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Crescent Palms is a small motel located in Lakewood. It was the primary accommodation for former Lakewood Slasher Piper Shaw.


The Crescent Palms motel is located in Lakewood. Eddie Hayes formerly worked at the motel as a receptionist.

During the events of the Lakewood Murders in 2015, Piper Shaw rented a room there. In 2016, Noah Foster found this information out via his podcast, "The Morgue". Through an interview with the former motel receptionist Eddie Hayes, he discovered further details about Piper Shaw's accomplice. In addition, Eddie mentioned about a storage facility that served as a lost and found for belongings that were left behind. Eddie was preparing to divulge more information on the identity of the second accomplice prior to Audrey Jensen calling him on his cell phone. Disguising her voice, she threatened to slaughter him unless he stopped talking. Eddie subsequently halted his conversation with Noah.

When Kevin Duval came to town, he rented a room at the Crescent Palms. He stayed in Room 212 for one night. A new killer, pretending to be Kevin, ordered a bottle of wine to be delivered. Eddie Hayes brought the bottle and a corkscrew to the room. As he entered, he placed the bottle and the corkscrew on a table, and found white sheets covering everything up. The killer emerged from beneath the sheets, picked up the corkscrew, and proceeded to stab him repeatedly in the back with it. Once he had him on the floor, the masked individual delivered a final kill-shot to the throat.

The killer then sent a message to Emma Duval, pretending to be Kevin, beckoning her to meet him at the room. Kevin checked out before Emma arrived, but she found newspaper clippings relating to the previous murders inside the room. Emma was about to check the bathroom for her father, where the killer was hiding to attack her, when she heard Kevin outside and left.


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