Dane Farwell is the main stuntman who played  Ghostface.

Scream Franchise

Farwell was the stuntman behind the costume and played Ghostface, in Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 4. He decided not to reprise the role as Ghostface in Scream 3Brian Avery was the stuntman for Ghostface in the third film.

Farwell portrayed the most killers of the entire series, at six. He also portrayed Sidney Prescott when she donned the costume to attack Billy Loomis. Farwell was responsible for giving the character most of its mannerisms, including cleaning the bloody blade with his gloved thumb and index finger after a kill. This was seen as pretty disturbing, so it was written into the script for copycat killers in future films. 

Only six people besides Farwell wore the costume in the entire franchise. They are Wes Craven, Skeet Ulrich, Emma Roberts, Timothy Olyphant, Scott Foley, Neve Campbell, and Brian Avery. Avery portrayed Ghostface in Scream 3, while Craven and Ulrich wore the costume in two scenes from the first film.

Killers Portrayed


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