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Derek Feldman was a main character in Scream 2, as the antithesis of Billy Loomis and the boyfriend of Sidney Prescott.

He was portrayed by Jerry O'Connell, and also the eighth and final character to fall victim to the second Ghostface killing spree.


Scream 2

"I would never hurt you."
Derek's famous last words, before dying.[src]

"I think I love you, Sid!"

When Sidney and Randy are talking, he comes to visit him, which makes Randy a little jealous of him and Sidney.  He later goes to Delta Lambda Zeta Soroity party with the others, later Ghostface attacks Sidney, he runs into the house and tries to catch Ghostface. However, during the short chase, Derek's arm is slashed by the killer, who is able to get away. Luckily, no vital areas were injured, but this only makes him more of a suspect.

Derek and Sidney's kiss.

When he serenades Sidney in the cafeteria, he gives her a necklace to show her how much he loves her; which causes his fellow frat boys to hang him from a cross at a party. Ghostface kidnaps him and hangs him on the stage in the auditorium.

As Sidney goes to untie him, Mickey Altieri, who at this time has revealed himself as the killer, tells her that Derek was his accomplice in the murders, which is a lie. However, it makes Sidney panic and distract her long enough, for Mickey to shoot him in the heart, mortally wounding him. Derek tells Sidney he would never hurt her, and slowly dies. 

Derek's death is particularly heartbreaking for Sidney, since she mistakenly believed him to be the killer, and faulted herself for letting him die. Mickey taunts Sidney for her mistake, saying that Derek was everything she wanted, he was funny, nice, handsome, a good singer, and was studying to be a doctor. He then mocks her about her dead mother, saying that "he was just the kind of guy you'd like to take home to mom, if you had a mom!", much to the frustration of Sidney.

Derek's death

Behind The Scenes

  • He was described as "a young man, handsome and smooth" in the script.
  • The original Scream 2 script ended with Derek and Hallie revealing they were psychotic lovers under the guidance of Debbie Loomis. In this version, he was a film student; some of these characteristics were given to Mickey in the final version.
  • Derek, Trevor Sheldon, and John Milton are the only victims to be murdered in any of the films after one of the killers has revealed himself.
  • Sidney wears Derek's Omega Kappa Beta necklace throughout the third installment of the Scream franchise.
  • Heart Breaking Mickey shoots Derek in the chest, killing him slowly.

    As Mickey was Derek's best friend, the audience was led to believe that Mickey was the Stu while Derek was the Billy. However, this was a clever red herring. 
  • A video of Derek's death can be found here.
  • Actors who auditioned for the part of Derek were asked to perform the scene in the cafeteria in which Derek sings "I Think I Love You" a cappella. The role of Derek eventually went to Jerry O'Connell.
  • In Scream 3, Sidney still wears the necklace Derek gave her throughout the film.


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