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Dawn of the Dead
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date June 28, 2016
Written by Heath Corson
Directed by Oz Scott
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I'm officially putting this school into lockdown!

Miguel Acosta

"Dawn of the Dead" is the fifth episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall and it aired on June 28th, 2016.


Another murder sends the school into lockdown, forcing all students into the library. However, tensions and fear between the other students and the Lakewood six begin to collide. All while, Emma fears that it's happening all again.


Recurring Cast


  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 1978 horror film, "Dawn of the Dead" which was directed by George A. Romero.
    • Similar to the movie, the main characters are locked up at school while horrific events are occurring.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.45 million people.
  • Miguel Acosta ordered for the temporary lock-down of George Washington High School.
  • In the episode, Emma received a call from the killer.
  • Emma Duval had another encounter with the new killer in the school.
    • She attempted to directly attack him for the first time, but he left before she could.
  • Brooke Maddox had a mental breakdown over Jake's death.
    • She displayed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder throughout the episode.
  • This is the third episode of the season not to have a death scene.
  • Audrey accidentally let a secret slip about threatening phone calls she received to Noah. At the end, Noah got into Audrey's phone and saw video of her with Jake's body from Vacancy.
  • In the episode, it was revealed that the password to Audrey's phone is "Rachaelsgirl".
  • In the episode, Gustavo references the film When a Stranger Calls in his conversation to Noah.
  • Gustavo revealed that he draws the Lakewood Six in blood because he is making comic books with the pictures.
  • Maggie is no longer working on the Jake Fitzgerald case as an order from Sheriff Acosta.
  • This episode Marks the first appearance of Dwayne.
  • Quinn Maddox is no longer a suspect in the murder of Jake Fitzgerald.

Featured Music

  • WILDES – “Bare”

Students exit the school as the lockdown is lifted. Emma lies to the police and is angry with Kieran. Audrey apologizes to Stavo about breaking his iPad. Brooke screams underwater.


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