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Dr. Christopher Stone was a minor character in Scream VI (2023 film) and the therapist of Samantha Carpenter. He stopped seeing Sam after being uncomfortable around her when she revealed that stabbing Richie felt right and he was murdered the next morning after by Ghostface, who stole Sam's file from him.

He was the seventh character to fall victim to the sixth Ghostface killing spree.

He was portrayed by Henry Czerny[1].



After moving to New York City to be closer to Tara, Samantha Carpenter seeks out Dr. Stone as her new therapist, however, she usually finds his sessions unhelpful.

The New York Ghostface Murders (2023)

S6 0089

On the night of Jason Carvey's murder, Sam is with Dr. Stone where she discusses how she no longer has visions of Billy Loomis, but that she is now dealing with the downfall of having been accused of being the mastermind of the 2022 Woodsboro Murders. Dr. Stone asks Sam for details on what happened and she describes how she killed Richie, but felt fearful because when she did it, "it felt right".

This makes Dr. Stone visibly uncomfortable who tries to end the session and tells Sam he has to turn this information over to the police. Sam tells Dr. Stone he's like the rest of them and storms out of his house. Dr. Stone then passes his notes over to NYPD Detective Wayne Bailey.

S6 0279

The next morning, Dr. Stone hears a knock on the door and seeks a hooded figure standing outside. When he gets closer to the glass, he realizes it's Ghostface, wearing Billy Loomis' old mask. Ghostface smashes his arms through the glass and stabs Dr. Stone in the side of the nose, killing him.

He then breaks into the house and steals Sam's therapy file.





  • "How did you stop him?" (to Sam)
  • "Why are you here?" (to Sam)
  • "You're a day early for trick-or-treating, you know?" (to Ghostface)


  • He has the same last name as Steven Stone from Scream 3 and was killed by Wayne Bailey dropping Roman Bridger's mask at the crime scene while Roman is Steven's killer.
  • Possibly being in his early 60s, he may be the oldest victim in the film series.
    • If he is in his late 50s, he may be tied with John Milton for being the oldest victim in the series.
    • His death is somewhat similar to Kate Roberts'. Both are near a door when they are killed. Only difference is Kate is stabbed through the door and Dr. Stone's door is open with glass over it and is stabbed by Wayne Bailey after he breaks it.


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