Eddie Hayes was a recurring character in the second season of Scream. He is portrayed by Chase McCleery Bouchie.


Eddie worked at the Crescent Palms where Piper and presumably Audrey stayed at together whenever Piper was in Lakewood. He apparently saw Piper's accomplice, whom we are lead to believe is Audrey.

 Appearances (6/24)

Season 2 (6/14)


Eddie is prompted to Kevin Duval's room at Crescent Palms where he works. He heads to Kevin's room as he got a call for a corkscrew. Eddie walks to the room and realizes no one is inside so proceeds to enter the room.

When he enters the room he notices why all the furniture and floor is cover in plastic which is most likely in place to make an easier clean up. As Eddie is searching through the room, The Killer is revealed to be hiding under the sheets of bed and slowly rises to his feet, taking off the blanket. As Eddie turns after seeing The Killer in a mirror, he is hit over the head with a glass bottle he had previously brought to the room with the corkscrew.

Eddie is knocked to the ground, due to the blow on his head. Dazed and bleeding, Eddie cries out for help. The Killer then turns the radio louder, blocking out Eddie's fearful cries for help.

A whimpering and fearful Eddie begins crawling away but The Killer grabs Eddie by the ankles and drags him back. The Killer raises the corkscrew and strikes it downward, brutally stabbing Eddie five times in the back with Eddie grunting in pain during each strike.

The Killer lifts Eddie by the face and violently strikes the corkscrew in the side of Eddie's throat, causing massive amounts of blood to gush out of his gashed wound. Eddie gurgles and coughs for air but drowns in his own blood and dies within seconds. The Killer is seen dragging Eddie's corpse into the bathroom and dumping him in the bathtub.


  • He marked his first appearance in the series in Psycho.
  • His nickname is Eddie Krueger.
  • He worked as a receptionist at the Crescent Palms motel.
  • In Psycho, Eddie was mentioned by Noah claiming that he saw a female arguing with Piper, whom Noah believes was Piper's accomplice.
    • It is later confirmed that he saw Audrey Jensen arguing with Piper, as Piper's real accomplice was a male.
  • In Vacancy, he was stabbed multiple times with a corkscrew, dying at the hands of the Lakewood Slasher.
  • He is the second character of the second season to die, the first being Jake Fitzgerald.
  • In Jeepers Creepers, the killer used Eddie's phone to text Noah for a rendez-vous.
  • In Let The Right One In, his body was seen next to Seth Branson in a bathtub at an unknown house. Later, Lakewood Slasher set a fire that carbonized his corpse and also killed Branson in the process..
  • In Village of the Damned, his carbonized corpse was finally found by Acosta along with Branson's. Maggie identified Branson's corpse but was unable to identify Eddie's.
  • In The Orphanage, his full name and age was revealed by Maggie Duval after she completed her autopsy of his body. His full name is Eddie Hayes and he was 24 at the time of his death.

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