Christine Hamilton
Portrayed by Kelly Rutherford
Location Hollywood
Boyfriend Cotton Weary
Status Deceased
Death Year:2000

Cause:Stabbed in back with knife by Roman Bridger

Appearance(s) Scream 3

Christine Hamilton was Cotton Weary's girlfriend. She was murdered by Ghostface on his quest to find Sidney Prescott.

Christine was the first character to fall victim to the third Ghostface killing spree. She was portayed by Kelly Rutherford.

Scream 3

Christine was taking a shower while waiting for Cotton to return home. Unbeknownst to her, Ghostface had broken into the apartment and was actually talking to him on the phone while watching her in the shower.


Christine in the hands of Ghostface

After she got dressed, she heard the stereo turn on in the living room. She believed it was Cotton and when the stereo was turned off, she called out wondering who was there. After hearing 'Cotton's' voice, she was momentarily relieved before being attacked by Ghostface and chased into the office of the apartment. After locking the door behind her, he called out to her in Cotton's voice using his multi-voice changing box. He said he was sorry he scared her and was just trying to take the game to the next level. When she asked what game, he said he was talking about how much fun it was going to be to rip her insides out. He stabbed the door to get in and she locked herself in a closet until the actual Cotton arrived home.

Christine's death

Christine's death

Christine, believing Cotton was going to kill her, burst out of the closet and attacked him with a golf club when he broke into the room. She kept asking him why he wanted to kill her and this confused him. He saw Ghostface sneaking up behind her and yelled, "Get out of the way!" Confused and frightened, she hit him over the head with the golf club, giving Ghostface an opening to stab her in the back. She screamed and fell to the floor dead.

Behind the Scenes

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Christine's corpse

  • She played Cici Cooper in Stab 2 as stated in the script.
  • Kate Winslet, Charisma Carpenter, and Shannen Doherty all tried out for the part of Christine before the studio settled on Kelly Rutherford. Interestingly, Charisma Carpenter co-starred alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the real Cici Cooper, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Shannen Doherty starred as one of the Halliwell sisters on Charmed where Rose McGowan, who played Tatum Riley, replaced her after she left.
  • Actress Alicia Silverstone was offered the role of Christine Hamilton as well as the roles of Sarah Darling and Angelina Tyler but turned them all down.


  • "Come on, Cotton. You know I don't like your Stab games."
  • "You've gone crazy, that's what!"

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