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College Terror is a nonfiction book by Gale Weathers.

It is mentioned that Gale won the Writer's Choice Award for the book.



"College Terror" is based on the events that occured in Scream 2, written by Gale Weathers. It is mentioned in Scream 3. Later, it was developed a movie known as Stab 2. However, it was actually seen in the bookstore sequence in Scream 4. The cover claims that the book is "now a major motion picture". The actual hardcover book under the dust jacket is actually called "The Gates of Heaven". 

The book is 9 1/2 by 6 1/2" and its tagline is: "The Woodsboro Horror Continues!"

Continuity Errors

  • According to the promotional site for Scream 3, the original name for this book was The Windsor College Murders. It didn't receive the name College Terror until the props department for Scream 4 made the prop books. Leaving the original name for the book The Windsor College Murders, in the dust.

    The original description of The Windsor College Murders from the defunct Gale Weathers promotional website for Scream 3.

  • The award for College Terror is for 1996, but Gale's original website from 2000 mentions the book by the original name The Windsor College Murders as being published in 1997.

Gale's Other Books

These are all of Gale's known books. Some are mostlikely fictitious and made to exploit the murders. If you look at the screen used props, all of the descriptions on the back have the same text. 

  • Ghostface Returns (seen in bookstore; presumably fictional)
  • Knife of Doom,(seen in bookstore; presumably fictional)
  • The Woodsboro Murders; Scream
  • Hollywood Horror; Scream 3
  • Clock of Doom (seen in bookstore; presumably fictional)
  • Knife of the Hunter (seen in bookstore; presumably fictional)