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Don't trust anyone. Not even me.

–Danny to Samantha Carpenter

Danny Brackett was a main character in Scream VI (2023) who was the neighbor of Sam and Tara Carpenter, and the secret boyfriend of Sam. He met Sam after she moved into their building and the two formed a romantic relationship which Sam wanted to keep hidden from the public as she was receiving backlash from people who believed she was the true perpetrator of the 2022 Woodsboro Murders.

As the murders continued, Danny instructed Sam not to trust anyone, including him, in order to ensure her survival. However, Sam called him in when Gale Weathers was being attacked in her apartment on the Upper West Side, as he worked close to her. Danny takes the subway with Sam, Tara and Chad Meeks-Martin to the theatre and prepares to stand up for Sam when a commuter wearing a Ghostface costume approached them.

Danny was sent away by Sam, as she didn't trust him, and he later returned with NYPD officers after calling them in. Sam embraced Danny and put her trust in him and the two walked away with Tara after the killers were unmasked.

He was portrayed by Josh Segarra.


Early Life

At some point, Danny moved to New York City, moving into the same apartment building where Tara Carpenter lived. Eventually, Samantha Carpenter followed her to New York and moved in with her and the two took in a roommate, Quinn Bailey. Sam would consistently spot Danny in his apartment across the window and the two eventually formed a romantic relationship which Sam wanted to keep secret, something Danny was fine with.

The New York Ghostface Murders (2023)

S6 0156

After Sam returns home from a therapy session, she asks Quinn for information about Tara's whereabouts as she wasn't home. Quinn spots Danny in his apartment and tells Sam he should go for her, however, Sam refuses as she felt she couldn't trust after her ordeal with Richie Kirsch. Later that night, after Sam attacked a student who wanted to take advantage of Tara, Danny returned home from a grocery run and saw Sam alone in the foyer. The two kissed and quickly pulled away when another resident returned home. Sam felt guilty for hiding their relationship, but Danny told her it didn't bother him as sneaking around was a kink of his.

S6 0363

The next night, Danny looks out his window to see Ghostface standing above an oblivious Quinn who was on the phone with her father, Wayne Bailey, whilst her latest gentleman caller, Paul 2.0, was showering in her bathroom. Danny tried to get her attention and then called Sam to warn her, however, Sam declined the call. When the group were attacked by Ghostface and Quinn was killed, Danny extended a ladder between his window and Quinn's. Sam and Mindy successfully cross over to Danny's apartment, however when Mindy's girlfriend, Anika Kayoko, tried to get across, Ghostface re-entered the bedroom and flipped the ladder, causing Anika to fall to her death.

S6 0704

The next morning, Danny tells Sam that she shouldn't trust anyone, not even him, and gives her some space. When they discover that Ghostface is in Gale Weathers' apartment, Sam calls Danny for help as he works on the Upper East Side near her apartment, however, he doesn't get there in time and after showing up to the hospital following her attack, the gang cast suspicion on him. Danny travels with the group on the subway, but after arriving at the theatre, Sam tells Danny to leave them as she can't trust him.

S6 1017

After unmasking Ghostface, Danny returns to the theatre with NYPD officers as reinforcements. The next morning, Sam finally embraces him and realizes she can trust him and they walk off together with Tara.





  • "It's one of my kinks."
  • "You always say the most romantic things."
  • "You shouldn't trust anyone. Not even me."
  • "Hey, yeah. What's up, bitch? I wanna see you motherfucker!" - to Ghostface (Ethan), who is standing over Quinn.


  • Along with Derek and Trevor, Danny is one of the few boyfriends (or love interests) who didn't turn out to be Ghostface.
  • Danny parallels Derek as he is innocent and protective of Sam and her friends. He is questioned by police. However, unlike Derek, he isn’t injured and yet had more involvement helping Samantha and her friends until asked by Sam to not include himself which he did things to help behind the scenes; checking on Mindy and Gale and calling the NYPD.
    • This also somewhat makes him like Gustavo Acosta from the TV series as both are mysterious, but neither are the killer and are the love interest to one of the main female characters. Also, both happen to be Latino.
  • He also clearly followed the rules and distanced himself from Sam and the survivors when Sam called him off, which ensured his survival and credibility.
    • To a lesser extent this also somewhat makes him like Joel, who left town after Randy Meeks was murdered and what ultimately kept him alive.
  • Even though Danny is not involved in the main confrontations with Ghostface, he has shown that he is always ready to step in and intervene to the best of his ability, from warning Sam and the survivors about the presence of the killer in their apartment, to instinctively being ready to protect Sam by covering her with his body when he encounters one of the Ghostface-dressed men heading their way on the subway.
  • He is also the only survivor of the new minor characters in the film.
  • Danny being an informal survivor of Ghostface, is similar to both Joel in Scream 2 and Mark Kincaid in Scream 3, as well as Judy Hicks in Scream 4.
    • While having faced Ghostface from a distance, he didn't get attacked like Mark or Judy, like Joel, but he did stay, unlike Joel.
  • Throughout the film, he is often referred to as "cute boy".
  • His last name "Brackett" may refer to Annie Brackett, one of the heroines of the original 1978 Halloween.
  • Him and Sam would be the first Latino couple in the franchise.
  • Danny's name is the second in the franchise with the "Dan"-prefix and to share the same name, with Danny Orth, preceding him in Scream 4 (despite his character being in a deleted scene, is canonical).
  • He is the first Latino male survivor of the film series.
  • In the original script for Scream VI, he and Sam Carpenter are neighbors who like each other but do not have an established relationship. Sam calls Danny to try to save Gale Weathers, though Sam hangs up the call after Sidney Prescott warns that he may be the killer. However, Danny somehow shows up to save Gale from a final and fatal stab wound in his apartment.[1]


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