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Chloe is the main antagonist of Stab 7, who makes a cameo in Scream 4. She is portrayed by Kristen Bell.

Stab 7

Chloe is watching Stab 6 with her best friend Rachel. Chloe is a big fan of the movies, unlike Rachel, who criticizes it. Chloe defends the movies, but Rachel doesn't care and keeps on blabbering about how stupid and fake they are. Chloe then pulls out a knife and stabs Rachel in the stomach, revealing herself to be the killer of Stab 7. "Why?" Rachel asks her best friend with blood pouring out of her mouth, "Because you talk too much!" Chloe tells her before stabbing Rachel again and telling her to "Shut up and watch the movie". Rachel then falls over dead as Chloe begins to watch the rest of Stab 6. Chloe's fate is left ambiguous. It's unknown whether she got away with everything, got killed or went to jail.

Chloe kills Rachel.


  • "I jumped. Scared me."
  • "I guess now it would be Twitter. That'd make more sense." To Rachel in Stab 7
  • "I like the Stab movies. They're scarier. It's not aliens or zombies or little Asian ghost girls. There's something real about a guy with a knife who just... snaps." To Rachel in Stab 7
  • "Did that surprise you?" After stabbing Rachel
  • "Because you talk too much. Now shut the **** up and watch the movie!"

Behind the Scenes

  • Chloe's name was once believed by fans to be Winifred Hale and then Trudy Garret. Though, it seems as both were rumors by fans.
  • Chloe's surname is rumored to be Patterson.
  • In an alternate cut of the film when Chloe stabs Rachel she tells her "It's your own fault". This is not in the final film.
  • Chloe is 17 according to the script.


  • Chloe is fictional both for real-life audience and for characters within the franchise, and therefore doesn't count as an official canon killer.

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