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Dawn of the Dead
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date June 28, 2016
Written by Heath Corson
Directed by Oz Scott
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"I'm officially putting this school into lockdown!"
Miguel Acosta

"Dawn of the Dead" is the fifth episode of Season 2 of the television series, Scream. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall and it aired on June 28th, 2016.


Another murder puts George Washington High into lockdown, and suspicions rise as Emma and her friends fear that their nightmares are coming true all over again.


Immediately after the death of Jake Fitzgerald was exposed, Sheriff Acosta arrives at the school and puts it on lock-down. Confining all the students to the learning centre & taking many people in for questioning. This traps Emma Duval & the others inside the school with the killer. Emma notices that all of the students are staring at her in disgust of what happened to Jake. Emma looks inside her bag and finds Jake's cellphone and realises that the New Killer must have put it in there.

Upon learning that the police are searching all lockers for evidence, Kieran Wilcox goes to his locker with Noah Foster since there was something that he didn't want them to see. Audrey Jensen & Zoë Vaughn distract the police while Kieran & Noah go to Kieran's locker. But when he gets his bag, he is immediately caught by Acosta's deputy who opens Kieran's bag & finds his dad's gun inside although Noah manages to avoid detection.

Sheriff Acosta proceeds to first question Noah who explains that Piper's accomplice is out there and is trying to finish the job. He then questions Emma & becomes suspicious of her due to her having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & having been admitted to a Psych Ward but still lets her go. Next up is Kieran who explains that he brought the gun to school since he wanted to keep himself & his friend safe. Sheriff Acosta agrees to let him go if he tells him anything suspicious, Kieran reluctantly tells him about Jake's phone in Emma's bag which she did not show the police out of fear, so Sheriff Acosta takes her in for questioning. Acosta's deputy questions why he would put a gun on campus aside; Acosta explains that he is using the Stockholm syndrome technique to get answers. He also explains that the killer could be anyone, even Emma.

Meanwhile, Noah is trapped in the hallways since he cannot find his way back to the learning center and is at risk of being caught by the police. Brooke Maddox is the most distraught over Jake's death & while being questioned, she tells Sheriff Acosta that she thinks that Seth Branson is stalking her & sending her text messages. Quinn Maddox who has arrived at the school to comfort Brooke, requests that Sheriff Acosta put a restraining order on Branson. She goes to the gym where Maggie reveals to Brooke that Jake has been dead for a few days. Which makes her realise that he died after she broke up with him at the pool & never got to apologise.

This is overheard by Sheriff Acosta who removes Maggie from the case because she told classified information & that he knows that Emma needs her to be a mother not a medical examiner. Back at the learning centre Emma returns from questioning & notices Haley Meyers talking about her. Emma confronts Haley who taunts & insults Emma & her family, predicting that all her friends will die from this Killer because of her. Angered, Emma slaps Haley which initiates a brief cat-fight. With the cat-fight ending as Kristen Lang and the Lakewood police officers quickly break it up before either can be seriously hurt.

Kristen takes Emma to her office so she can cool down & come out when she is ready. After Kristen locks her inside Emma gets a call from the Killer who tells her that he is coming for her. She hears scrapping outside the office & opens the window curtains to find the Killer staring at her with his knife drawn on the other side. Emma reacts with anger & bashes the window open with a chair in an attempt to attack him, declaring that "I am not playing your games anymore!". The attack fails when the Killer leaves & she gets her arm cut due to the glass when she comes out of the window.

Back at the learning centre, Audrey discovers that the alarm for the emergency exit has been disabled. She tells Noah that if he can make it to the door he will get back without getting caught, which he does. He then confronts Audrey about her behaviour noticing that she has been acting weird & paranoid for the past few days. Audrey dismisses his concerns but not before accidentally telling him about the threatening phone calls she has been receiving. She tells Noah that she suspects Gustavo Acosta to be the Killer due to his drawings of the Lakewood Six in blood. Despite Noah's protests, Audrey takes his iPad & shows the pictures of blood to everyone in the learning centre. This prompts Gustavo to explain that he draws the pictures because he is making a comic book with them. But when he tries to take his iPad back, football players stop him & beat him up until Sheriff Acosta intervenes & stops them. Emma then arrives at the library with the cut on her arm & blood on her hands.

In the interrogation room, Emma lies about what happened & claims that she had a panic attack & bashed the window open, finding herself unable to trust anyone anymore (even refusing to let Kieran take her home). When the school goes out of lock-down Noah steals Audrey's phone when she isn't looking to confirm his suspicions. Audrey attempts to apologise to a bruised & furious Gustavo, promising to fix the Ipad for him (which was broken when he was attacked by the football players). Gustavo refuses to listen to her & says "stay the hell away from or I'll break something you love" before walking away. Brooke thinks about the good times she had with Jake & goes into the pool; she dives underwater & has a mental breakdown.

In Noah's car he tries numerous times to figure out the password for Audrey's cellphone. Eventually he gets it right & finds all the text messages that the Killer sent her. He also finds a photo of her with Jake's body & realizes that Audrey was Piper's accomplice.


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  • The title of this episode is a homage to the 1978 horror film, "Dawn of the Dead" which was directed by George A. Romero.
    • Similar to the movie, the main characters are locked up at school while horrific events are occurring.
  • This episode was watched live by 0.45 million people.
  • Miguel Acosta ordered for the temporary lock-down of George Washington High School.
  • In the episode, Emma received a call from the killer.
  • Emma Duval had another encounter with the new killer in the school.
    • She attempted to directly attack him for the first time, but he left before she could.
  • Brooke Maddox had a mental breakdown over Jake's death.
    • She displayed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder throughout the episode.
  • This is the third episode of the season not to have a death scene.
  • Audrey accidentally let a secret slip about threatening phone calls she received to Noah. At the end, Noah got into Audrey's phone and saw video of her with Jake's body from Vacancy.
  • In the episode, it was revealed that the password to Audrey's phone is "Rachaelsgirl".
  • In the episode, Gustavo references the film When a Stranger Calls in his conversation to Noah.
  • Gustavo revealed that he draws the Lakewood Six in blood because he is making comic books with the pictures.
  • Maggie is no longer working on the Jake Fitzgerald case as an order from Sheriff Acosta.
  • This episode Marks the first appearance of Dwayne.
  • Quinn Maddox is no longer a suspect in the murder of Jake Fitzgerald.

Featured Music

  • WILDES – “Bare”

Students exit the school as the lockdown is lifted. Emma lies to the police and is angry with Kieran. Audrey apologizes to Stavo about breaking his iPad. Brooke screams underwater.


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