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You wanna call this a win cause you survived?

–Clark Hudson

Sheriff Clark Hudson was a main character in the television series Scream. He is portrayed by Jason Wiles.


Sheriff Clark Hudson is in his 40s, smart and compassionate. He is a good man and a good sheriff, who doesn't go with the easy answers. He's kind and empathetic when he has to deal with a young person who's been traumatized, but he's clearly not going to stop until he finds the truth.

Appearances (10/24)

Season 1 (10/10)


Clark consults at the station with Maggie the day of the George Washington High Halloween Dance regarding the finally traced messages sent to Nina Patterson, Rachel Murray, Riley Marra and Emma Duvall. They are traced to be made from a clone cell in use at a property off of Wren Lake and the Maddox property.

Clark that afternoon drives out to the residence alone which when ran is a for lease property and upon arriving notices a car in the driveway that he patches through to dispatch to have the plates ran.

Clark then enters the unlocked house via the front entrance and receives no response in announcing his arrival.

Turning a corner into the living room near the kitchen and a long corridor he notices the house mostly packed up aside a laptop on a dining room table connected as an extension of the living room.

Clark upon viewing the open laptop sees that there a webcam box in the desktop's right corner that flashes between different locations: the station, The Duvall house, Patterson home, Abandoned Hospital, Grindhouse Coffee stop, Nightmare Level Gaming Store, Murray house, Maddox house at Wren Lake, Abandoned Bowling Alley, Belmont farm and the station.

Clark then hears a thud from the inside the house and withdraws his firearm whilst again announcing his presence in the house.

Continuing around the corner to the hallway entrance out of the living room/dining room, the Lakewood Slasher follows him silently from behind coming from the front entrance brandishing a fire poker.

The Lakewood Slasher stepping on a creaky floorboard behind Clark announces his presence. Clark spins around to shoot the Lakewood Slasher but he knocks him out with the fire poker before he can pull the trigger.

Off-screen Clark is then taken unconscious by the Lakewood Slasher to the Anderson family home (Maggie's childhood home next door to the former James family home) and has stomach sliced from side to side and embedded with rope, which binds him to the Anderson's backyard tree which Brandon James would deposit gifts for Maggie.

Clark upon regaining unconscious by nightfall as the George Washington Halloween dance commences is broadcast via video by the Lakewood Slasher to Emma, Noah, chaperone Maggie and the rest of the dance attendees minus Brooke, Audrey, Kieran and Jake who had just departed.

Clark on screen writhes around and trying to speak as Maggie then is called upon to investigate into the Deputy murdered back at the station outside of Seth Branson's holding cell.

The video feed which hacked to be displayed on Noah's auditorium projection screen behind the DJ turntables is eventually disconnected as the Lakewood Slasher comes into view.

Emma whilst with Noah is called by the Lakewood Slasher and given oblique hints to Clark's location.

Upon reaching her mother at the station and deputy's crime scene Maggie realizes from the Daisy pendant put within the murdered Deputy's mouth and that it was a gift given to her mother by Brandon and left at her family home's backyard tree that the tree is where Clark is.

Maggie, Emma and the police arrive at the Anderson property and Maggie with her surgical scissors attempts to free Clark who tries to tell her despite his grave injuries, barely coherent and sensical that it doesn't feel right.

Maggie begins to cut through both sides of the rope holding him against the tree and upon pulling the rest from him releases his large and smaller intestines, accidentally disemboweling him.

Clark dies almost instantly as Maggie attempts to push back in his stomach contents and Emma retreats in shock and disgust.


  • His eagerness as a cop and good guy personality heavily resembles a continuation of Scream 4's Dewey Riley when he is sheriff, but Clark wasn't as lucky having been murdered in Revelations.
  • He and his ex-wife had a son together named Kieran Wilcox. His relationship with her at some point ended and his relationship with his son became distant as he was living with his mother and stepdad in Atlanta.
  • His relationship with Kieran was strained, but they did have some love for each other.
  • Brooke mentioned to Emma in I Know What You Did Last Summer that Kieran could not go into Clark's room as he was still grieving the loss of his father.
  • He is very inquisitive about Kevin Duval, Emma 's father and Maggie 's ex-husband as he suspected him of being the killer of the 2015 Lakewood Murders.
  • Noah and Tyler were his prime suspects of being the killer before he died
  • Clark is one of three main characters to be killed off in the Scream (TV Series). The other two being Will Belmont and Zoë Vaughn
  • Clark is the second character to appear in all episodes to die at the last.
  • When his son Kieran reveals himself as Piper's accomplice and the killer in When a Stranger Calls, it is implied that he wanted to kill his own father.
  • First Sheriff in the Franchise to be killed.
    • Sheriff Carpenter in the Season 2 finale would be the next followed by Judy Hicks and Dewey Riley in the 5th film.
    • In the films series Hicks is the first Sheriff to die and Dewey was retired at the time he was killed
  • Overall is the 6th Law enforcement causality in the franchise after Officer Richards, Officer Andrews, Deputy Hoss, Deputy Perkins and Deputy Roberts.
    • The 2nd victim in the tv series after Roberts.
  • The 3rd parent to be a victim of a killer in the franchise after Maureen Prescott and Kate Roberts
    • Although unlike Sheriff Hudson and Kate Roberts, who are direct victims of their children, Maureen was killed by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher while her Son Roman Bridger was the mastermind behind that murder.

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