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"Those fuckers can die in anonymity."
—Gale refuses to write about the fifth Ghostface massacre.[src]

Gale Weathers (formerly Gale Riley) is a main character in the Scream film franchise (1996—present). She appears in all five released films, and is expected to re-appear in an untitled sequel (2023).

In the original film, she claims and later proves Cotton Weary's innocence and wrongful death row conviction of rape and murder in Maureen Prescott's 1995 murder trial. Alongside Maureen's daughter Sidney, she has solved and survived the events of all five Ghostface killing sprees, inspired by the original massacre created by Maureen's true killer, Billy Loomis.

The former opportunistic reporter is the ex-wife of the late, former Sheriff Dewey Riley, and close confidante to Sidney, whom she develops a trust and bond with eventually throughout the films. Introduced as a Top Story journalist from New York City, she survives the original Woodsboro Massacre in 1996, where she meets her future ex-husband, enduring an on-off 25-year-spanning romance, which ends in his murder. Gale avenges her ex's death by setting his killer on fire.

As an author, Gale has written at least seven books based on Sidney Prescott's life, five real-life events based, beginning with Wrongly Accused (1996). Her best-seller The Woodsboro Murders (1997 book) is adapted into a slasher movie called Stab in 1998, and is followed by true-events based crime novels, College Terror (1998 book), Hollywood Horror (2000 book), and the fictional books, Ghostface Returns (2007 novel) and Knife of the Hunter (2009 novel) (all seen in Scream 4). She also most likely published a yet-unknown titled book based on the Woodsboro Remake (events of Scream 4).

Gale finally opts to quit tabloid media and stories about Ghostface forever, so that the killers die in anonymity. She suggests writing a biography about a "brave man who used to be the sheriff" in the town once, referencing Dewey.

Gale is portrayed by Courteney Cox.


The Woodsboro Murders

Gale Weathers, the reporter Gale, as she appeared in Scream (1996).

Gale is a reporter who wrote a book on Maureen Prescott's death, explaining how she thinks Cotton Weary is innocent. She is rude, bossy, and goes to great lengths to get a good story (such as secretly videotaping unsuspecting teens at a house party). After Casey Becker and her boyfriend are killed, she comes to the town and talks with Sidney about her book.

At the night of the party, Gale and Dewey find Neil Prescott's car in the bushes not far from the house. When they go back to the house, they see almost everyone has left the house so Dewey tell Gale to call for backup while he checks out the house. She runs to her van and notices her cameraman brutally murdered. Gale tries to drive away but crashes into a tree after swerving off the road while trying to avoid a terrified Sidney (who has escaped from the house).

Gale reports the turn of events.

Later, when Billy and Stu confront Sidney about their motive, an injured Gale arrives and pulls a gun on them. However, the safety is on and Billy kicks her against a pillar on the front porch where Dewey's unconscious body is lying. This gives Sidney time to escape and fight back. Just as Billy prepares to stab Sidney, Gale shoots him. Sidney then shoots Billy again as he suddenly wakes up - as Randy predicted - for "one last scare."

The Windsor College Murders

Gale Weathers, in Scream 2.

In Scream 2, she has written a new book about the murders that happened in Woodsboro. Sidney, although grateful she saved her life, refuses to do an interview with Cotton. Gale and Dewey's relationship, although strained at first, eventually turns heated.

Hide and Seek Gale hides from Ghostface in Scream 2.

After Randy's death, Gale and Dewey search for answers while also dealing with the problems in their relationship (Gale's intention toward Sidney with Cotton and what Gale wrote in her book about himself). The killer turns on footage of all the victims and the last taping is of them. They look in the projector room to see the killer filming them. They flee. Gale is pursuit heavily but narrowly escapes into a small room. After Dewey is finally able to communicate with her through a sound-prevention window, she witnesses Dewey getting stabbed multiple times in the back and believes he is dead. The killer pursues Gale once more but mysteriously disappears after there wasn't a way into the room.

In the climax, Gale is brought in by Nancy Loomis, known as Debbie Salt throughout the movie, to the school theater. Mickey shoots Gale after Mrs. Loomis shoots him and she falls off the stage. However, the bullet bounces off Gale's ribs, allowing her to survive. Once the whole ordeal is over, Mickey suddenly springs to life and is shot to death by Sidney and Gale. During the end of the film, Gale finds out that Dewey is not dead and goes with him to the hospital to recover.

Hollywood Horror

In Scream 3, she is shown to be much more compassionate than in the first two films. She has written a third

Gale In Scream 3

book based on the copycat killings from the last movie. She returns along with Dewey after Cotton is murdered and the actors filming a third Stab movie are killed off. Again, in Scream 3, Gale and Dewey have an acrimonious relationship based on their past together.

Gale is first seen talking to a group of students about journalism. When the class ends, she meets up with Mark Kincaid, a detective who informs her about the death of Cotton. Shortly after this, goes to the set of Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro and is reunited with Dewey after meeting the actress who portrays her, Jennifer Jolie. Later, she goes to Jennifer's house to see Dewey. After jumping down the hill to avoid the explosion that killed Tom, the actor portraying Dewey in the new Stab movie, Gale, Dewey, Jennifer and Angelina all are split up. Gale is attacked by Ghostface, but is saved by Dewey.

She survives the climax in the Hollywood home of John Milton. At the end, Dewey asks Gale to marry him, which she accepts.

Return to Woodsboro

Gale is trying to reinvent herself as an author but finds that she is having trouble due to writer's block. When Sidney returns to Woodsboro and the killings start again, Gale is excited to have the opportunity to yet again be a part of solving the killings, even though Dewey doesn't want her involved in the investigation. Going "rogue" (as she puts it), Gale goes undercover at a Stab-a-thon party -- a party at a barn to screen the seven Stab films -- to catch the killer. However, Gale is attacked and nearly killed by Charlie as Ghostface in the barn on camera. Thankfully, Dewey made it to the barn

Gale and Ghostface Gale in Scream 4 with Ghostface behind her

in time to save her and rush her to the hospital. Gale is only stabbed in the shoulder and manages to recover.

Gale survives her wounds and pieces together who the killer is by simply using logic. She is present at the final confrontation, where she distracts Jill Roberts long enough for Sidney to get the upper hand with a defibrillator. She yet again survives, tending to Dewey, who is injured on the floor.

2021 Woodsboro Legacy Murders

Divorcing from Dewey

Sometime after the 2011 attacks, Gale and Dewey divorced and she moved to New York to host her own morning show, which Dewey was an avid viewer of. Gale since quit writing as she never had time to focus on it.

Returning to Woodsboro


When the murders in Woodsboro start again, Dewey texts Gale to let her know and she makes the decision to return to Woodsboro, just in time to learn that Judy has been killed. She expresses her anger with Dewey for only sending her a text and the two reconcile after years of being apart.

Mourning Dewey


When Dewey is murdered by Ghostface, Gale mourns the loss and she is reunited with Sidney, who made the decision to return to Woodsboro too. Sidney and Gale attempt to ask Samantha Carpenter for help to stop the Killer, but she declines and leaves with her boyfriend, Richie Kirsch, and sister, Tara Carpenter.

Unbeknownst to them, Sidney has left a tracker on Sam's car which they use to follow her all the way to 261 Turner Lane. As they arrive, they are met by a screaming Amber Freeman, however Gale senses the trap immediately and Amber shoots Gale, revealing herself as one of the killers. Gale tells Sidney to go inside and finish this, as they planned.

Ghostface Unmasked


Gale has been shot again.

When the second killer, Richie, is unmasked, Amber brings Gale inside to the kitchen where they are replicating the ending of the original Stab movie. Richie and Amber reveal their motive as attempting to create a "requel" to Stab 8, and Gale and Sidney then fight back, setting Amber on fire, killing her.

Samantha fights back against Richie and kills him by stabbing him repeatedly and then slitting his throat. As reporters dish on the murders, Samantha thanks Sidney and Gale for helping them, and then leaves in the ambulance with her sister. Gale reveals that she won't be writing about Richie and Amber, instead she will write about Dewey and the man he was, thus letting the Killers die in anonymity and their plan fail.

Committed Murders

MickeyDeath.jpeg Mickey Altieri Shot multiple times Scream 2
AmberDeath.jpeg Amber Freeman Caused: Burned alive. Later shot by Tara. Scream (2022)






Gale Weathers Scream 2 Promo.jpg

Gale's character progresses throughout the 5 movies from opportunistic, glory hound to a caring, family woman. Surviving the murder sprees creates a bond between her, Sidney, and Dewey. In Scream, Gale ensures that she always gets the story, ordering Kenny to film anything that happens.

The first solid sign of her growing is in the middle and at the end of Scream 2, she shows more growth when she opts to go with Dewey to the hospital instead of covering the story of the Windsor College Murders. She never completely lets go of that sensationalist part of her but rather grows into a deeper character, adding a softer layer. Due to her surviving the events of all of the movies, she is a rather formidable survivor along with Sidney.


Author of:



  • "Kenny, I know you're about 50 pounds overweight but when I say, 'hurry,' please interpret that as: 'Move your fat, tub of lard ass, NOW!'"
  • "Guess I remembered the safety that time, bastard."
  • "Hey, you'd better check your conscience at the door, sweetie. I'm not here to be loved."
  • "I AM Gale Weathers."
  • "I've got an ending for you. The reporter left for dead in the news van comes to, stumbles on you two dipshits, finds the gun, and saves the day."
  • "Tell me that's his ex-girlfriend and I'll shoot my self."
  • Going off of Jennifer Jolie's statement: "...and to be played by an actress with such depth and range!"
  • "Dewey, open the fucking door! It's me!"
  • "If I'm right about this, I could save a man's life. Do you know what that would do for my book sales?"
  • "Oh and by the way, your lemon squares...taste like ass!"
  • "Go ahead if you have the guts because I'm fucking famous!"
  • "But could I just have one final word?" ("What, please?") "No... clear."
  • "Are you familiar with the phrase I wrote the book on this?"
  • "Listen, in about 2 seconds I'm gonna revitalise your face... with my tarnished brand!"



  • With the sixth film's pending release, Gale will become the only character to appear in all six films.
  • Actress and comedienne Janeane Garofalo was offered the role but turned it down.
  • Cox lobbied for the part after initial reservations were made about her being able to portray a bitchy character, following her run on Friends as the warmer character of Monica Geller.
  • In all films except the fifth, Courteney Cox was starring in a television series while portraying the role. For the first three films, she starred in Friends as Monica Geller and surprisingly didn't miss a single episode. During Scream 4, she was the lead star of Cougar Town, and for the upcoming sixth film, she is starring in Shining Vale for its renewed second season.
  • Courteney Cox agreed to appear in Scream 3 only if it would be her final film but she came back for Scream 4 anyway.
  • Cox also wanted Gale to be killed off in Scream 4, but Wes denied her request.
  • Cox will be the only actor to appear on-screen in all produced six films by the time of Scream 6's release. Roger L. Jackson's return in Scream 6 is unconfirmed, but even with his reprisal, he technically only appears in voice-over form, but never physically on-screen, and does not star in all films like Cox.

Character Notes

  • With the sixth film's pending release, Gale technically becomes the only character to appear in all six films (and Cox the only actor to star in all films). Ghostface does not count, as it is an entity assumed by multiple people using a voice modifier rather than an individual person. Though elements of the series do portray him almost as his own character, particularly in the fifth film.
  • Gale was played by fictional actress Jennifer Jolie in Stab, Stab 2 and the cancelled Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro.
  • Gale is both a reporter and an author.
  • Gale wrote several books, including one about Weary's innocence, and on the Woodsboro Murders.
  • Gale punched Jennifer Jolie (who played Gale). This symbolizes more of Gale's likeness and bond towards Sidney in trauma and survival. At times, Gale will display a survivor's edge look along with Sidney.
  • Other than the fact she is married to Dewey, her own family hasn't appeared nor been mentioned in the series yet.
  • Gale Weathers has been punched twice: once in Scream 1 and Scream 2, both by Sidney.
  • In Scream 3, Gale becomes the one to punch Gale, in a meta way, showing her character growth. While in Scream 4, she threatens to punch Rebecca, showing she had softened even more.
  • She was described as "Thirties; her smart face is overshadowed by a flashy smile and a massive mane of chemically enhanced hair" in the Scream script.
  • In the original script for Scream 2, she was depicted as being closer to Sidney and was killed at the end of the script.
  • She was described as "GALE WEATHERS, the flashy thirty-something news anchor and author of the WOODSBORO MURDERS" in the Scream 3 script.
  • In Scary Movie, the parody character based on Gale is named "Gail Hailstorm" and has written a book entitled "You're Dead, I'm Rich".


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