Deputy Dwayne is a minor character in the television adaptation series, Scream. He is portrayed by Patrick R. Walker.


Deputy Dwayne is a cop, who works with the current sheriff of Lakewood, Miguel Acosta at the Lakewood Police Department.

Season 2

Dawn of the Dead

Deputy Dwayne is first seen talking to Miguel at George Washington High. He was assigned to protect the school grounds after the reveal of a tragic incident in Happy Birthday to Me. Also, he brought Kieran to Miguel, after he found out that the student had a gun in his locker.

Let The Right One In

He accompanies the Sheriff Acosta at Emma's house, informing her that they know about all the encounters she had with the killer and didn't tell them or Maggie about. He also tells Maggie about the E-mails coming from Emma's computer. Maggie then tells them about the day at the barn where Emma found old pictures of herself and they decide to go check it out. Later, he and Acosta arrive at the barn and search for evidence.

Village of the Damned

He was assigned by Miguel to protect Emma at the Lakewood Days Carnival. He follows her in the funhouse and talks with Acosta on his walkie-talkie, informing him that he has eyes on Emma. Before he could do anything else, the Lakewood Slasher ambushes and throws him into a mirror. However, he survived the injuries. Emma found him on the floor soon afterward and took his gun for protection.


Season 2


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