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Season 1, Episode 5
Emma and Will
Air date July 28, 2015
Written by David Coggeshall
Directed by Brian Dannelly
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"Exposed" is the fifth episode from the first season of the television series, Scream. It was written by David Coggeshall. It aired on July 28th, 2015.


When a scandalous video is leaked, Emma learns a heartbreaking secret.

Everybody in the college makes fun of Emma because of her leaked video with Will. Emma gets angry at Will for making her video. Will refuses and says that he doesn't know who made the video. Emma thinks Jack did it. An unknown caller calls Emma again and Emma sees her kissed photos in her locker written with "Just like her mother".

Quinn introduces Detective Lorraine Brock from the special task force to Sheriff but he knew her already. She is the replacement of Sheriff on this case to resolve it fast.

In the classroom, Noah apologizes to Emma for uploading the video by mistake. Everybody in the class is not ready for the scene because of the cyber bullying. At the same time, everybody receives a GIF of Emma and Will.

After the class is over, Emma asks Kieran about his disappearance. He says he had to go to Bloomington to do some insurance stuff of her mom's accident. Emma thinks it was planned to leak the video in the hospital. Emma decides to go to the police to get help in unknown calling.

In Riley's candle prayer, Lorraine asks Emma to come to Sheriff's office the next morning. Emma receives a video message of being recorded while giving a speak and makes her to leave stage. She gets a warning message "Tell that cop about me and you will get your mom's heart in a box". She sees the masked men beyond the crowd.

She mets with the detective. She knows about the calls. her mom waits outside.


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  • Detective Lorraine Brock is introduced in this episode and is named after Jill E. Blotevogel's mother and sister-in-law. [1]
  • This is the second episode of the season not to have any deaths in it. The first being Aftermath.
  • The episode was watched live by 0.75 million viewers.
  • In the episode, Emma received calls from the killer.
  • Emma Duval learned the truth about her relationship with Will Belmont.

Featured Music

  • Tin Sparrow – True

Emma confronts Will after her walk of shame at school.

Students pay their respects to Tyler and Riley at a candlelight vigil.

Brooke tells Jake she wants to tell Emma the truth at The Grindhouse.

Brooke tells Jake she wants to tell Emma the truth at The Grindhouse continued.

Noah shows Audrey he discovered malware connected to the school server.

Brooke tells Emma the truth about the video.

Piper talks to Emma about Brandon James outside The Grindhouse.

Kieran tries to make Emma feel less helpless. They kiss.

Maggie and Sheriff Hudson talk in the kitchen. They finally kiss.

Kieran helps Emma conquer her fears. He teaches her to shoot a gun which she isn't into. They make love.

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