claims he is a lost but is coming down an alley near the restaurant. As she gets closer, he begins to get panicked and says someone with a knife is following him. Laura runs down the alley and the voice on the phone changes to the Killer's voice and he taunts Laura before jumping out of the alley and killing her. Ghostface takes off his mask to reveal Jason Carvey underneath. He returns to his apartment and puts the used mask in his Ghostface shrine.

S6 0084

He then gets a call from his roommate Greg, and they discuss their plan to finish making Richie's film, however Jason realizes the voice on the other end isn't Greg but is actually Ghostface who leads him to Greg's body in the refrigerator. The real Ghostface appears behind him, and stabs him to death, leaving behind Richie's old mask.

S6 0210

Later that night, Sam and Tara are called down to the police station by NYPD Detective Wayne Bailey and along the way, Sam is called from Richie's old phone number. Sam answers and the killer on the other end taunts the sisters before ambushing them from an alley. The sisters evade Ghostface and run into a Bodega where Ghostface follows them in and kills two customers and then the Bodega owner using his own shotgun. He stalks the sisters through the bodega, and they are able to run outside when the police arrive, but the killer escapes through the backdoor and leaves behind the mask belonging to Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker. The next morning, he kills Sam's ex-therapist Christopher Stone by breaking through his front door glass and stabbing him in the eye. He steals Sam's therapy file and leaves behind the mask belonging to Roman.

S6 0379

That night, he seemingly murders Quinn Bailey and her latest gentleman caller, and whilst Sam, Mindy and Anika Kayoko try to escape by climbing across a ladder between their apartment and Danny Brackett's, he flips the ladder, causing Anika to fall to her death. The next day, Wayne comes up with a plan to bait Ghostface by having Sam and Tara wander around in a park and hopefully trigger a phone call from him that they can trace. The plan is successful, and they track the call down to Gale's Upper East Side penthouse. In the penthouse, Gale gets her first phone call from Ghostface who murders her new boyfriend, Brooks, whilst he is distracted. Ghostface then attacks Gale, and she shoots him before getting another call from him.

S6 0635

As she searches the penthouse for him, she hangs up and re-dials his number, exposing his hiding spot. She fires multiple rounds through the door, but Ghostface breaks through the door and stabs her multiple times and leaves her for dead when he's interrupted by Sam and Tara's arrival. Presumably here he left behind (or wore) Mickey Altieri's mask.

S6 0722

That night, Tara comes up with a plan to trap and execute Ghostface and they decide to use the theatre to do this. Wayne agrees to the plan and tells them to travel in public. Along the way they get separated in the subway station, forcing Mindy and Ethan Landry to travel on a separate subway. On the subway, Mindy is backed into a secluded corner of the subway car and Ghostface emerges, disguised as a commuter and as the subway passes in and out of light, he covers her mouth and stabs her in the gut before disembarking at the next stop. Ethan notices Mindy's injuries and seeks medical attention for her.

S6 0809

At the theatre, Kirby is wandering around (off-screen) and is ambushed by two Ghostface killers. One of those killers then attacks Tara, Sam and Chad and when Chad tries to hold the killer back to allow Sam and Tara to escape, the second Ghostface emerges, and they take turns stabbing Chad over and leaving him for dead. The two killers wipe the blood off their knives in sync and follow the sisters into the theatre where they prepare to fight. At that same time, Kirby regains consciousness and returns to the theatre hall however Sam and Tara are distrusting of her as Wayne told them that she was expelled from the FBI for mental health reasons. At that same time, Wayne arrives and shoots Kirby, revealing himself as one of the killers.

S6 0860

The two masked Ghostface's emerge behind him, wearing Nancy Loomis' and Stu Macher's masks and unmask themselves to reveal Ethan and Quinn, respectively. They reveal that they are all the family of Richie, Wayne being his father and Quinn and Ethan being his brother, and they all want revenge for Sam killing him, which included them fueling a rumor that Sam was the real killer. The sisters evade the three killers and after fighting throughout the theatre are able to kill Quinn and Ethan. Sam falls over the railing with Wayne and Wayne is knocked out. When he comes to, Sam calls him using the Ghostface voice and then stabs him to death using Billy Loomis' mask, robe and knife. Ethan tries one last time to kill anyone, but Kirby crushes his skull using the same TV that killed Stu, bringing an end to the New York Ghostface murders.

Identities and Motives

Scream (1996 film)

Billy Loomis

"We all go a little mad sometimes..." -Billy Loomis

  • Billy Loomis: Maureen Prescott had an affair with Hank Loomis, which prompted Hank and Billy's mother to divorce. Billy killed her out of anger. A year later, Billy and Stu started a murder spree in Woodsboro, planning on copying their favorite movies and becoming heroes when they survived. Their plan was to frame Maureen's husband, Neil Prescott, and culminate in killing Sidney. It was then revealed two movies later, that Roman mentored Billy to kill Maureen and eventually kill Sidney since Roman made it sound like Maureen was the cause of Billy's parent's divorce.
Stu Macher

"Surprise, Sidney!" -Stu Macher

  • Stu Macher: Stu was a horror movie fanatic who followed his best friend, Billy Loomis, around. Submitting to peer pressure from Billy (and possibly being in some sort of secret relationship), Stu helped murder Maureen Prescott. A year later, they committed a murder spree in their hometown, planning on recreating their beloved horror movies and becoming heroes for surviving the bloodbath. Their first targets were Stu's ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (Casey Becker and Steve Orth). They also killed Stu's current girlfriend, Tatum. They eventually went on to kill multiple people however, he came to his death when he chased Sidney and bit his hand, which gave her time to drop a TV over his head, electrocuting and killing him almost instantly.

Scream 2

Mickey Altieri

"Surprise, Sidney!" -Mickey Altieri

  • Mickey Altieri: A psychopathic film geek, Mickey wanted to create a sequel and be the star of a trial-of-the-century type media circus. Mrs. Loomis found him online on a murdering kind of website and paid for his tuition at Windsor College, where he worked himself into Sidney's close circle of friends to make it look like he wasn't the Killer when the murders first started, however, Mickey actually planned on not getting away with the murder spree, wishing to be the center of the following media circus and debate on movie-making ethics. It's possible he wanted revenge for something, as that most of the Ghostface killers have another motive, however it was never revealed.
Nancy Loomis

"It's called a makeover. You should try it. Looking a little tired yourself there, Gale." -Nancy Loomis

  • Nancy Loomis: Billy's mother orchestrated the Windsor College murder spree out of vengeance for Billy's death. She also channeled her hatred for Maureen Prescott, who slept with her husband, onto Sidney. Mrs. Loomis found Mickey Altieri online and paid for his college tuition, giving him her motherly help and guidance. Secretly, she set Mickey up to take the fall for the entire copycat killing spree, planning on murdering him after she achieved her revenge. Even if anyone suspected there was a second killer, the persona she created of "Debbie Salt" couldn't be traced back to her. Sidney originally thought Gale was the killer, when Mickey told the second killer to reveal herself however, she used Gale as a hostage and Sidney noticed it was Billy's mother.

Scream 3

Roman Bridger

"Roman Bridger: director, and brother." -Roman Bridger

  • Roman Bridger: A director, Roman tracked down his birth mother (Maureen Prescott), who shunned him and told him that she already had a family. Roman, the offspring of a vicious rape, was not wanted. Roman mentored Billy Loomis to kill Maureen and was enraged by the fame gushed upon his half-sister, Sidney Prescott. He planned on framing Sidney for a murder spree and walking away as the new hero. However, he came face to face with his sister and exposed himself to her. Saying that Maureen didn't want him, and she had a whole new life, with another child.

Scream 4

Charlie Walker

"Kirby? This is making a move..." -Charlie Walker

  • Charlie Walker: A film fanatic, he aspired to win the heart of Jill Roberts and saw them as a remake version of Randy Meeks and Sidney Prescott. Jill strung him along, and together they planned a new murder spree in Woodsboro. This would work to continue the stagnant Stab series, as well as propel Charlie and Jill into the limelight for surviving Ghostface's attacks. In the end, Jill betrayed him and stabbed him to death, stating that it would work best for her if she was the sole survivor.
Jill Roberts

"Hello, Sidney! Surprised?" -Jill Roberts

  • Jill Roberts: Jill grew up in the shadow of her famous cousin Sidney Prescott. She felt like her mother loved Sidney better, which translated itself into an irrational jealousy toward Sidney's attention and sought to take it for herself. Not wanting to work hard or get a job, Jill planned a murder spree in Woodsboro to achieve this. She partnered with her friend, Charlie Walker, who was in love with her. Jill betrayed Charlie, stabbing him to death, and set-up her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon, to look like the second Ghostface killer. She then horribly injured herself to maximize sympathy for her as the new hero. However, Dewey and Gale, find out that Jill was the real killer and not Trevor. They go to Sidney's room and find Jill trying to kill her, but they got there in time to pull her off. In the final showdown, Gale is able to distract the psychotic teenager long enough to give Sidney enough time to recover from Jill's attack and be able to electrocute her. Jill recovers and picks up a shard of glass planning to stab Sidney with it, but she is shot by in the chest by Sidney who knows the killer always comes back for one last scare.

Scream (2022 film)

  • Amber Freeman

    "Welcome to act three." -Amber Freeman

    Amber Freeman: Amber was a fan of the Stab movies ever since her parents bought Stu Macher's old house. After being appalled by the events of Stab 8, she connected with other fans on a Stab subreddit, one of those fans being Richie Kirsch. The pair devised a plan to create their own "requel" to Stab and Amber revealed information about her girlfriend's sister, Samantha Carpenter, that she is the daughter of Billy Loomis, that they could use as the basis for their movie, as well as framing her as the Killer. They went along with their plan, eventually unmasking themselves and Amber is killed after being set on fire and then shot in the head.
  • Richie Kirsch

    "Oh, thank god, you're still alive... Because I really wanted to be the one to kill you." -Richie Kirsch

    Richie Kirsch: Richie was a fellow Stab fan and another one who was appalled by Stab 8. After meeting Amber Freeman on a Stab subreddit, they devised a plan to create their own "requel" and they were going to use Samantha Carpenter as their Killer and Tara Carpenter and her friends as the basis for their movie. Richie tracked down and got close to Samantha, eventually gaining her trust and starting a relationship with her. When Tara gets attacked, he returns to Woodsboro with her and after a few more murders, Richie unmasks himself and is ultimately killed by Sam after underestimating her.

Scream VI

Jason Carvey

"The worst part is... you teach a class about slashers, and you still walked into a dark alley. Alone." -Jason Carvey

  • Jason Carvey: Jason planned to instigate a own killing spree with his friend Greg to finish off Richie's movie, a killer he idolized. Acting alone, Jason donned the mask to kill his professor, Laura Crane by luring her in through a dating app. He had a hidden Ghostface shrine in their dorm room. It is likely this wasn't the first time Jason killed as he made a comparison to having blue balls over killing, it is unknown if Greg had killed anyone before this. Jason is the first Ghostface killer to be killed by another Ghostface killer in a massacre.
Wayne Bailey

"Good work. Both of you." -Wayne Bailey

  • Wayne Bailey: Wayne was a police detective and the father of Richie Kirsch. He indulged Richie's love of the Stab movies and helped him build a shrine in an abandoned theatre in New York City. After discovering the truth behind Richie's murder in Gale's new book, Wayne sought revenge against Samantha Carpenter for killing him and joined forces with his son and daughter to carry out his plan. He was killed after being stabbed over forty times and once in the eye by Sam.
Ethan Landry

"Ta-ra! Mindy was right. It was easy to juke the 'roommate lottery. All I had to do to meet you is room with a conceited, condescending Alpha, literally named Chad!'" -Ethan Landry

  • Ethan Landry: Ethan was the brother of Richie Kirsch and son of Wayne Bailey. After discovering the truth of Richie's murder, Ethan sought revenge against Samanatha Carpenter for killing him and agreed to his father's plan. Ethan enrolled at Blackmore University and manipulated the housing arrangements to be roommates with Chad to get close to him and the rest of the Woodsboro survivors. He met his death after having his skull crushed by Kirby Reed with the same TV that killed Stu.
Quinn Bailey

"Hey roomies. You didn't see that one coming, did you?" -Quinn Bailey

  • Quinn Bailey: Quinn was the sister of Richie Kirsch and daughter of Wayne Bailey. After discovering the truth of Richie's murder, Quinn sought revenge against Samanatha Carpenter for killing him and agreed to her father's plan. Quinn enrolled at Blackmore University and answered a roommate listing by Sam and Tara in order to get close to them and the rest of the Woodsboro survivors. She met her death after being shot in the head by Sam.


"No, you listen you little bitch! Hang up on me and I'll gut you like a fish, understand? Can you handle that... Blondie?" — To Casey Becker in Scream (1996)

"You should never say 'who’s there?' Don’t you watch scary movies? It’s a death wish. You might as well come out to investigate a strange noise or something'' — Still to Casey Becker

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

"I guess you've fingered the wrong guy... AGAIN!" — To Sidney Prescott for accusing Billy Loomis

"SURPRISE, SIDNEY!" - To Sidney after the reveal in Scream (1996)

"You wish it was Ted! Don't forget to set the alarm!" — To Cici Cooper in Scream 2.

"Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?" — To Randy Meeks shortly before his death.

"It was a simple game, Cotton. You should have told me where Sidney was. Now, YOU LOSE!" — Scream 3.

"...And it's called, Sarah gets skewered like a fuckin' PIG!" — To Sarah Darling in Scream 3.

"Think of me as your director, you’re in my movie, you've got a fun part so don't blow it". — To Jenny Randall in Scream 4.

"This isn't a comedy, it's a horror film. People live, people die, and you'd better start running." Scream 4.

"...Same one Marnie's in, only her part got cut WAY back, but you... you're the DUMB BLONDE WITH THE BIG TITS! We'll have some fun with you before you die" Scream 4.

"I'm gonna slit your eyelids in half so you don't blink when I stab you in the face" — To Sidney Prescott in Scream 4.

"NONE OF THE ABOVE!" — To Kirby missing a trivia question Scream 4.

"YOU HANG UP ON ME I'LL CUT THROUGH YOUR NECK TILL I FEEL BONE!" — To Sherrie in Stab 6 within Stab 7.

"Would you like to play a game, Tara?'' — To Tara Carpenter in Scream (2022).

"Really? You can’t save your own sister? All you have to do is say, “Kill Richie”! Or say, “Kill Tara'', and I’ll make sure to hit all the organs I missed last time!'' — To Sam Carpenter in Scream (2022).

"Now I see something red" — Jason Carvey to Laura Crane in Scream VI.

"Who gives a fuck about movies?" — Wayne Bailey to Jason Carvey in Scream VI.

"Maybe you did hit me. Maybe I'm wounded. Or maybe I'm wearing a bulletproof vest" — Quinn Bailey to Gale Weathers in Scream VI.

Behind the Mask

There is much debate and speculation about which killer is Ghostface during the series. Some instances are obvious while others can be argued endlessly. It is believed Kevin Williamson revealed who he intended to wear the costume in comments made through the years concerning the first Scream. If any can be verified, please link to source.


The Different Ghostface Masks used in all 4 Scream movies.

Scream (1996 film)

Maureen Prescott's murder: Billy and Stu committed the murder, as referenced in their dialogue. But it is unknown whether or not they wore the Ghostface costume. In the Stab 3 flashback set, Maureen's body is seen with a phone, suggesting she may have been called by them first (she may also have been attempting to call for help)

Casey's phone calls: Billy. From Casey's kill (stabbed one handed), one can work backwards to tell it was Billy on the phone with Casey from the front entrance of the house as Ghostface was able to hear her ask "who's there?" after playing mind games on her by ringing the doorbell (then chastising her for it)

Casey and Steve's murders: Stu killed Steve, Billy Killed Casey. Going from the above, Stu would be placed at the patio entrance with Steve. He then breaks in through the back and runs to the front to open the door for Billy. The Ghostface that killed Casey stabbed her with one hand. This is Billy's M.O. whilst Stu's is to use two hands on the knife for his killing blows. Working backwards from this, one could tell Billy switched off with Stu (who found her first) after Casey knocked Stu off with the phone

Sidney's first phone call: Billy. He is seen with a phone and appears at the bedroom window too soon after Sidney locks herself in her bedroom

Sidney's house attack: Stu. For Billy to be Ghostface here he would have to have run downstairs, go outside to run around the perimeter of the house, ditch the Ghostface costume and climb into Sidney's second story window in a matter of seconds

Call at the Riley house: Stu. He called to 'prove' Billy was innocent since he was locked up at the time

Sidney's bathroom attack: It was a prankster, because Ghostface didn't have a knife.

Principal Himbry's murder: Billy. His whereabouts were unknown at the time while Stu was seen with Sidney and Tatum outside the school. Though he left somewhere unknown, he was most likely setting up the party still. Even with this, we see Ghostface playing mind games with Himbry, which is also Billy's M.O. of the two (as he did so with Casey before then Tatum and Sidney after).

Stalking Sidney and Tatum: It was most likely Billy, or possibly another prankster; either of the killers making these moves would be risky. If it was one of the killers, it would most likely be Billy since the mind games were more his M.O.

Tatum's murder: Billy. Stu was still hosting the party and may have been noticed excusing himself to the garage right after sending Tatum there for more beer. Billy also plays more mind games with the faux-acting and 'wanting to play psycho killer'.

Billy's 'murder': Stu, as Billy is playing victim.

Sidney's chase: Stu still, after 'killing' Billy.

Randy's near murder: Stu. Billy would most likely still be upstairs, and we can also see Ghostface holding the knife with two hands, which is Stu's M.O.

Kenny's murder: Stu still, after nearly killing Randy.

Dewey's and Sidney's attack: Billy. As Stu would still be outside somewhere (probably checking on Gale at this point), Billy would hear Dewey poking around and assume the Ghostface role to stop him.

Sidney's car attack: Billy. He chases Sidney to the car and then plays his mind games on her upon revealing that he has the keys to it after she tried to start it up.

Randy's shooting: Billy, we witness this.

Neil Prescott's abduction: Both, as he was their target to frame for the murders. After leaving Casey's, they likely both went to Sidney's (though we only see Billy) to get Neil since he's seen in the same outfit during the closing act.

Gale's attack: Billy

Billy's closet attack: Sidney

Stu's murder: Sidney

Randy and Sidney's attacks: Billy

Billy's murder: Sidney

Scream 2

Phil's and Maureen's murders: Nancy kills Phil and gives Mickey his jacket to trick Maureen into thinking he's her boyfriend. She touches him and isn't suspicious, pointing at Mickey being Ghostface here. His body is similar enough to Phil's to fool her, while Nancy would be obvious. Nancy likely kills Phil as you can hear a women's voice can be heard in the other stall. The most likely scenario is that - to save time Nancy probably hid Phil's body while Mickey put on Phil's clothing.

Sidney's prank call: Cory Gillis

CiCi's phone calls: Mickey. He would be the one to most likely know both that CiCi is at their sorority house as well as her situation with her boyfriend, Ted. He was also at the mixer across the street, meaning he most likely isn't the Ghostface we see sneak into the house without a phone in hand whilst the killer is on the phone with CiCi and her sorority sister

CiCi's murder: Mrs. Loomis. As Mickey was at the mixer and most likely on the phone with CiCi, this places Mrs. Loomis as the Ghostface that sneaks in and eventually kills CiCi.

Sidney's phone call: Mrs. Loomis. She hurriedly rushed off after CiCi's murder (she had a 'deadline') to coordinate the attack on Sidney as the news of CiCi's murder would reach the mixer which was right across the street.

Sidney's Greek house attack: Nancy, because she told Gale she had a deadline after the scene where Cici was murdered. Nancy also wanted revenge on Sidney and Gale for killing her son, Billy. The killer was eager to attack Sidney during the attack, making the killer being Nancy.

Derek's injury: Nancy, still.

Sidney's theater scare: Mickey. There's much better chance of him having knowledge of the play and its rehearsal schedule as well as even the movements in it to blend in. Also, him swapping with Derek probably gave him greater freedom since he would not have to reappear as himself to pick her up

Randy's (Gale's) phone call: Mrs. Loomis. She hid in Gale's van and called Gale's phone at a time when Gale was seen using it. She also seems to have almost as great an interest in Gale as she does Sidney for her role in Billy's death. Randy just-so-happened to pick it up before Gale could

Randy's murder: Mrs. Loomis. She admits to this during the closing act.

Sidney's IM: Mickey. He would have access to the campus computers as well as the library.

Gale and Dewey's attack: Both. Mickey was the one in the projector room and would know how to operate it and then left to catch up to Sidney and Hallie. This would place Mrs. Loomis as the Ghostface that pops up behind Gale and takes over the attack. Also, with the physical strength that Mickey's Ghostface displays during the movie, it makes more sense that Mrs. Loomis' Ghostface was unable to get into the room Gale barricaded herself in (either by pushing past the shelf Gale used or by breaking the glass pane to the room)

Andrews', Richards', and Hallie's murders: Mickey. Having left the projector room, Mickey goes for Sidney and Hallie before they're out of reach and is able to physically overpower the second detective using the great physical strength we see him use throughout the film. Also, he has a nasty gash on his forehead once he removed his mask later on which he most likely gained from the car crash

Derek's murder: Mickey

Mickey's shooting: Nancy.

Gale's shooting: Mickey

Nancy's murder: Cotton (possibly Sidney, just in case)

Mickey's murder: Sidney and Gale

Scream 3

All Phone Calls: Roman is revealed to be sole killer.

All Attacks: Roman is revealed to be sole killer.

All Murders: Roman is revealed to be sole killer.

Roman's Death: Dewey

Scream 4

Marnie's murder: Both killers were present. Charlie was the one, who killed Marnie, because his M.O was stabbing his victim multiple times as Jill stabbed once.

Jenny's phone call: After Charlie killed Marnie, Jill started talking on the phone with Jenny. Then either Charlie or both of them threw Marnie’s body through the window.

Jenny's and Marnie's murders: Jill chased Jenny and killed her by crushing her back with a garage door and then stabbing her while Charlie went to the garage door from outside the house and filmed Jenny's murder. The reason for Jill killing Jenny was because she was the girl Trevor cheated on Jill with. Jill also wanted everything to do with the first kills since they were meant as a signal to everyone that Ghostface is back. However, it is heavily speculated that Charlie is Jenny's killer, as he tells Sidney after revealing himself that he has great footage of her murder, though that doesn't exactly mean that he had to her killer, he could just follow Jill chasing Jenny, and record the kill.

Olivia and Jill's phone calls: Charlie, because Jill cannot call herself.

Sidney's car boot: Most evidence points towards Charlie. As Jill was with Kirby and Olivia since she left her house, the same day Sidney and Rebecca arrived at Woodsboro, while Charlie's whereabouts are not established until the beginning of school. It is more likely that Charlie planted the blood, Out of the Darkness novels and Ghostface merchandise in Sidney's car boot while no-one was around because Jill would probably still be with Kirby and Olivia at the time.

Jill and Kirby's call: Charlie, because Jill cannot call herself #2.

Olivia's murder: Logically, Charlie kills her while Jill is next door with Kirby. Charlie also states during the climax of the film that he has great footage of his Olivia kill. Kirby's caller from Trevor's phone is also obviously Charlie as Jill is with Kirby when she receives the phone call, and maybe also to distract Olivia from the sound of Charlie talking inside her closet. Jill's prank call to Olivia before Kirby's call was probably a signal to Charlie to begin his phone call to Kirby. However, an error occurs, in that the police were in the car when Olivia arrived home, but sometime after went after a "suspicious figure." Charlie would have to have been in the closet before Olivia got home. The only solution here is that the "suspicious figure," was not Ghostface, but rather a random, unknown person or a figment of the officers' imagination.

Sidney's first phone call: Jill was on her way to Olivia's house. If she had called, someone would have heard and noticed her. Besides, Charlie might have hidden in a good place to call Sidney.

Jill and Sidney's attack: Jill is playing victim, while Charlie is attacking in the costume.

Rebecca's murder: This one is debatable. Some would think that this was Jill because Charlie is seen with Robbie at the press conference when Rebecca is thrown onto the news van from several stories above. Jill was probably also the one who made the calls to Rebecca as Charlie was probably with Robbie at that time. Jill is also the one who sabotaged Rebecca's car so she couldn't start it because Ghostface is seen with cords in his hand when she jumps onto the hood of Rebecca's car. In order for Jill to be the sole survivor, she had to kill Sidney and people close to her. However, Rebecca's more likely killer is Charlie, as Jill was treated and watched at the hospital, making it virtually impossible for her to sneak out, while Charlie eluding Robbie would be easier. Also, Jill didn't have a Ghostface costume with her at the hospital, while Charlie had his with him after Olivia's death. Also, Olivia died in the same night as Rebecca.

Gale's attack: Charlie attacked Gale while Jill watched on her computer from home. Jill had no way to get to the Stab-a-thon and back without being noticed by somebody. Gale sees a webcam in the haystack, and it moves to focus on her. This is Jill operating it from home and that's how knows she and Gale have the matching "shoulder wounds" she mentioned to Dewey at the end of the film. Some fans believe that Jill is the one who actually attacked Gale, but Charlie may have just told Jill about it.

Hoss and Perkins' murders: Both Ghostface(s) were involved as Jill stabbed them to death after she left the house, (Hoss in the back and Perkins on his forehead) while Charlie drove the car two blocks away and then stabbed the corpses of Hoss and Perkins several more times just to make sure that they're dead. During the climax of the film, Charlie hands Jill a gun stating, "the cops would've wanted you to have this, for your protection", which he probably gathered from the police car after driving the car two blocks away. During the climax, when Charlie is mentioning all of the footage he has of his kills, he does not mention Hoss or Perkins, which further implies that Jill was the Ghostface that attacked and stabbed Hoss and Perkins the first time.

Call at the Roberts house: Jill is the one who made the call because the caller told Sidney to put on the TV so she could see the report about Gale's attack. Charlie was in the car on the way to Jill's house after attacking Gale and he had no idea that the attack was already on the news. After arriving in front of Jill's house, Charlie also informed her about Gale's attack. Shortly after that, Jill called Sidney.

Kate's murder: Both Ghostface(s) are present as one is at the backdoor and one is at the front door, but the Ghostface responsible for Kate's death was Jill, as Charlie states during the climax of the film that he scared Sidney and Kate from the backdoor of the house, and Kate was stabbed at the front of the house. Jill also states that" I mean for fucks sake my own mother had to die". Jill wanted to be the sole survivor, so she wanted to kill people close to Sidney.

Trevor's abduction: Jill subdued Trevor somehow (more than likely by seducing him) and tied him up. It's unknown when he was brought downstairs as neither killer really had the time for that.

Robbie's murder: Killed outside Kirby's house by Charlie. Charlie admits later that he has great footage of his Robbie kill. Jill is also seen without costume in this scene.

Sidney and Jill's attack: Charlie is the killer here as Jill is seen.

Sidney's roof attack: Still Charlie because Sidney told Jill to hide under the bed while she was covering her escape out to the balcony.

Charlie's attack: Jill is the killer here as Charlie is seen.

Kirby's phone call: Jill is the caller here as Charlie is seen.

Kirby's attack: Jill calls her while Charlie is tied up. After Charlie is freed by Kirby, he stabs her revealing he is one of the killers.

Sidney's attack in Kirby's foyer: Charlie grabs her and holds a knife at her throat, but she gets away, only to be stabbed by "Ghostface" who then takes off the mask and it's revealed that the killer is Jill.

Trevor's murder: Jill shoots him in the groin and forehead while he is tied up on the floor with duct tape.

Charlie's murder: Jill betrays him and stabs him in the heart and stomach.

Sidney's stabbing: Jill is doing it without costume.

Jill's beating: She is doing it herself, to look like a victim.

Sidney, Dewey and Hicks' hospital attacks: Jill is doing it without costume.

Jill's murder: As Jill is about to shoot Gale, Sidney comes from behind her and electrocutes her head with defibrillator paddles. Still alive, Jill tries stabbing Sidney with a glass shard, but Sidney knows killers always come back to life for "one last scare" and shoots Jill in the heart.

Scream (2022 film)

Tara's phone calls: This was both Amber Freeman and Richie Kirsch. Richie made the phone calls and recorded the video of Amber with a view of his knife to scare Tara.

Tara's attack: This was Amber with Richie on the phone. Amber also seemingly confirms this later in the hospital attacks when she says that she'll hit all the organs she missed last time.

Vince's murder: This is ambiguous, but Amber is probably the one who killed Vince. Amber was already at the bar with the rest of the teenagers, and she could easily elude her friends, while Richie was at the hospital with Sam and Tara. Even Richie's single stab MO doesn’t matter here, because Richie would rather not leave the hospital and then return there only to kill Vince, because Sam would have noticed him not being present and be suspicious over him.

Sam's phone call: Amber did the phone call. If Richie called her, she would have heard him.

Sam's hospital attack: Richie attacked Sam as Amber was at the Sheriff's Department having been questioned by Sheriff Hicks around the time Sam was attacked.

Judy's phone call: Quote: ''Ever seen the movie, Psycho?'' reveals Amber, because in the later scene of the movie Amber imitates the noises from the shower stabbing sequence in Psycho.

Judy's murder: Both killers were there. Amber killed Judy, because Ghostface used Amber's M.O (stabbing multiple times). and then went to the hospital.

Wes' murder: After Amber went to the hospital, Richie stayed behind to finish off Wes because he was stronger than Amber and he had the better chance to overpower him.

Clay's murder: In the hospital, all the work was likely done by Amber, while Richie was playing victim.

Richie, Tara and Dewey's attack: It was Amber, because Richie was still playing victim.

Dewey's murder: Obviously Amber, because Richie was with Sam and Tara in the elevator.

Chad's attack: This was Amber as Richie was driving to 261 Turner Lane with Tara and Samantha and arrived just as Ghostface finished his attack on Chad.

Mindy's attack: This was Richie, as Amber was upstairs with Tara getting her inhaler and Richie had excused himself to the Basement where he likely changed into the Ghostface costume and then came back upstairs to attack her.

Liv's murder: Amber is doing it without her costume.

Gale's shooting: Amber is doing it without her costume.

Sidney's phone call: You can hear Richie's voice, when he says ''Wait!''.

Sidney's attack: Sidney is talking to Richie, when the attack occurred.

Sam's stabbing: Richie is doing it without his costume.

Amber's attack: Tara, we witness this.

Richie's murder: Samantha killed Richie by stabbing him countless times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head.

Amber's murder: Sidney, Gale and Tara all took part in Amber's murder. Sidney doused Amber in hand sanitizer as Gale shot Amber forcing her onto the stove and setting her alight due to the hand sanitizer, they threw over her. Tara then shot Amber through the head as she came running out of the kitchen.

Scream VI

Laura's phone call: Ghostface, who calls Laura, is the same Ghostface who later kills her, for evidence see below.

Laura's murder: This was Jason Carvey, as he unmasks himself after killing her.

Greg's murder: It is not known exactly when Greg was killed. It's possible he was killed before Laura was killed. It is also unknown since when Ethan was at the Frat Party, and since Paul came to Quinn's apartment. Despite the fact that we do not know the exact time of Greg's death and the whereabouts of the Kirsch families at that time, it is most likely Wayne who killed Greg, because it is hard to imagine Ethan or Quinn dismembering Greg's body in such a brutal way. Wayne mentions to Sam in the final act: "We had to kill those two wannabe film students". Just as Wayne is Jason's killer (see evidence below), the fact that Wayne says "We had to kill" instead of "I had to kill" suggests either Quinn or Ethan may have been involved in Greg's death. However, as previously mentioned, it was Wayne who was most able to dismember Greg and had the best conditions to do so.

Jason's phone call: This call is falsely attributed to the same Ghostface, who killed Jason. Wayne waited in Jason's apartment until he found Greg's body in the refrigerator, and if he had called, Jason would have heard him, meaning that if Wayne killed Jason, Quinn would have been the one to call Jason. Ghostface calls Jason from Greg's phone, this would imply that it must have been the same Ghostface who actually killed him (we already know it's Wayne), however the fact that Wayne was hiding in Jason's apartment and if he was calling, he would have been heard by Jason, this fact excludes Wayne from being the caller in this scene. It is not known exactly how much time passed between Jason's murder and Sam's return to her apartment where Quinn was present, and it is also unknown when Paul came to Quinn. Ghostface in this scene is also watching Jason through the cameras, and Quinn would be in a better position to do that than Wayne. To see how Quinn might have gotten Greg's phone, check: Sam's stolen ID.

Jason's murder: The murder happened sometime after 9:00 p.m., and as Quinn was in her apartment (and also probably the caller in this scene) and Ethan Landry was at the frat party with Chad, Ghostface, who kills Jason is Wayne. With this murder, the Richie Kirsch's and Amber Freeman's masks were left.

Sam's stolen ID: Quinn was Sam's roommate. When Sam left for Dr. Stone, Quinn most likely stole Sam's ID and delivered it to Jason's apartment, where Wayne killed Greg. That's when Wayne was able to give Greg's phone to Quinn, who then went back to her apartment and called Jason while Wayne waited for Jason.

Sam's first phone call: First, we need to establish one fact: Ghostface who calls and then attacks is not the same Ghostface. Ghostface who attacks Tara from behind doesn't have a phone on him, and even if he had somewhere to hide it, it's a similar situation to Jason's call: Sam and Tara would hear Ghostface calling. This brings us two scenarios, that also immediately give us a clue as to who was responsible for the Bodega murders, see them below:

Sam and Tara's attack/Bodega Murders: Two people are mostly suspected of being Ghostface in the Bodega: Wayne and Ethan. However, he also can't exclude Quinn for being the Ghostface in the Bodega, below will explain why. The argument that tells us it's Wayne is that Ethan and Quinn were in the apartment at the time of the attack and had no way to sneak out. On top of that, Ghostface in the Bodega showed great shotgun skills, which would suit Wayne since he was a cop. Assuming Wayne was the Ghostface at the Bodega, the caller to Sam was probably Quinn. It is possible that after Sam and Tara left for the police station, Mindy, Anika, Chad and Ethan also left the apartment. This would leave Quinn alone in her apartment again, allowing her to call Sam without anyone else being suspicious. As absurd as it may seem at first glance, Wayne was most likely not the Ghostface at the Bodega, but just a Ghostface, who calls Sam, here's why: Wayne was at the crime scene in Jason and Greg's apartment. Wayne first calls Sam (at 9:57-9:58 p.m.) from there and lures her to come down the station, and after Sam and Tara escaped from the Bodega, Wayne was already present at the police station. For Wayne, it would be problematic to move from place to place so quickly, as well as to hide the costume. Later in the movie, when Kirby and Wayne are tracking the timeline of Ghostface, on the Ghostface's timeline board it is shown that the Bodega attack occurred on 10:03 p.m., meaning that: Wayne would have to leave Jason and Greg's apartment in less than 5 minutes (in addition, put on the costume somewhere unnoticed) and later after the attack get faster to the police station before Sam and Tara, and in addition hide the costume somewhere. Wayne, however, wouldn't have much trouble being the caller in this scene. Ghostface in this conversation also takes credit for killing Greg and Jason, and we know it was Wayne, and also, what Ghostface says to Sam on the phone, is very similar to what Wayne says to her in the final act, about Sam "being punished". That leaves us with either Ethan or Quinn as the prime suspects to be the Ghostface in Bodega. If we assume that Mindy, Anika, Chad and Ethan left the apartment along with Sam and Tara, then Quinn was left alone in her apartment again. This would allow her to sneak out undetected in a Ghostface costume and attack Sam and Tara, since Ethan would be with Chad then. However, if we assume that only Sam and Tara left the apartment, Ethan was the Ghostface in this scene. Somehow Quinn would have to distract the rest of the group to allow Ethan to slip away, or Ethan might just be lying to his friends about going back to his apartment. It also should be noticed, that when Ghostface is pushed onto the bikes by Sam and Tara, he grunts in a voice similar to Ethan's, and a moment later he says "Shit!", which also sounds like Ethan. What remains unclear is how Ethan (or possibly Quinn) would have learned to use a shotgun. However, it can be inferred that Wayne taught his kids using a shotgun. In summary, we have two possible scenarios: Quinn being the caller, and Wayne being the attacker, or Wayne being the caller, and Ethan or Quinn being the attacker. With this murder, Ghostface leaves behind Jill Roberts' and Charlie Walker's masks.

Dr. Christopher Stone's murder: This murder happened sometime around 8 am. Every Ghostface actually had the ability to kill Dr. Stone. Despite that, the most evidence points to Wayne, because it was him, who Sam told and gave details about Stone, such as where he lived. At the police station, where Wayne informs Kirby about Dr. Stone's death, Wayne strongly emphasized the cause of Stone's death as if he was proud of it. With this murder, Ghostface leaves behind Roman Bridger's mask.

The Apartment Attack: This attack includes Paul's death, Quinn's fake death, Mindy and Sam's attack, and finally Anika's murder. It obviously couldn't be Quinn because she was seen faking her death. Quinn is also seen talking to her father on the phone before the attack, which would also exclude Wayne from being Ghostface here. Wayne, after revealing himself, also tells Sam and Tara how he faked Quinn's death and that "he had to be sure he was first on the scene so he could switch Quinn's body out with a fresh one". This tells us that Wayne came to the apartment after the attack and was unlikely to be responsible for it. It's possible that during the attack, Wayne killed an unknown teenage girl and dragged her corpse to the apartment so everyone would think it was Quinn. Thus, the only possible Ghostface in this scene is Ethan. This can be deduced from the way he slices Mindy's arm (just like he did twice with Sam during the revelations), and stabs, then rips open Anika's stomach. Wayne had a different way of stabbing his victims, like he did with Jason. Even though Ethan had an alibi that he was in Econ Class the whole time with hundred other people, it is probably false, as it is likely that he left class earlier than the other students, and since "he was in a study hall with a hundred other people", nobody really would notice him being absent.

Sam's second phone call: This was Quinn, who was hiding in Gale's penthouse to lure them there, as Wayne was in the park with Sam and Tara and Ethan was in the police van with Kirby, Chad and Mindy.

Gale's first phone call: This was probably Wayne. Since Quinn is responsible for Brooks' death happening at the same time as Gale's call, Gale would overhear Quinn attacking Brooks.

Brooks' murder, Gale's second phone call and attack: This was Quinn as she both admitted to being responsible and was already in the apartment making a phone call to lure them in. Wayne and Ethan were also both at the park with Sam, Tara and Kirby.

Mindy's attack: This was Quinn as she admitted to attacking Mindy, Ethan was also on the subway in plain sight and Wayne was at the police station.

Kirby's attack: This was both Quinn and Ethan as Kirby confirmed that "they" both attacked her and Quinn and Ethan were the two masked Ghostface's in the theatre.

Tara and Chad's Attack: Quinn stabbed Tara in the back and chased the group before being beaten up by Chad. When Chad was about to finish Quinn, Ethan stabbed him from behind, saving his sister, and then Quinn and Ethan attacked Chad together and stabbed him wearing Nancy Loomis and Stu Macher's masks.

Kirby's shooting: Wayne, in his reveal.

Quinn's murder: This was Sam who shot her through the head.

Wayne's murder: This was Sam who stabbed him to death using Billy's robe, mask and knife various times on his chest and arms, despite wearing a vest, with the fatal stab being to his eye.

Ethan's murder: This was both Tara, who stabbed Ethan on the inside of his mouth, and Kirby who crushed his skull with the same TV that killed Stu.


Parodies in other media

The comedy parody films Scary Movie and Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth depict killers based on the Ghostface character.

In the climax of Scary Movie, the killer was revealed to be both Bobby Prinze and Ray Wilkins. However, it turns out they were copycat killers of a serial killer that already existed. The real killer was Doofy Gilmore, a policeman who had been faking mental retardation.

In Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth, the killer's mask is not originally that of Ghostface, but begins as a hockey mask which resembles the one worn by Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series. After being set on fire when the killer tried to smoke a cigarette, it melted to resemble Ghostface. In this film, unlike the "Scream" version of Ghostface, he constantly fails to kill anyone important; the various kills are accidental, or people in the background with almost no part in the plot. In the climax of the film, the killer turns out to be Doughy's long lost twin cousin. He is accidentally shot by Hagatha, who was using a gun as a mirror to touch up her make-up. He later attempts to escape, after waking up in a mockery of the usual horror shock endings, only to be shot many times by Doughy and beaten up by a mob of cops who mistake him for being black. He still survives, and as revealed in a where-are-they-now segment, he apparently settled down. At the end of the film, it turns out that another person has taken up the guise of Ghostface, and apparently has better skills, attacking his victims with ninja-like tactics.

In an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch, Ghostface calls fighters saying that he will kill a scream queen every round, he ends up murdering Drew Barrymore (Scream), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), and Jennifer Love Hewitt (I Know What You Did Last Summer). Later a cell phone that belongs to him is planted on a platypus and Neve Campbell and Sarah Michelle Gellar manage to defeat it, believing it to be the killer. At the end of the show he makes a phone call to Nick Diamond.

Roger L. Jackson reprises his role of Ghostface in the Robot Chicken episode "That Hurts Me" as one of the movie killer contestants in a show that parodies Big Brother. He portrays the token black character so often seen in reality shows. He launches a prank war on Pinhead, purposefully shrinks Freddy Krueger's sweater in the wash, and when given a free cell phone call, he calls Drew Barrymore to threaten her and complain that the Charlie's Angels sequel sucked. When both he and Michael Myers were set to be eliminated, Ghostface gave a heartfelt speech about how he'd cherished his time on the show and wouldn't hold any grudges over being eliminated, which saved him from elimination, as opposed to Michael, who simply stabbed Freddy repeatedly as a response, which didn't even make Freddy bleed, but instead merely annoyed him.

Ghostface has also made a cameo in Tripping the Rift, as the judge in the episode when Chode sells his soul to the devil and finds a way to sue him.

In the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Shannen Doherty and Wes Craven provide cameos as themselves making the (at that time) non-existent Scream 4, but Doherty objects when Ghostface turns out to be played by the orangutan, Suzann.

In the anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Mr. Despair attempts to dream of his own death scene. The screen switches to a familiar shower scene from Psycho as Mr. Despair is taking a shower. Suddenly he is attacked by Bruce Lee, Darth Vader, Ghostface, and other familiar faces before dying the exact same way in Psycho.



Scream toy

Scream merchandise

In his book Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, Adam Rockoff opined that Ghostface's mask was a "striking, surreal and downright terrifying presence". Calling the mask a "hyperbolic rendering" of Edvard Munch's The Scream, Rockoff wrote that the 'face' is "twisted in an exaggerated, almost mocking grin, as if reflecting the look of terror and surprise on his victims' faces."


Scream Ghostface costume. A popular choice for Halloween

Tony Magistrale also discussed the similarities between Ghostface's mask and The Scream in his book Abject Terrors: Surveying the Modern and Postmodern Horror Film, stating that the painting "an apt representation of the degree of alienation from other people inspires the killers' murderous agenda". The mask of Ghostface is widely renowned for it's major appearance on Halloween night. It has been the most common costume on Halloween since the launch of it. There are many variations such as a mask where it can produce fake blood. Also, in the 2010 Halloween, there were new costumes of Ghostface. One that was a scarecrow, and the other, having the regular robe, but with a zombie mask.

Weapons and Equipment

Buck 120 Hunting Knife: The iconic weapon of the Ghostface killer. Usually used to stab victims, slit their throats or gut them.

Gun: Usually used when Ghostface finally reveals his/her identity to their last victim.

Father Death costume/Ghost mask: Used to hide his/her identity. The iconic wardrobe of the killer of the Scream franchise.

Bulletproof Vest: Used by Roman Bridger to protect himself from gunshots to the chest. Later used by Amber Freeman, Wayne Bailey, and Quinn Bailey.

Voice-changer: An electronic device used to mask the killer's real voice and change it to a deep, grunting voice.

Video Camera: Used by the 'Remake' killers, to record a video of them murdering their victims in order to obey the rule of which the Killer should film the murders.

Abilities and Attributes

Unlike supernatural killers, such as Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger, Ghostface is human, but has several skills of a deadly killer. Ghostface is skilled in spying and stealth, allowing him or her to hide in unexpected places. Also, he or she exhibits extreme durability against physical harm and has high levels of physical strength. As seen in Scream 2 he was able to kill Officer Andrews and Officer Richards, who were considered two of Chief Hartley's best men. In the 4th and 5th entries, they are able to kill multiple deputies and eventually Sheriff Judy Hicks. Also, in the 5th film, Dewey Riley finally meets his demise after surviving multiple near fatal attacks throughout the series. In the 6th film, Kirby Reed is revealed to be an FBI agent and towards the end of the movie nearly dies after having been shot by Wayne Bailey after he reveals himself and children to be the killers, and is stabbed in her old wound stab spot from Charlie, by Ethan. In Scream 3 he was able to kill both Cotton Weary and Jennifer Jolie's bodyguard, Steven Stone despite their size.

They are also shown to be great at evasion. In the first Scream, after killing Casey Becker and Steven Orth, they are able to escape before Casey's parents find her body. In Scream 2 at the start of the movie they are able to kill both Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens at a screening of Stab and able to leave without been seen, due to most of the patrons wearing Ghostface costumes throughout the theater. Later on they are able to kill Randy Meeks on campus with hundreds of students nearby during broad daylight and able to escape without being seen. In Scream 4, after killing Olivia Morris, they are able to evade Sidney Prescott, who attempted to try and help Olivia before finding her dead body. In the 6th film, they're able to kill Dr. Christopher Stone and break into his home during the day and are able to leave without being seen. Later in the movie they wound Mindy Meeks-Martin while on the subway with dozens of passengers onboard and able to leave without being seen.

Ghostface seems to display a heightened sense of awareness. He or she is often able to know where his victims are located before a physical attack, where they are hiding, and/or to be where they will attempt to escape. As seen in Scream 2, he was able to tell if, when, and where his victim would place his head against a bathroom stall dividing wall (enabling Ghostface to stab the target in the head from the next stall over).

Ghostface is strong enough to lift up a person and to stun his victims with punches. He can endure several damages like having a beer bottle thrown on his face and surviving some stab or bullet wounds. Ghostface is very skillful in wielding his knife and has enough strength to puncture through doors with his knife. Ghostface kills his victims by stabbing them on vital points or slitting their throats.

He is also fast enough to catch most of his victims. Wayne Bailey was shown to be quick enough to dodge a shotgun blast from the Bodega Clerk that he eventually steals the weapon from and kills.

The first two Ghostface killers (Billy and Stu) would often gut their victims and hang their corpses.

Throughout the series Ghostface is shown to be great at manipulation. At the start of the first movie they are able to trick Casey Becker into playing a game of trivia in order to save her boyfriend Steven Orth, however when she gets a trick question wrong they kill him and eventually her soon after. Then towards the end of the movie, Billy Loomis tricks his girlfriend Sidney Prescott into thinking the killer (Stu Macher) attacked him, before revealing himself to indeed be one of the killers. In Scream 2 when Mickey Altieri reveals himself as the killer, he tricks Sidney into thinking her boyfriend and his friend, Derek Feldman was his partner in the killings, which makes Sidney hesitant to help Derek despite his pleas. Mickey then kills Derek and mocks Sidney for not trusting him.

In Scream 3, Roman Bridger had a voice changer that could copy other voices, confusing his victims. At the start of Scream 3, he calls Cotton Weary and pretends to be a female fan flirting with him before using the Ghostface voice and taunting him by saying he broke into his home and is going to kill Christine Hamilton, his girfriend. He then attacks Christine after she gets out of her shower, and uses Cotton's voice and tells her he is just playing around. By the time the real Cotton gets to his home, Christine is convinced he is her attacker and ignores his warnings about Ghostface and attacks him with a golf club, Ghostface then shows up and kills her. Cotton tried to fight back, but was too weak, due to his injury from the golf club and Roman kills him. He was able to convince Sarah Darling to come meet him at the empty studio, of which she gets locked inside in all alone and Roman taunts her as Ghostface before killing her. Later at John Milton's mansion, Roman fakes his death with a fake dummy of himself and goes on to kill the rest of the Stab 3 cast and eventually revealed himself as the killer and eventually kills Milton, whom he had kidnapped, similar to Neil in the first film.

In Scream 4, Ghostface (Charlie Walker) calls Kirby Reed and Jill Roberts and tells Kirby to check the closet, she goes to check and finds it empty, which he taunts them and says he wasn't talking about Jill house and reveals himself to be hiding at Olivia Morris' house and kills her. At the start of Scream (2022), Ghostface (Richie Kirsch) calls Tara Carpenter and tricks her into a game of trivia after threatening to kill her best friend, Amber Freeman (not knowing she is one of the killers alongside her sister's boyfriend, Richie Kirsch). Towards the end at Amber's house, they are able to steal Liv McKenzie's phone to lure Liv's boyfriend and Randy's nephew, Chad Meeks-Martin and attack him. When Chad doesn't return, his sister Mindy suspects Liv of being the killer, before being attacked herself, both alone after the party dies down at Amber's house, which was also Stu's house from the first film. Liv then returns to the house with blood on her hands claiming to find Chad's wounded body, before being killed by Amber Freeman, who reveals herself to be the killer alongside Richie Kirsch. In Scream VI, Quinn Bailey (with the help of her father, Wayne) is able to fake her death before reveling herself to be one of the killers alongside her family. Wayne Bailey is able to trick both Carpenter sisters and Meeks-Martin twins (Core Four) towards the end by saying Kirby Reed was exiled from the FBI due to her mental health, which allows Wayne and his children to trap them all at the theater before they reveal themselves to be the killers.

Wore a bulletproof vest under his Father Death costume, which allowed him to survive gunshots to the chest. The bulletproof vest would then turn out to be an essential tool later used as protection for other killers, such as Amber Freeman, Wayne Bailey, and Quinn Bailey.

While all the Ghostface killers are shown to use handguns after unmasking themselves, Wayne Bailey is the first to kill with a shotgun while still masked after successfully disarming the Bodega clerk. Bailey was likely the most skilled Ghostface in firearms due to his law enforcment background.

Ghostface is sometimes a little bit of a klutz; Ghostface gets hit by doors and other objects like a refrigerator door while fighting with Tatum, and sometimes fall down to the floor while chasing Sidney. This ability likely renders from the fact that their mask gives them minimal eyesight while in pursuit, thus making their viewpoint slump in the way of other surroundings below or around them.

Six of the Ghostface killers (Billy, Mickey, Roman, Jill, Amber and Ethan) have been able to survive potentially fatal wounds and spring back up for one last scare (although they were killed immediately after). The other six Ghostface killers and accomplices were killed beforehand and thus never committed their one last scare moment (Stu, Nancy, Charlie, Richie, Quinn, and Wayne), with Charlie being the only killed by his accomplice.

Despite actually being different people, Ghostface has a habit of menacingly wiping the blood off his knife with one gloved hand and has a thorough knowledge of horror film genre, including conventions and trivia.

Behind the Scenes

  • Wes Craven had the characters in Scream mention the Ghostface costume is called "Father Death" as a red herring, alluding to Neil, Sidney's father.
  • In Scream, Stu was meant to mention having to pee before Sidney is attacked in the high school bathroom, but it was believed to be too strong a clue that he was the killer.
  • In the original Scream 2 script, there are three killers: Mrs. Loomis, Derek Feldman, and Hallie McDaniel (the sixth film derived from said script with differences in each film, although similarly applying with there being an older killer guiding young ones, although in the sixth film they're a family trio; also in the sixth with there being 2 male killers and 1 female, as opposed to the original trio of killers in the original script from the second film being 1 male and 2 female killers).
  • In the original Scream 3 script, Angelina Tyler is a second killer. She reveals herself to be a former classmate of Sidney's and now in a relationship with Roman.
  • Eight men have been Ghostface (excluding Jason), while only four have been women: Mrs. Loomis, Jill Roberts, Amber Freeman, and Quinn Bailey.
  • The only person to wear the Ghostface costume and use the voice changer who wasn't a murderer was Sidney. During a brief moment in Scream, she does this to turn the tables on Billy and Stu. It can be argued that she is a murderer since she kills several of the killers later in the franchise, though she was only doing it in self defense. She is succeeded by Samantha Carpenter, arguably, due to her father being Billy Loomis, and having the lust, psychologically, for murdering like her father, albeit in self defense. Sam during the sixth film, like Sidney in the first, dons her old father's costume and knife, ironically, to murder Wayne Bailey and calls him beforehand by also using the voice changer.
  • Out of the six Ghostface killing sprees in the films, only two of them have occurred, in-universe, in real world locations and cities; the first being Hollywood/Los Angeles, California in Scream 3 on February 1-4, 2000, and New York City, New York in Scream VI on October 29-31, 2023.
  • The only instances in the franchise of people wearing the Ghostface costume and not being killers is both two unnamed male students in the first Scream (which was hinting to the ultimate reveal of two male killers, subliminal), and the movie audience during the opening of Scream 2, during a sneak peek of the first Stab (which in turn is a meta reference to Scream; and the 1996 Woodsboro Murders, whose source material was derived off the book Gale Weathers wrote about the events, making it a film within a film), as well as New Yorkers throughout the city (excluding Jason Carvey) wearing it as a Halloween costume during the New York Murders during Halloween week, 2023, in Scream VI.
  • The 3 victims of the copycat murders from Scream 2 are:
  1. Phil Stevens (representing Steven Orth)
  2. Maureen Evans (representing Maureen Prescott)
  3. Casey 'Cici' Cooper (representing Casey Becker)
  • The copycat murders of Scream 2 are a dangling plot point. Mickey and Mrs. Loomis begin murdering victims based on their names matching those of the original Woodsboro Murders, but stop at 3. While the investigators discover the pattern, nothing comes of this, or is mentioned in the final confrontation. This is fleshed out slightly more in earlier drafts of the script, but still not resolved. Whether the two killers planned this as a red herring or altered course as they went along remains to be seen. From a story perspective, this fits in with the two killers having very different motives.
  • The murders in Scream 3 follow a similar path to Scream 2. Roman killed the cast in the order their characters died in the Stab 3 script, until veering off course and killing without a pattern, just as Mickey and Mrs. Loomis started as copycat killers until Randy's murder. In both cases, characters tried deducing who would be the next victim based on the pattern right when the killer stopped using the pattern.
  • The Scream 3 characters may indeed have been killed in accordance with the Stab 3 script if you allow for the exceptions of non-cast members (Christine Hamilton, Steven Stone, and John Milton). Cotton Weary was set to cameo as himself in the opening death scene and he was the first actor to die. Sarah Darling's Candy was the second to die. It's known that Ricky was written to die and since the fictionalized Gale Weathers was set to be the killer, she would have died last. Tyson Fox dies between Sarah and Jennifer Jolie, who was the last killed. It's unknown if Sidney and Dewey's characters were set to be killed, but since Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer didn't return, it's likely the producers wanted to kill the characters off, making it possible that they died in the order Tom Prinze and Angelina Tyler were murdered.
  • One of the killers "Came back to life for one last scare" in each film:
  1. Billy Loomis (shot in the head by Sidney) - Scream (1996)
  2. Mickey Altieri (shot in the chest by Sidney and Gale) - Scream 2
  3. Roman Bridger (shot in the head by Dewey) - Scream 3
  4. Jill Roberts (shot in the heart by Sidney) - Scream 4
  5. Amber Freeman (shot in the head by Tara) - Scream (2022)
  6. Ethan Landry (head crushed by television pushed by Kirby) - Scream VI

It would have been possible that Nancy could have returned for one last scare, but she was shot in the head by Sidney, after she and Gale killed Mickey.

  • Ghostface killed a pair of victims in the opening of each film, except Scream (2022):
  1. Steven Orth & Casey Becker (Scream)
  2. Phil Stevens & Maureen Evans (Scream 2)
  3. Christine & Cotton Weary (Scream 3)
  4. Marnie Cooper & Jenny Randall (Scream 4)
  5. Jason Carvey & Greg Bruckner (Scream VI)
  • With the exception of Scream 2, in every cycle of murders there is one victim who Ghostface doesn't stab or kill with his knife:
  1. Tatum Riley (garage door) - Scream (1996)
  2. Officer Richards (metal pole) - Scream 2
  3. Derek Feldman (shot) - Scream 2
  4. Tom Prinze (blown up) - Scream 3
  5. Trevor Sheldon (shot) - Scream 4
  6. Liv McKenzie (shot) - Scream (2022)
  7. Bodega Clerk (shot) - Scream VI
  8. Anika Kayoko (falling) - Scream VI
    • Like Cici Cooper in Scream 2 and Tyson Fox in Scream 3 before her, Anika was stabbed prior to falling to her death by Ghostface.
    • However, unlike the others, Anika wasn't thrown off or pushed, but rather due to escaping via a ladder and trying to crawl to another building while suspended on a high level and a horizontal makeshift ladder, was thwarted in her attempt to escape by Ghostface, due to the other side from where they escaped being not overseen.
  • Roman, Ethan and Quinn are the only killers who die in their Father Death costumes.
  • Roman Bridger was the only Ghostface who had no accomplice.
  • Each of the Ghostface killers had the opportunity to kill off the 3 main characters:
  1. Billy nearly stabs Sidney (Gale shoots him before he does that). The scene before that, Stu and Billy were about to kill Sidney if it weren't for Gale distracting them. (Scream)
  2. Ghostface also stabbed Dewey in the back but he survived. (Scream)
  3. Ghostface brutally stabs Dewey, but he survives once again. (Scream 2)
  4. Mickey reflexively shoots Gale, but she survived. Before that, Mrs. Loomis had her at gunpoint and could have killed her instantly. (Scream 2)
  5. Sidney intensely escapes a police car through a knocked-out Ghostface at the driver's seat. Mrs. Loomis has Sidney on a knife-point (Cotton Weary ends up saving Sidney by shooting Mrs. Loomis). (Scream 2)
  6. Gale falls into a basement along with Ghostface who was knocked-out temporarily. (Scream 3)
  7. Ghostface throws his knife at Dewey into his head, but the handle hits him instead and knocks him out. (Scream 3)
  8. Ghostface ties Gale and Dewey together to hold them as hostage to lure Sidney when he could've just killed them. (Scream 3)
  9. Roman strangles Sidney to death but stops when Dewey turns down the electricity of the house, he also shot her with a gun (but she wore a bullet-proof vest) and could've shot her in the head. (Scream 3)
  10. Ghostface had the chance to stab Gale at a vital point but hesitated when Dewey fires his gun. Jill also held Gale at a gun-point and was going to shoot her. (Scream 4)
  11. Jill threatens to blow Dewey's head off with his gun. (Scream 4)
  12. Jill could've stabbed Sidney even more in Kirby's house, but she was probably in a hurry as she was aware that the police were coming. (Scream 4)
  • Jill Roberts being the killer is ironic. Her character is based on Sidney Prescott and the fact that she is a Ghostface killer is a reference to the fact that some fans often speculate that Sidney Prescott would eventually become the Ghostface killer due to witnessing the deaths of the people close to her.
  • It is revealed that Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker are the killers in Scream 4, they planned this to "remake" the franchise:
  1. Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper represent Casey Becker and Steve Orth (killed first simultaneously after one receives a call from Ghostface. A deleted scene shows that they were hung and tied to a chair like Casey and Steve).
  2. Kate Roberts represents her sister, Maureen Prescott. Both are the mothers of the 'protagonist'.
  3. Trevor Sheldon represents Neil Prescott. Both were kidnapped, bound and gagged, and would-be framed for the murder spree.
  4. Jill and Charlie's plan to make their innocence in the killing spree more solid by stabbing each other, is just like Billy and Stu's plan in the first movie.
  5. Jill stabbing Charlie to death on purpose, is a reference to Scream 2 when Mrs. Loomis betrays her accomplice Mickey.
  • It is arguable that the Remake Jill and Charlie also tried to 'remake' the Windsor Collage Murders since a few of their victims deaths are parallel to the Windsor College victims:
  1. Ghostface slashes Jill's arm to make Sidney think that Ghostface is trying to kill her, this is similar to Ghostface slashing Derek's arm leading Sidney to doubt whether he is an accomplice of Ghostface.
  2. Rebecca was thrown from a several stories building, similar to Cici's death who was thrown off a two-story building from the balcony.
  3. Officer Hoss and Perkins' Deaths are parallel to Officer Richards and Andrews' deaths.
  4. Robbie's Death was reminiscent of Randy's brutal murder.
  5. Kirby's Attack was reminiscent of Hallie's murder, as both were attacked by surprise by Ghostface. (note that the Ghostface that attacked them were the men they were implied to have a relationship with.)
  • Sidney killed both murderers by herself in Scream. In Scream 2, Cotton shot Mrs. Loomis to free Sidney. Mrs. Loomis was shot again by Sidney, making her the third killer killed by Sidney. Mickey was shot by both Sidney and Gale. In Scream 3, Sidney mortally wounded Roman, but in the end, Dewey is the one who killed him. Charlie was killed by Jill, and Sidney also killed the last of the "remake killers", her cousin, Jill.
  • Both female killers, Jill Roberts and Mrs. Loomis, betrayed their accomplices in the end.
  • The remake killers Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker have similarities to the previous 5 killers:
  1. They are a duo similar to Billy and Stu as well as Mrs. Loomis and Mickey.
  2. Charlie is betrayed by his accomplice just like Mickey.
  3. Both tried to attack and failed to kill Sidney.
  4. Both planned to frame someone else.
  5. Both attempted to stab each other to make it seem they were attacked by the Killer.
  6. Jill craves for fame of being the survivor of the new Ghostface killing spree just like Roman Bridger.
  1. Billy Loomis: beer bottle thrown into the face (whilst attacking Tatum Riley).
  2. Stu Macher: vase smashed into his head, Television screen smashes into his face (getting killed by Sidney Prescott).
  3. Nancy Loomis: a prop jar is smashed to her head. (after Sidney distracted her).
  4. Roman Bridger: a beer bottle is smashed into his face. (whilst having a physical fight with Sidney).
  5. Charlie Walker: a glass picture frame is smashed into his shoulder. (whilst trying to attack Sidney).
  6. Jill Roberts: runs into a glass picture frame and jumps onto a glass coffee table. (Self Inflicted).
  7. Amber Freeman: thrown and smashed with glass hand sanitizer bottle on her head and face, causing her to become spread with the flammable substance before set on fire (whilst having a physical fight with Sidney and Gale, bottle thrown by Sidney).
  8. Quinn Bailey: thrown down onto a glass table. (whilst attacking Gale Weathers).
  9. Wayne Bailey: falls onto a glass display case. (after charging at Sam and falling over a ledge with her).
  • In Scream 4 it is proven that Marnie Cooper is the Steven Orth in the film as she is first to die, while Jenny Randall as the Casey Becker as she has a vast knowledge of horror movies and is taunted before dying as the fourth installment is following the remake movies this century.
  • Real-life serial killer Daniel Harold Rolling served as a basis for the character.
  • All Ghostfaces follow a certain pattern; there is probably more than one killer (Roman Bridger was the only Ghostface to act alone). The partnership is a sham so that the main killer will later get rid of his accomplice to save himself (Roman convinced Billy to involve Stu simply so he could frame him if something went wrong. Nancy didn't hesitate to shoot Mickey to make him take the blame, even though he was also more than willing to betray her. And Jill used Charlie, taking advantage of his feelings only to kill him and discard him later to frame him. The only exceptions are Amber and Richie, and Wayne, Ethan and Quinn, who showed signs of actually caring about each other). All of them, at least the main killer, are linked to Sidney Prescott or one of the previous killers, directly or indirectly (Billy was Sidney's boyfriend and Stu was a close friend, Nancy was Billy's mother, Roman was Sidney's illegitimate older half-brother, as well as the person responsible for instigating Billy and Stu to kill Maureen Prescott, initiating Ghostface's first wave of murders, Jill was Sidney's cousin, Richie was the boyfriend of Samantha, Billy's illegitimate daughter, and Wayne, Ethan and Quinn were Richie's father and younger brothers). A high level of knowledge about horror films (Billy, Stu and Mickey were big fans of the horror genre, Roman was the director responsible for directing the film Stab 3, and the rest were fanatics of Stab's film franchise).

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