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Deion Elliot was a recurring character in the third season of the television series Scream.

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Tommy Jenkins is a bitch who can't keep up with me in the (football) field.

-Deion to Marcus after his Halloween candy was chucked over the fence

I got you, bro.

-Deion to Marcus


  • He died 8 years prior to the start of The Deadfast Club after he and his twin brother, Marcus Elliot, switched costumes.
    • Marcus was wearing the infamous Father Death costume while Deion had the football padded outfit on during Halloween night; Deion switched to Marcus’s costume and Marcus to his, due to Marcus being bullied.
  • Deion was the first victim of Season 3, albeit via flashback, and is the only victim to not be murdered by Ghostface, but rather a misdirected pointing to and by Hook Man.
  • Deion, however, was wearing a Ghostface costume (after taking off the mask) when he died. He wasn't a killer but is one of the few characters (2nd overall) in the franchise to have died while in the suit which includes:
  • Deion and Marcus are the second pair of same sex duo of characters in the franchise to be featured in the opening, and the first to be biologically related seeing as they're twin brothers.
  • Deion is one of the few male characters in the franchise and the TV series and of them, is the first to not die off in the opening per se, but rather be attacked solo; seeing as he and his twin brother Marcus are together at the time of Deion’s attack by Hook Man
    • Only shows Deion’s head as Hook Man “hooks” him through his Ghostface mask, and would die later on due to his starvation and confinement (shown off-screen due to nature of kill and of character being a child).
  • Albeit a young male child, Deion follows in the tradition in that he is the fourth male character to be the first attacked by Ghostface, whilst in a duo in the opening (with his twin), preceded by in the films and TV series/later succeeded by:
  • Deion, seeing as he was a child, dying off screen while also seen onscreen be attacked and thus setting the course for his ill-fate, is very much similar to that of the character Will Belmont in Season 1.
    • This can explained be due to explicit nature of both characters deaths, seeing as they were also minors (Will was 17, Deion was around 8/9).
  • Deion is also the first and only youngest victim, thus far, (due to being a child) of both the TV series and of the entire Scream franchise overall, including the films, despite not being killed by Ghostface or any masked killer.
  • Deion’s death being found and discovered via an enclosed space (unlike where other killers placed their victims afterwards, Deion died in his place of discovery due to succumbing to his wound and lack of oxygen and starvation; although Luther was his accidental killer, but nonetheless) is the second out of three deaths to be stumbled upon, preceded and succeeded by:
  • Deion is the second (male) character to be killed off solo (as well as off-screen, like Maureen and succeeded by Greg in the sixth film) in the opening, with the list going as following:


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