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Movies are not responsible for our actions.

–Casey to her film class.

Casey Cooper, better known by her nickname Cici, was a supporting character in Scream 2 (1997 film). She was a first-year film student at Windsor College, approximately 19 years old. She was a sorority sister at Omega Beta Zeta, and dated a man named Ted, who appeared to be an alcoholic.

While on sober sister duty, she was murdered by Mickey Altieri. In their previous film theory class, she sided with her classmate Randy Meeks over Mickey in their discussion on sequels. She rejected the idea that movies caused crimes, saying that people are ultimately responsible for their own actions.

Overall, she was the third character to fall victim to the second Ghostface killing spree. She was a target due to her forename replicating Casey Becker, the first target of the original Woodsboro Massacre. She sided with Randy Meeks, one of the survivors of Woodsboro on the discussion of movies not being responsible for our actions, and her dislike for sequels.

She was portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar.


The Windsor College Murders (1997)

"You can't blame real life violence on entertainment

"You can't blame real life violence on entertainment."

Cici took part in the sequel discussion in her film theory class along with Randy Meeks and Mickey Altieri. Her stance was that life didn't imitate art, which was the opposite standpoint of Mickey's. After class, Cici attended the press conference concerning the recent murders of Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens.


Cici talking with Ghostface.

That night, Cici was the "sober sister" for her sorority, Omega Beta Zeta, which meant she was on call, should a drunk sister need a ride. She received a call from the killer. Ghostface started questioning Cici about whether or not she was alone and whether or not she wants to die. Cici, scared, runs outside and attempts to call campus security. She cannot receive a signal since she took the cordless phone too far from its base and is frightened by Dawnie, a sorority sister, who pops up behind her and asks if anyone called for her. She's getting ready to leave when the phone rings. She answers it, believing the caller is Cici's boyfriend, Ted, and gives the phone back to Cici. Ghostface uses the distraction to sneak into the house.

After Dawnie leaves, Cici is momentarily relieved, thinking Ted is really calling for her. Then she realizes it's the killer on the phone, when he says "You wish it was Ted." She rushes to set the house alarm, while listening to Ghostface's taunts. She hears weird noises and walks around downstairs, investigating. After taking a breath to calm herself, the phone rings again.

Normal scream2 267

Ghostface throws Cici off the balcony.

After she answers it, she is attacked by Ghostface, who comes rushing out of a nearby closet. In a desperate bid to stay alive, she races upstairs with him chasing after her. In an attempt to survive, she throws multiple objects at the killer, including a vase. After narrowly escaping the killer's knife a few times, Cici reaches the top floor and hesitates at a glass balcony. Ghostface uses this to their advantage by grabbing her and throwing her through the glass door shattering it.

Cici's corpse

Cici's body.

She dizzily tries to crawl away while also trying to stand up, but before she is able to get back onto her feet, she is stabbed twice in the back. She is then picked up by Ghostface and thrown off the balcony to her death. Looking down to check, Ghostface swipes the knife clean, and runs off, while Cici's bloody corpse lies lifelessly.

In the aftermath of her death, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley discover from Chief Hartley that her real name is Casey. Gale then uses her intuition to work out the pattern aligned with the first two victims' names, that all mirrored the original Woodsboro Murders, which began in 1995 with the murder of Maureen Prescott, and ended in 1996. This meant, she was killed because her name was similar to Casey Becker's.





  • "Movies are not responsible for our actions."
  • "You've got a hard-on for Cameron."
  • "'Drink with your brain' — that's our motto."
  • "Why do you always answer a question with a question?"
  • "And I'm impatient."
  • "I don't think I'm alone."

About Cici

  • "Don't forget to set the alarm." (Dawnie and Nancy Loomis]
  • "You wish it was Ted."
  • "Do you wanna die tonight, Cici?"

Behind the Scenes

  • Cici-And-Casey

    Connection between Cici and Casey Becker in Scream 2.

    Originally, Cici's character role in the film was going to be completely different, including her death and name.
    • An old dummy draft of Scream 2, Cassandra "Cici" Taylor is a sorority little sister of Chi Omega. Cici, after saying goodbye to Dawnie, receives a call from one of the phones in the house. When she answers the phone, the killer grabs her by the hair and throws her through a glass door. Later at the Delta house, Sidney discovers Cici's body hung, disemboweled, and stabbed among the trees.
    • In this draft, her death was more like Casey Becker's, because she was still hung from a tree and disemboweled, which would make sense because Nancy Loomis and Mickey Altieri were looking to replicate Casey's murder with Cici. Also finding out that Cici's real name was Cassandra was going to be a warning to Sidney because she was going to play a character called Cassandra in The Oresteia.
    • But eventually, her name was changed to Casey "Cici" Cooper, her death was totally changed and the name of the sorority was changed to Omega Beta Zeta. Many fans think that after her death, some of her scripted scenes were removed because Sarah Michelle Gellar was very busy that year because she had a lot of projects at the time and she couldn't film several of the scenes with her and also caused the filming to be delayed.
  • She was described as "pretty with a lively energy about her" in the original script.
  • A publicity still shows Cici on the campus quad with Lois and Murphy. Their body language hints at Cici being lower on the social totem poll. It's unknown if this was from a deleted scene or strictly photographed for publicity. Cici is seen in the background of the finished film, when Sidney tells her friends, who Dewey is shortly after the press conference.
  • An early script for Scream 3 stated Christine (before her surname was Hamilton) played Cici in Stab 2.
  • In the scene, where Ghostface is tossing Cici over the side of the balcony, a man's head can briefly be seen popping up in the low right-hand corner of the camera region. This was most likely a crew member involved in the cinematography, that assumed they had finished filming that scene.
  • When Ghostface stabs Cici in the back, there is no blood on the knife, marking yet another mistake in that scene.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar signed onto her role, without knowing what role she was playing, based on the success of the original film. She filmed it after finishing work on I Know What You Did Last Summer, and later joked that after her character was killed in that film, she went to Scream 2 to get killed again.
  • Cici's death scene appears in Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later when Molly Cartwell and Sarah Wainthrope are watching Scream 2 on television.


  • Cici Fears For Her Safety
    Cici's name is similar to Casey Becker. When Chief Lewis Hartley is investigating the string of murders, however, he positively identifies her as Cassandra, which "Casey" is often a nickname of.
  • In an early draft of Scream 2's script, Cici's full name was Cici Taylor.
  • It's revealed in her death scene that there are two killers: one Ghostface is on the phone with Dawnie and at the same time the other Ghostface sneaks into the house without a phone in hand.
  • Cici has the same last name as the Scream 4 victim Marnie Cooper. It was unknown if they were related.
  • Alicia Silverstone auditioned for Cici's role.
  • It is unknown who portrayed her in Stab 2. It is not Christine Hamilton, as fans have suggested for various reasons.
    • An old dummy draft of Scream 3 suggested the opening kill "Christine Perkins" portrayed Cici in Stab 2, and her boyfriend "Ben Damon" was also murdered.
    • However, the eventual release of the film changes her name to Christine Hamilton, and her boyfriend is Cotton Weary, not a character named Ben.
    • Additionally, the three dead celebrities listed by Mark Kincaid are Cotton, Sarah and Tom, as Cotton was a talk show host.
    • The news reporter, portrayed by Nancy O'Dell also does not mention Christine's role as Cici which would indicate a stronger motive and understanding as for why Cotton was murdered, and Neil and Sidney would not be speculating about Cotton's enemies if they were aware of Christine's role in a movie based on Sidney's life story.
  • Liev Schreiber's dog is leg by a co-ed in front of the crowd that goes to investigate after news of Cici's murder.
  • Cici's death is seen in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, where Molly and Sarah are watching Scream 2. This doesn't make any sense since Halloween is fictional in the Scream universe and Scream is fictional in the Halloween universe.
  • In Scream VI, Сiсi's portraits can be discerned in the shrine.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in I Know What You Did Last Summer, which was written by Kevin Williamson and released two months before Scream 2.
  • Her character, Helen Shivers has a similar scene to Sidney Prescott and Hallie McDaniel's scene in Scream 2, where they are being escorted by Officer Richards and Officer Andrews. Helen is also being escorted by a police officer, who is eventually murdered by the killer (Ben Willis) and Helen becomes trapped in the police car.
  • Like Hallie McDaniel, Helen is eventually killed after escaping.
  • Like Randy Meeks, Helen is actually killed where there are bystanders not far from her, as there was a 4th of July Parade happening while Randy is killed in a news van on campus in broad daylight.


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