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It's not enough to just kill someone these days. You have to assassinate their character first. So when dad here discovers your horribly mutilated body... posed with Sam wearing her father's mask, he'll say some poor bastard read on the Internet, that you're the real Ghostface and took matters into their own deluded hands.

–Ethan Landry to Sam and Tara Carpenter

Ethan Landry was one of the primary antagonists of Scream VI. He was the eleventh revealed Ghostface killer in the Scream film franchise. He was the youngest son and child of Wayne Bailey and the younger brother of Richie Kirsch and Quinn Bailey. He sought justice against Samantha Carpenter for killing Richie.

In the events of the film, Ethan is assigned to be roommates with Chad Meeks-Martin and uses this as an advantage to worm his way into their friendship group. Ethan did not commit many of the murders but did help keep up the cover of his sister and father. Mindy is immediately suspicious of Ethan and this suspicion eases when Quinn attacks Mindy on the subway whilst Ethan gets help.

He assisted his sister in stabbing Chad Meeks-Martin and then unmasked himself whilst wearing Nancy Loomis' mask. He was killed after having a TV dropped onto his head.

He was portrayed by Jack Champion.


Early Life

Ethan was born to Wayne Bailey and an unnamed mother born in approximately November or December 2004. Prior to this, they had given birth to their first son Richie Kirsch. Later they had Quinn Bailey and a year later they had him.

The family indulged Richie's love of the Stab movies even helping him make his own fan film and YouTube videos about the franchise. When Richie met Amber Freeman, the two conceived a plan to make a new Stab movie using Billy Loomis' biological daughter, Samantha.

Richie and Amber eventually failed at their plan and Richie was stabbed 22 times by Sam and then slit in the throat. After Gale Weathers published a book detailing what happened: Wayne, Ethan and Quinn were mad at the loss of their brother/son and came up with a plan to get revenge. During this time Ethan was forced by his father to kill his mother as she was not going along with the plan.

Ethan manipulated the housing arrangements so that he would be assigned as Chad Meeks-Martin's roommate so he could gain his trust and worm his way into the group.

The New York Ghostface Murders

S6 0117

Wayne Bailey dressed as Ghostface and murdered Blackmore University student, Jason Carvey, who was trying to continue Richie's plan, and that same night Ethan attended a frat party with Chad. On Quinn's notice, Sam went there and attacked a student who was trying to take advantage of Tara. The group returned to their apartment where they all watched a news report on Jason's murder.

The next morning, Ethan listens to Mindy's rules and suspects list with the rest of the group and realises he is Mindy's top suspect and he then fears he'll "die a virgin". Ethan before hand tells Chad Meeks-Martin that he will be attending an Economics class.

2023-05-22 (3)

That night Ethan sneaks into the apartment with his Ghostface costume and is seen by Danny Brackett, who tries to get the attention of Sam. Ethan then kills Quinn's boyfriend, Paul 2.0. Then he proceeds to attack Quinn and " fake her death. When the group hears commotion they receive a picture of Ethan supposedly attacking Quinn. Ethan then throws Quinn's " dead body" on Anika with a surprise attack. Ethan then slices Mindy's arm and stabs Anika Kayoko in the stomach. Chad and Tara leave the apartment, whilst Mindy, Anika, and Sam run into the washroom where they see Paul's dead body. Mindy and Anika barricade the door while Sam climbs into Danny's apartment with only a ladder. As Ethan starts shoving the drawers, Anika forces Mindy to go first. By the time Mindy is in Danny's apartment, Ethan is almost in. As Anika is climbing, Ethan eventually forces his way through. Ethan then tries to tip over the ladder as Anika is climbing. Ethan then tips the ladder over with a push which makes Anika fall to her death. Ethan then leaves the apartment.

S6 0678

The next morning Ethan arrives to the crime scene where he is questioned by Chad. Ethan states that his alibi was that he had Economics in which Chad believes. Then he goes up to the rest of the group and is on top of the suspect list for Mindy. Ethan goes with the gang to an old theatre registered in Jason Carvey's name that houses a shrine to Ghostface. However, Ethan is aware that this shrine actually belonged to his brother. Along with Quinn and Ethan, Wayne stages a plan to trap the killer, unbeknownst to the rest of the group that it is a setup. Ethan hides in a van with Chad, Mindy and Kirby Reed as she traces a call from Quinn who is hiding in Gale's penthouse to lure them there.

After Quinn attacks, and fails to kill Gale, Tara comes up with a plan to lure in and kill Ghostface. Wayne tells them to travel in public and so the group go to the Subway where Mindy and Ethan are separated from the rest. After boarding their own Subway, Quinn also boards as Ghostface and attacks Mindy and stabs her. Ethan keeps up his cover by yelling for help and seeking medical attention for Mindy. After Mindy is taken to the hospital, Ethan masks up and goes to the theatre with Quinn.

S6 0851

The two both wear Ghostface masks, Ethan wearing Nancy Loomis' and Quinn wearing Stu Macher's, and attack Kirby Reed, knocking her out so Wayne can frame Kirby as the killer. As Chad is about to finish Quinn with a gum ball machine, Ethan stabs him from behind. The two stab Chad multiple times, leaving him for dead.

S6 1012

They return to the theatre and upon Wayne's arrival unmask themselves and reveal that they are seeking revenge against Sam killing Richie. A chase breaks out and when Sam and Tara try fleeing over a second store railing, Tara slips and Sam grabs onto her. Ethan stabs at Tara from below and Tara instructs Sam to let her go, taking Billy's old knife from Sam and falling below. Tara stabs Ethan in the mouth and twists it before pulling it out, he then falls to the ground.

When Ethan tries one last time to kill Sam and Tara, Kirby uses the TV that previously crushed Stu to death to kill Ethan.

Murders Committed

Before Scream VI

Mrs. Kirsch Killed in an unknown manner with Wayne (non-canon), Slayed Before Scream VI

Scream VI

Paul20Death Paul 2.0 Throat slit and stabbed to death. Scream VI
AnikaDeath Anika Kayoko Stomach sliced open/skull fractured on a dumpster after shaking and turning the ladder. Scream VI





Before Reveal

  • "Why did everyone just freak out when her phone rang?"
  • "Does that mean I'll die a virgin?"
  • "Um.. why I am here exactly? My alibi clearly checks out."
  • "I had Econ!"

After Reveal

  • "Ta-ra! Mindy was right. It was easy to juke the roommate lottery. I mean, all I had to do to meet you was room with a conceded condescending alpha, literally named Chad! FUCK, it felt good to kill him!"
  • "My name's not Ethan Landry! Is it, Dad?"
  • "No, no, no, you sweet dumb thing. He died in Woodsboro, at the hands of your bitch sister."
  • "This was your grandmother's, Sam. Nancy Loomis. Guess it really runs in the fucking family, doesn't it?"
  • "Recognize this?" (to Kirby before stabbing her in stomach, using the same knife as Charlie Walker)
  • "What are you gonna do about it, bitch?"
  • "I've always wanted to stick something in you, Tara!"


  • In deleted dialogue from Scream VI, it is revealed that Wayne forced Ethan to help him murder their mother after she refused to assist with their plans to get revenge against Sam.
  • It's heavily implied a secondary motive for Ethan was to gain his father's love/approval; he's shown to be noticeably upset when Wayne says, "there's a special bond shared between a father and his first son." It's also heavily implied he tried to murder Chad out of jealousy for his comparative success with women, and he's hinted to be an incel given his references to incel culture on Reddit.
  • His and his sister's deaths are ironical considering their chosen masks. Ethan chose Nancy Loomis' mask, who died by getting shot through the head, and Quinn wears Stu Macher's, who died by getting his head crushed by a TV. The way they're killed is supposed to mirror what happened to the previous owners of each other's masks: Ethan died by getting his head crushed by the same TV that was used to kill Stu, and Quinn was killed by getting shot in the head, much like how Nancy was.
  • Ethan is one of the few killers who has not uttered a word as a Ghostface.
  • Although, Ethan is supposed to be around 17-20 years old, which is the average age of most Ghostface killers, his actor Jack Champion was actually 17 years old at the time of filming, making Jack Champion the youngest actor and, to date, the only minor to play Ghostface. All the other actors playing teenagers as Ghostface were all adults.
    • Jack Champion was born in 2004.
    • Jack Champion is tied with Heather Matarazzo, who played Martha Meeks as the youngest cast member in the movies, both being 17 during filming.
    • However, if including the entire franchise both would 2nd after Brianne Tju who was 16 when she played Riley Marra on Season 1 of the TV series. It should be noted that Tju was the same age as Riley (Both being 16 and being born in 1998), while Matarazzo was 17 and born in 1982, Martha could have been born in 1983. Of course, Champion isn't the same age as Ethan.
    • He and Tara said, "Fuck You" To Each Other And It was Same as Sidney and Roman's Saying it to each other in Scream 3 (2000).
  • His reveal to be Wayne Bailey's son is similar to Will Benson being revealed to be the son of Ben Willis in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.
    • Both take part in their fathers' killing sprees.
    • Both are related to the killer of the previous movie; Ethan's older brother is Richie Kirsch, one of the killers in the 5th Scream movie while Will's father Ben is the killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer.
    • Ethan Landry is the second tallest teenage Ghostface in the franchise at 1’85” before Stu was the tallest at 1’92”.
  • Ethan is the first Ghostface who never used a Voice Changer or had a call with a victim.


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