Deputy Clifton Roberts was a minor character in the television adaption series, Scream. He is portrayed by Ryan Broussard.


Deputy Roberts is a prison guard, he was keeping Seth Branson in the jail cell due to being suspicion of murder and attempted murder on Brooke.

Season 1

The Dance

Deputy Roberts is first seen in the background at the room, where Clark was interrogating Seth.

Deputy Roberts is later seen handcuffed to a prison cell, lying in a large pool of his own blood, and covered with multiple stab wounds. The Lakewood Slasher had killed him to help Branson escape prison.


The police gather evidence to find his killer before having him wheeled away on a stretcher. Maggie stops the people who are taking him away, demanding to see his face. She notices something is in his mouth, and she pulls it out. It's covered in blood, but she recognises it to be the necklace Brandon James gave her when they were little. He put it in a tree by her house so she could find it after he made it for her. Maggie realises that's the clue, and that Clark must be tied to the tree where Brandon left gifts for her.


Season 1


  • Deputy Roberts is the first officer in the series to die.
  • In the season 2 premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer, his full name was revealed in Noah's murder mystery board as Clifton Roberts.
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