Devil's Night
Season 3, Episode 2
Scream Devil's Night
Air date July 8, 2019
Written by Leigh Dana Jackson
Kristi Korzec
Directed by Tanya Hamilton
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"Devil's Night" is the second episode of the third season of the television series, Scream. It aired on VH1 on July 8, 2019.


Paranoid about becoming the next victims, the group begins receiving ominous messages. The group decides to strategize a trap -- but Ghostface strikes again.


Later that night, Kym returns home to watch movies and study the nature of a serial killer, as she watches Halloween . Kym later receives a threatening call from Ghostface and intimated runs out of her apartment complex only to find out that her neighbor, Latavious, was killed by Ghostface. The police arrive but none of them believe Kym's encounter except for Manny and Jamal who arrive at the scene a few moments later.

The next morning, Kym reunites with Beth, Manny, Amir and Deion to discuss ways to survive after her encounter with Ghostface which leads to an argument between Beth and Kym about horror movie rules. Meanwhile, Liv is forbidden to leave home by her father, Officer Reynolds, who tells her about Latavious's death and that she isn't allowed to leave home until after Devil's Night. Liv also asks her father about Avery's death to which he claims was an accident although she knows otherwise.

During a lecture in memory of Avery at school, Kym shares with the group her theory that Shane is Ghostface, because the party he hosted had the same mask that Ghostface uses and Beth creates a plan to attract him, to make him confess it. Deion agrees to the plan but is told by Coach Griffin to take over Avery's position causing him to skip out as he goes to practice. Jamal arrives to pick Deion up at practice but ends up practicing with him where they talk about the incident.

Meanwhile at an empty pharmacy, Shane uses the guise of Ghostface to rob and knock out the pharmacist as he gets a text from Beth to lure him. Later that night, Beth and Amir are at his family's donut shop where they are taking the money to lure Shane and who share a flirtatious moment, only to be dissolved soon after.

Liv uses her father's computer and collecting evidence from coroners, she comes across Deion after practice She shares her theory that Marcus is alive and it's Ghostface, but Deion is reluctant to believe. As Liv chases him out of the diner to talk with him, Liv's dad pulls up to take Liv home and to warn Deion about Liv.

Meanwhile, Beth, Amir, Kym and Manny lure Shane to school late at night where they leave him unconscious and press him to confess that he's Ghostface, but he says he's also being threatened by the killer, who locks them in the school. Amir ends up calling Deion to inform him about the plan as Deion makes his way over.

The group ends up separating during the escape by the place, which results in Kym being persecuted once again, as Ghostface chases her through the hallways. She is partially saved by Shane but fails to take the gun and shoot Ghostface leading to his escape. As soon as he arrives at the school to help them, Deion comes face to face with Ghostface who makes the same signal with the fingers that Marcus did, and from that, Deion believes in Liv's theory that Marcus is alive. The group manages to meet up soon after.

Later that same night, Shane goes home to his sick grandma, who we learn is the reason he dropped out and became a drug dealer. As he talks with his grandma, he receives a threatening text from Ghostface who lures him outside of his apartment and into an alleyway only to be attacked by Ghostface who traps him under an escape ladder. Soon after Ghostface injects drugs into Shane's eyes while still alive causing him to suffer a lethal overdose and die instantly.


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