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Well, it's a "Stab" fanatic, clearly, working on less of a shriekquel and more of a Scream-make. 'Cause all there are now are remakes. Only horror the studios green-light. I mean, there are still rules, but the rules have changed, the unexpected is the new cliché.

–Charlie about who might be the killer.

Charlie Walker was the secondary antagonist of Scream 4 and the sixth revealed Ghostface in the franchise. As a senior at Woodsboro High School, he was President of Woodsboro Cinema Club and ran Stab-a-thon from his sophomore year to his senior year. For 4 years, he had an unrequited romantic interest in Kirby Reed who is his girlfriend.

Secretly, Charlie dated Kirby's best friend, Jill Roberts who wanted vengeance against Trevor Sheldon for cheating on her, as well as coping with the jealousy towards her cousin, Sidney Prescott. They conspired to remake the original 1996 Woodsboro Murders on its 15th anniversary, under the guise of being the remake version/millennial counterparts to Randy and Sidney. Despite this, Jill had planned to betray and murder him in the end anyway, to become the true sole survivor.

Despite his subservient nature, Charlie was the most ruthless Ghostface in costume. He is the first Stab fanatic Ghostface, followed by Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman in the sequel. (Though Charlie showed an appreciation for all seven Stab films, rather than being an original film purist like his successors),

Despite his jealousy stabbing and betrayal of Kirby Reed and leaving her for dead, she was able to survive and became the famed sole survivor of the Woodsboro Massacre Remake. He was the tenth character to fall victim to the Second Woodsboro Murders in 2011.

Charlie was portrayed by Rory Culkin.


Early Life and Background

Charlie Walker was born in approximately late-1993 to the Walker family in Woodsboro, California. He was born around two years before the first Ghostface killing in Woodsboro, Maureen Prescott. His entire family life is unaccounted for in the film series. As a major horror film geek, he ran Woodsboro Cinema Club, a preferential title to "Film Club".

Charlie Jill Feign Shock

An image of Jill (left) and her secret boyfriend-accomplice, Charlie (right) as their plans become reality. They feign shock in class at the commotion outside over Jenny and Marnie's murders.

As President of the Cinema Club at Woodsboro High School, he chose his friend, Robbie Mercer as Vice President. He was a particularly obsessive fan of the Stab films and hosted the Stab-A-Thon from 2009 to 2011, approx. age 18 to 19.

Implied by Olivia Morris, it appeared to have a different location every year. Charlie was proud of his event-running, and seemed to pointer-check its league table against other high school societies.

After Jill Roberts was cheated on by Trevor Sheldon sometime in their sophomore year or the summer before senior year, Jill began a secret relationship with Charlie, who she sat next to in English class.

Unbeknownst to Charlie, he was simply a tool in her game. Jill convinced him of manifesting his Stab movie dreams to reality in the form a real-life remake. She convinced him of her vision: millennial counterparts to Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks.

Charlie Believes He is Randy

Jill leads Charlie to believe he can be the Remake of Randy (portrayed by Christopher Speed), the original Stab film geek.

Jill concocted a scheme where they would remake the original Woodsboro Murders, framing her ex-boyfriend, as the pairing become the last two teenagers surviving, just like the original events and original Stab movie. This time around, however, as any horror remake intended to do at the time, they would "out-do" the original.

An unknown part of their plan is whether Sidney Prescott was essential, though it seems likely given her local celebrity status and the timing of her self-help book tour ending at Woodsboro. This also coincided with the 15th anniversary of the original Woodsboro killings.

As Rebecca Walters, as Sidney's close-by confidante and book publisher intended to do for promotional reasons, Jill and Charlie also had their own promotional ways at play with the setting stages of their copycat killing spree. Their first order of business became to target one of Trevor's implied flings, possibly even the first girl that Trevor cheated on with, Jenny Randall. (However, it is unclear whether Jenny was actually a single individual that Trevor cheated on Jill with. As the film shows Trevor converse with another girl in the background at Stab-a-thon, indicating it might be of regular occurrence. This would have also made Jill more susceptible to suspicion from police much easier when they are questioned).

Woodsboro Massacre Remake

The Setting Stages

Scream 4 Charlie as Ghost face

Charlie as Ghostface

Jill and Charlie began their copycat killings with Jenny Randall. In targeting her at the Randall residence, they also use Marnie Cooper as a cannon fodder/collateral damage kill. Marnie is irrelevant to their plans, but due to her close proximity, she is needed to be killed in order to taunt Jenny before her brutal death. Charlie kills Marnie and films her murder, as he stabbed her multiple times in the stomach off-screen.

Ghostface then called and taunted Jenny over the phone (while its scathing gender remarks are at face-value what someone might perceive to be Charlie, it is also possibly Jill, who also objectifies Gale at the end of the film). Charlie and Jill throw Marnie's corpse through a nearby window. Jill then chases Jenny across her house and eventually catches her briefly and stabs her in the back. Jenny crawls down into her garage (which is out for renovations) where she has her back crushed by the garage door. She is then stabbed in the stomach or chest area.

Framing Sidney

Charlie Makes Sidney an Accessory to Crime

Charlie makes Sidney Prescott an accessory to murder and material witness to a crime by planting evidence in her rental.

The following morning, Charlie plants several Ghostface-related items and merchandise in Sidney's rental car boot when she arrives at Woodsboro on her self-help book tour. He also calls Olivia Morris from Marnie the Carnie's phone, while later calling Jill in front of Kirby and Olivia, as her witnesses, before going to school.

Charlie then arrives at school with his tech savvy best friend, Robbie, engaging with groups of students on Robbie's live-video blog upload for all of his high school experiences, titled Hall Pass.

That's funny Kirby

Charlie admiring the sight of Kirby and her wit.

Once Jill and her friends, Olivia Morris and Kirby Reed arrive, the duo revert their attention to them. Robbie is seen wearing a camera on his headset to capture footage of the trio, which immensely annoys Kirby and Olivia.

Jill, however, does not seem particularly annoyed about the camera in her face. Charlie is seen trying to make a pass at Kirby, which she brushes off. He speculates that she likes him, but Robbie says she's just playing him. That fact ends up being true; later Kirby confides in Jill that she enjoys toying with the Cinema Club President.

Charlie Stabs Olivia

Slicing someone open: Charlie brutalizes a terrified Olivia.

That night, Charlie and Jill plan the murder of Olivia at her house where Sidney stays at, including his home invasion and easiest exit. Jill has stolen her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon's phone and given it to Charlie.

Deputy Hoss claimed to have seen Charlie go into a yard two houses down "right before". As a result, Deputy Perkins circled around to cut Ghostface off, and met Hoss circling from the other direction. Hoss states, "No, he must have circled back around somehow. He's like a ghost." It is unclear how Charlie managed to successfully sneak into Olivia's room during this timeframe.

  • Note: It is speculated that Hoss misidentified the individual, who was actually Trevor sneaking through the area to see Jill, whom he was concerned for, whose comings-by to the Roberts Residence would have been a regular occurrence. This was possibly prompted by Jill to reflect the roles of Sidney (Tori Spelling) and Billy (Luke Wilson) in the original Stab film, as part of their plan to frame him as the millennial counterpart to Billy. (Despite this, the real-life Billy only snuck in once to distract Sidney from Stu abducting her father). As a result, Charlie likely was inside Olivia's house longer than the police suspected, and "right before", the individual snooping around the perimeter was Trevor.
  • Deleted Scene: Police protocol for circling around the Roberts house is overheard by Jill. While not a canon scene in the official release, it is likely some form of this instruction was still given for protection measures as Sidney stayed inside.

Jill calls Olivia to distract Olivia so she won't hear Charlie using the voice modifier to taunt Kirby on the phone as the Ghostface entity. It is most likely Olivia has a steep closet, given if it was a small room space, as Olivia would have otherwise easily heard Charlie. He leaps out of Olivia's closet, slices her chest, stabs her once in the hand, beats her, stabs her once in the back, twice in the stomach, bashes her head through her bedroom window and then disembowels her on her bed, leaving her intestines hanging out.

Charlie Sidney Kick Scene

Charlie, one second before Sidney leap-kicks him to the face.

When Sidney arrives, Charlie initially calls her telling her she will die when he wants her to, and "until then, you're going to suffer". Charlie as Ghostface then slices Jill's arm, who has entered the house after her, and tries to stab Sidney in the neck.

He fails and Sidney punches him in the face, with a leaping martial arts kick. Charlie feigns unconsciousness briefly for Sidney to turn her back, before bolting out the back door. Perkins and Hoss check out the back-door for Charlie, but he has escaped. It is likely Jill's awareness of her neighborhood, she gave Charlie intel on the easiest secret passageway to avoid being caught.

Making Sidney "Suffer"

Later on in the night, Gale Weathers gets a hold of Charlie and Robbie during the aftermath of Olivia's murder outside Woodsboro Community Hospital. Robbie has arrived to web-cast Hall Pass, insensitively discussing how Olivia will now "never go out with him". Meanwhile, Charlie has other intentions — co-coordinating his next target with Jill — Sidney's publicist, Rebecca Walters.

A Big Deal for Cinema Club Scream 4

A Stab fanatic's wishful excitement: Sidney's celebrity guest appearance at Cinema Club.

Gale proposes a chance for the movie geeks to work with her, much to Robbie's excitement, for he claims he loves her. After much deliberation, they request that she and Sidney make an appearance at their film club. Charlie is eager for Sidney to appear, as she is "the star", much to Gale's frustration.

It is clear Charlie reads the situation of Gale's annoyance as to imply Sidney is leaving Woodsboro with Rebecca, unaware of Gale's own secret, subtle professional jealousy of Sidney. As Charlie says, "You're friends with her, right?" In actuality, Sidney and Gale are not close to each other, but have mutual respect. Around the same timeframe, Jill and Sidney are at the hospital, being treated for their injuries sustained by Charlie.

Rebecca Walters, Sidney's publicist and personal assistant is fired amid this, unbeknownst to Charlie and Jill. However, Charlie and Jill are unaware of the nature of their relationship and have already set the stages for Rebecca's demise. Sometime later into the night, the surrounding area of the hospital is deserted, it is likely past midnight.

Ghostface Cut Electrical Wires

A show-off moment for cutting the car hood electrical components.

During this time frame, Jill has loosened door handles, to anticipate Rebecca's failing exit strategy for their impending attack. She enters Floor Six of the Parking Garage structure to go to her rental, after exiting the main hospital entryway. Charlie has meddled with the elevator lift, causing metallic clanging. She enters the parking garage.

Ghostface Meddles with the Electric Components of the Elevator Causing Metallic Clanging

Jill meddles with the electrical components of the hospital elevator, causing metallic clanging. Foreshadowing the next scene, where she has also cut the electrical wires of Rebecca's rental car.

As she tries to identify her rental vehicle, the car alarm goes off. She is unaffected by this, as she gets a call from Ghostface.

Jill has destroyed the electrical components of her vehicle, flaunting the destroyed wires, as she leaps on top of her rental. After this, she hides when another car comes in proximity. Rebecca cries for help inside, panicking in duress, forgetting to use the car horn to signal for help.

She exits the vehicle, as the car horn goes off. This sends her into duress, and she runs to the other end of the floor structure, to the Stairway Exit this time. (Continuity Error: As Rebecca runs to the structure, it appears to be the Elevator Entry, but given logically its metallic clanging and electrical component tampering, it was re-shot to make more logical sense. She now uses the Staircase exit as a last-ditch attempt at common sense). As Rebecca tries to open the door, its handle is loosened, an element caused by Jill, likely from circulating the hospital.

Jill runs fast and hard, stabbing Rebecca. She then carries her four floors up the parking garage structure. As the cops then disperse, to identify the cloaked future who threw Rebecca off during Dewey's press conference. Perkins reports back from a police officer that nobody is at the top of the structure. With Rebecca dead, it is clear Sidney is a target, and Sidney's visit to Cinema Club and extended stay is guaranteed.

Getting a Celebrity Visit

Charlie and Robbie Speak to Gale at Cinema Club

Charlie will not give the location for Stab-a-thon, an "underground thing". In his deception, he knows Gale will stay true to herself, to snoop around anyway and find the location in secret.

The next day at film club, Gale and Sidney show up in order to get more information. Charlie "deduces" that the killer is following the rules of a remake/reboot, and thus is upping the ante from the original films. In fact, the only way to be totally safe, according to the rules, is to be gay. The key component missing is to actually film the murders, "making your art as immortal as you". In actuality, he is indirectly flaunting his own work, as the knowledge of the murders being filmed has not come to light.

Charlie and Robbie queue together that they are not trying to implicate each other. They refer to the original murder spree, which culminated in a house party massacre; the only logical place for the next killing would be there. Gale asks about what is going on tonight and Charlie says they are having a Stab marathon at an undisclosed location. Gale presses for the address but the kids won't give it up.

Unidentifiable attacks

At the Stab marathon that night, Charlie and all his companions are seen attending the party, except for Jill allegedly, whose mother refused to let her go. It is revealed that Gale finally found out the party's location, having followed other party goers to an abandoned farm on Fort Dillon Road, in Woodsboro. Gale places cameras all around the farm, until both Jill and Charlie camera-blind all four of Gale's hidden cameras seconds apart, revealing Jill is a secret attendee.

Jill or Charlie Head Stab Perkins

A "Who Killed Who?" debate: Sometime after Kate Roberts goes grocery shopping, the killer strikes the cops then Kate herself. Emma Roberts expressed doubt on her character being the perpetrator, while Hayden Panettiere supported the idea.

Undetermined timeframe: Deputy Hoss is stabbed once in the back and Deputy Anthony Perkins is stabbed in the head. This follows Hoss noticing Jill's window is open, indicating she has left her residence. Jill has also left her computer on, with her conversation to Kirby Reed open. This also takes place sometime after Kate Roberts leaves to procure groceries. When she returns, they are gone.

In conversation with Sidney she says, "They were there when I first came in". It implies this is when she first came in before she had to get one more bag from the car, but given the short time frame of seconds, including the noise, screams and pavement thud, it is likely Kate was observing the cops as displayed corpses in their car, unknowingly.

Kate observing the cops also coincides with a moment given to observe the relocated wind chymes, where she would hear the pavement thud and see the excess blood of Hoss' brain trauma fluids leaking. The idea of the cops as sitting corpses from the car is supported by the fact that their bodies and car were relocated two blocks away by Charlie, who stabs them a few more times off-screen, according to Judy Hicks, to make sure both are dead. This is seemingly confirmed when Charlie gives one of their handguns to Jill.

In the commentary for the film's DVD, Emma Roberts who portrays Jill felt that Charlie killed her mother, and was in doubt over Jill killing the cops. Hayden Panettiere felt she killed all three. Wes Craven did not deny either commentator's opinion. Despite this, Deputy Hoss, if stabbed by Jill, could have conceivably survived. However, given Charlie, regardless of whether he was the entity on-screen to attack, stabs him fatally later off-screen, Charlie is Hoss' definitive direct killer regardless. With regards to Perkins, it is undetermined.

The False Party Ending

Charlie and Robbie During Stab Opening

Charlie and Robbie celebrate, as the beginning of Stab plays through a projector.

Later, at the third annual Stab-a-thon, Charlie and Robbie are seen drinking at the event and watching the opening of Stab featuring Heather Graham as Casey Becker, Gale re-enters the scene. Jill, who disabled several of Gale's cameras (While Charlie handled the other cameras in close proximity to him) , has planted a secret camera of her own.

Gale, who has noticed the new camera, panics. Charlie, in his Ghostface costume, attacks Gale as Heather Graham's screams from the projector deafen Gale's own predicament.

Jill also identified Gale's correct stab wound position on her left shoulder after seeing it through the webcam. Gale out-powers Charlie, and throws him over. He falls backwards onto the curtain. However, he manages to manoeuvre forward and stabs Gale in the shoulder. He runs away. Sheriff Dewey Riley enters the barn then tends to his injured wife after firing a shot in Charlie's direction on the exit way of the barn. This sudden uprise of events forces the party goers to disperse, including Charlie and Robbie.

Aftermath of Stab-a-thon

Kate Sidney Fight Back

Charlie escapes among the crowd goers. Back at the Roberts Residence, where Kate is to return from grocery shopping, Charlie has already driven the cops two blocks away and finished the job (likely committed by Jill). Sidney enters Jill's room, noticing a message to Kirby, a text stating that her mother is driving her crazy and asking to be picked up. It is possible Jill's iPhone 3GS and Mac were message-connected, for her to send the location near the proximity of the barn or on the journey to her house.

Kirby picks Jill up after Jill has called Sidney from the back of the house, having told her as the Ghostface entity about stabbing Gale. Kate returns from grocery shopping, to which Sidney informs her that Jill is not in her room. They go to the back door, and see a reflection of Ghostface in the mirror revealing that Charlie was at the back door.

This leaves Jill to kill her mother, Kate Roberts. Jill out-powers Kate and Sidney, who attempt to prevent her entry from the front door of the house. Kate and Sidney use their strength to block this but fail. As a result, Kate exchanges arm muscle strength for back energy, while Sidney injures Jill's arm in the process to shut the front door at last. This gives Jill an easy kill opportunity to stab Kate from behind through the mailbox slot.

The "True" After-Party "Ending"

Kirby Annoyed at Charlie for Leaving The Front Door Unlocked

Kirby gives an annoyed glare towards Charlie, the last to arrive, for leaving the front door of her house unlocked.

Charlie arrives last at 329 Whispering Lane, leaving the front door unlocked, cracking open a Red Bull to adjust to the adrenaline of his prior physically demanding murder sprint. This fools his friends, who would assume he disperses due to being an accessory to a crime, being Gale's attack.

  • Deleted Scene (non-canon): It is revealed Charlie is Robbie's passenger to Stab-a-thon, indicating he may be picked up later by him. However, with it being a non-canon deleted scene, it is unlikely this plot element is still officially canon.

Trevor's arrival causes Kirby frustration, as he tells her she should not leave the front door unlocked. Kirby looks at Charlie in frustration, revealing he was the last person to enter the house, further confirming him as Kate's direct killer. Trevor is immediately suspicious of Charlie.

At Kirby's house, Kirby and Charlie are seen making light of what just happened while Robbie is upset that the police shut down the party. Soon, Jill (for Kirby invited her over) arrives and joins them in discussing what just occurred. Charlie is putting on Stab 7, Olivia's favorite, saying nobody cancels his film festival. Trevor's sudden arrival is backed by a text, claiming that Jill sent him a text on his new phone, after losing his previous missing phone, inviting him to come over. Jill is "frustrated" at this, and puts on a performance of anger, storming out to find her phone.

Scream 4 - Kirby and Charlie

Charlie and Kirby leaning in for a kiss

Robbie later excuses himself to do a podcast outside, in which he remarks that his buddy might get the girl. He is referring to Kirby and Charlie. Inside, Kirby knocks Charlie out of his Stab trance and loopy, tells him he should probably make a move. Charlie asks why doesn't she with the same slurred tone. She says she just did, telling him she always thought he was cute. She then kisses him. Suddenly, Trevor bursts in and ruins the moment, making Charlie furiously storm out of the house. After slipping past an unaware Kirby, he puts on his Ghostface costume where he stabs Robbie in the chest and the back, as Robbie web-casts live on Hall Pass. Robbie crawls away where after he states that he's gay. Charlie hesitates for a brief moment, a callback to their previous rule that gay people don't die in remakes (as they are practically never apart of horror films and rendered inconsequential). However, Robbie says, "If it helps", to imply he is saving his skin. Then Charlie snaps back into action and stabs him in the stomach.

Charlie Plays Victim

Charlie mimics the first on-screen Ghostface victim, Steven Orth.

Robbie then struggles to the front door where he warns Jill, Kirby and a newly arrived Sidney of Ghostface's presence before finally dying in front of them. Giving Charlie the opportunity to attack them, the three remaining characters escape. Charlie chases Jill and Sidney upstairs to Kirby's room, he then uses an axe to breakdown the door, he then walks past the bed where Jill is hiding under when he hears Sidney outside on the rooftop.

During the planned "final" confrontation, Charlie is seen running up to Kirby's patio door (for that was where Kirby and Sidney were hiding from the killer), with blood on his hands (he claims that the blood was from Robbie's dead body outside) and Jill dressed in her Ghostface costume, trailing behind him. He begs Kirby to let him in, but she readily refuses, for fear of her own life, and backs away. Soon, Jill as Ghostface attacks Charlie, and the patio lights turn off. When they turn back on, he is found tied up to a chair, much like Steven Orth in the first Scream, with Kirby assuming the role of Casey Becker, having to play a movie trivia game with Jill as Ghostface to save his life.


Thinking she won the game, she unties Charlie, only for him to stab her in the stomach for her efforts. Just as he makes the first blow, he mutters, "Kirby, this is making a move!" This refers to their previous talk back in the house, where Kirby tells Charlie he should make a move. He continues to speak, angrily rebuking her, "Four years of classes together and you notice me now?" This reveals his obsessive crush on her, and how he sought attention from her, but never received much.

Charlie Sad to Stab Kirby

Charlie stabs Kirby twice in deep sadness, as she bleeds out. It is later revealed to be non-fatal in Scream 5 (2022).

He then catches her as she falls into his arms and shouts, "You stupid bitch! It's too late now!" and stabs her for a second time in the same place. His voice appears to be breaking and quivering, as if he was about to cry. As Kirby groans in pain, he retorts with, "Doesn't happen as fast as it does in the movies, I know." These were his last words to her before he lets her fall to the ground holding her bleeding stomach. Running his fingers through his hair rather regretfully, he walks away from the pitiful scene.

Charlie Knife Holding Sidney

Charlie tells Sidney "All the plots are about trying to kill you".

Charlie goes back inside and holds Sidney at knife point. They tussle, and she narrowly breaks free only to be stabbed by the oncoming second Ghostface that reveals herself to be Jill.

She is the Woodsboro Remake mastermind, and Charlie is her accomplice. Charlie's reason for helping Jill is his infatuation with her, and believing the pairing to be in love. He also thrived to remake the original Stab movie, but out-doing the original, with an alternate ending (the Stab-a-thon is the false ending, with Kirby's after party as the seemingly "true" ending).

Knife Games Red Walls

Charlie admires "the perfect victim", Jill Roberts.

They share a kiss after Jill mutilates and kills the abducted Trevor. He admires Sidney, saying "everything I learned, I learned from you". Shortly after the lip-lock, Charlie asks Jill to stab him in the shoulder to make it appear as if he was attacked by Ghostface (a callback to her previous work), but instead she stabs him in the heart and stomach.

Charlie Walker Accomplice Victim

Roles reversed: Charlie dies as the millennial Stu, Jill's sole survivor plan fails and she dies as the millennial Billy, while Kirby, left to bleed out, is the sole survivor (with connotations of being the Remake Sidney and Randy).

He is quickly betrayed by Jill, after previously believing the two of them to be the reincarnation of Sidney and Randy from the first film. She informs a shocked Charlie that he's the Stu Macher to Trevor's Billy Loomis, and what the media loves is a "sole survivor", and points in Sidney's direction. He slumps to the ground, to bleed out and die. She then tells Sidney, "I don't need friends, I need fans!" after a horrified and shocked Sidney says, "Even your friends".


25th Anniversary Murders

In the fifth film's opening scene of Tara Carpenter's attack, fellow Stab fanatic psychopaths Amber and/or Richie call Tara, telling her to tell her mother Christina that "Charlie" called, a man from her "group" (AA reference). Some fans speculate it to be an Easter egg reference to Scream 4 (2011 film). The film also reveals Charlie did not kill his somewhat unrequited love interest, Kirby Reed, reducing his kill count.

With her survival, she becomes the sole teenage survivor of the second Woodsboro Murders (and to some extent, making Charlie her own quasi-boyfriend-killer Billy Loomis remake, with Jill as Stu). Radio Silence revealed Kirby was intended to be shown as a filmmaker, working with Rian Johnson for Stab 8, a reboot that omitted Sidney Prescott's character. It is possible the Flamethrower Ghostface (portrayed by Matthew Lillard) is Charlie.

Given Judy Hicks, a survivor of the Second Woodsboro Murders would only be a character conceivably in Stab 8, and is mentioned to be a character in a Stab film, fans speculate the events of Scream 4 were adapted in a heavily remixed form, possibly without Jill Roberts (due to her connection to Sidney Prescott).

The New York City Murders

Charlie's photo appears on an investigation board detailing past Ghostface killers.

His shirt, his costume and the knife he stabbed Kirby with are in the shrine.

Committed Murders

Confirmed Murders

Marnie Death-2 Marnie Cooper Stabbed in stomach multiple times and thrown through window. Scream 4
Jenny Death 2 Jenny Randall Back crushed by garage door and stabbed to death. Scream 4
Olivia gutted closeup Olivia Morris Stabbed several times, thrown, head bashed through window and gutted. Scream 4
RebeccasDeath Rebecca Walters Stabbed in stomach and thrown off parking garage roof. Scream 4
HossDeath Ross Hoss Stabbed in back (on-screen), stabbed multiple times (off-screen). Scream 4
PerkinsDeath Anthony Perkins Stabbed in forehead. Scream 4
Kate Roberts Death Scream 4 Kate Roberts Stabbed in back through letterbox. Scream 4
RBD Robbie Mercer Stabbed in chest, back and stomach. Scream 4




Out of costume

  • " be the new, new, the killer should be filming the murders."
  • "You learn a lot when you watch movies over and over. All the plots are about trying to kill you." (To Sidney).
  • "...The reversals becomes the new standard."
  • "Well, it's a Stab fanatic clearly. Working on less of a 'Shriek-quel' and more of a 'Scream-make'." (Charlie to Sidney, using "copyrighted terms", per Robbie's live web-cast on Hall Pass).
  • "A party. Guaranteed third-act-main-cast bloodbath."
  • "Did you feel that? That charge that went between us just then?"
  • "That was awesome." (About meeting Sidney and Gale)
  • "The unexpected is the new cliché." (To the Cinema Club.)
  • "Only horrors the studio green lights." (About remakes).
  • "Nobody cancels my Stab-a-thon". (Charlie at Kirby's House).
  • "Kirby? This is making a move..." (Charlie before stabbing Kirby in the abdomen).
  • "You stupid bitch! It's too late!" (Charlie crying about having to stab Kirby).
  • "Shhhh... It doesn't happen as fast as it does in the movies, I know." (Stabbing Kirby a second time in the abdomen before leaving her to bleed out).

About Charlie

  • "I know you're really into the movie and all, but now would be a really good time to... make a move."
  • " need to call it off." (Sidney about Charlie's party).
  • "And I like him. To tease and torment, to make him squirm." (Kirby about Charlie).

As Ghostface

  • "Welcome home, Sidney. Preview of coming events."
  • "Oh, poor Sidney. You think this is all about you? You think you're still the star?" (Charlie to Sidney, indirectly referring to his girlfriend as the true star).
  • "This isn't a fucking movie!" "It will be". On the phone to Sidney. (A deleted scene at the fountain reveals Charlie said the exact same line, after Trevor says, "Shut up you idiots, this isn't a movie". It was likely cut to prevent suspicion on his role in the film).
  • "I've got plans for you. I'm gonna slit your eyelids in half so you don't blink when I stab you in the face."
  • "You'll die when I want you to, Sidney, not a moment before. And until then, you're going to suffer."
  • "Because I'm standing in the closet."
  • "I think I have enough time just to slice someone open."
  • "I never said I was in your closet."
  • "Spare me the lecture!"

Speculated as Ghostface

  • "I'll be happy to put you there, in the fucking morgue."

Deleted scenes (non-canon)

  • "You like that don't you? Suspense!" "...Yes, I do." (Kirby to Charlie after he and Robbie invite her to Stab-a-thon following Olivia's murder).
  • "Laurie bit in Halloween: Resurrection, Ripley died in Alien 3, that's precedence." (Charlie to Kirby about Sidney's expendebility).
  • "Shut up, you idiots, this isn't a movie." "Yeah, but one day it will be". (Charlie's response to Trevor).


  • His casting call states: "Messy cute. Friends with Jill, Trevor, Kirby, and Olivia. A little cocky, he likens himself to Randy Meeks from the first three Scream movies without the nerd part. With no such luck, he’s definitely a nerd." It is confirmed that he has a crush on Kirby.
  • On Randy's Scream 2 death, Jamie Kennedy felt it was a missed opportunity to explore his involuntarily celibacy (prior to the third film explaining Randy did in fact lose his virginity), and how it could have led to a darker path for the nerdy film geek. This angle was eventually used with Charlie's character.
  • It has been speculated that he did not want to kill Kirby, so he didn't stab her deeply enough to kill her. He wanted Jill to think Kirby was dead so she wouldn't go back and finish the job. He said "already taken care of", but left her to bleed out still moving.
    • It was revealed in the fifth film that Kirby survived from her stab wounds while giving an interview about her experience during the murders online in 2018 to Bloody Disgusting.
    • The confirmation of her survival has extended further when she reappears again as her full self in the sixth film.
  • He is based on Stu Macher, because he bares many similarities to him. Jill apparently seduced him into doing her bidding and, thinking that she liked him, he agreed to help her with her killing spree. Stu claimed in the first movie that he was peer-pressured into helping Billy.
  • In the movie Lymelife with Rory Culkin and Emma Roberts, Emma's character seduces Rory's character in a confessional and they also had a sex scene which was apparently what happened between Jill and Charlie.
  • Deleted scenes: Fountain scene, where he states "It will be" when Olivia says it isn't a movie, a hint he is the killer (Scene 1); inviting Kirby to Stab-a-thon with Robbie; arriving as a passenger in Robbie's car at Fort Dillon Road (Scene 3).
  • He wanted to be the new "Randy Meeks" with Jill as the new "Sidney Prescott" but ended up being the new "Stu Macher". Jill killed him because she planned to be the "sole survivor".
  • Charlie is the second of three male accomplices and Ghostface killers to be betrayed, by his own female mastermind and accomplice in the franchise, and the first to be betrayed by his love interest.
    • He is preceded by Mickey Altieri being betrayed by Nancy Loomis in Scream 2.
      • Similarly to Charlie wanting to get out of the situation as a famous "victim", he is thwarted by Nancy, like Jill, in that both female killers wanted to frame their accomplices and get away (while Nancy wanted to disappear after the use of her non-existent alias Debbie Salt, Jill wanted to appear as the sole survivor and victim for fame)
    • Succeeded by Jamal Elliot betrayed by Beth in Scream: Resurrection (also known as Season 3, from the TV series). Second to be betrayed by his accomplice who's also his love interest, despite the age difference in each (Jamal being an adult, and Beth a teenager).
      • They'd be succeeded by Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman as the second Ghostface duo with an inappropriate age gap relationship in the fifth film, who are the successors of Charlie and Jill in Woodsboro.
  • The fifth killer in the films to not appear on any posters or covers on the home releases.
    • His accomplice, Jill appears on a poster for the movie and her actress Emma Roberts' name appears too along with other material.
    • Rory Culkin is the fourth actor along with Timothy Olyphant, Laurie Metcalf and Scott Foley to not appear on posters or even have their names on any of the material. Stu is not on any poster or covers on any of the home releases, but Matthew Lillard's name appear on some posters.
      • Kieran Wilcox got his own poster on Season 2 of the TV series.
    • Richie Kirsch, Amber Freeman, Ethan Landry, Wayne and Quinn Bailey all got their own posters and all appear on some of the movie posters and covers of the home releases, but none of their names are on the material.
  • Charlie is the shortest male killer in the franchise at only about 5' 6". Before Charlie all the male killers had been at least in the six-foot range.
    • This trend would end with Tom Martin/Shallow Grove Slasher and Jamal Elliot, who are both 5' 9" and 5' 7". Richie Kirsch and Ethan Landry would be the next male killers to be in the six-foot range while their father Wayne Bailey is 5' 8".
      • If including Jason Carvey would technically be the shortest killer at about 5'5".
        • Which makes them both the shortest males and two of the shortest characters in general in the franchise.
    • His accomplice Jill Roberts is the shortest Ghostface killer in the franchise at 5"1" thus making them the shortest killer duo.
      • Thus making them the only duo to have both a short male and female.
        • Kieran is tall while Piper is short from the first two seasons.
        • Both Mickey and Nancy are tall.
        • Richie is tall and Amber is short.
        • Beth is tall and Jamal is short.
        • While technically part of a trio of killers, Ethan and Quinn are both taller than their father, Wayne.
  • Ironically, his attack on Kirby as a Ghostface killer abruptly foreshadowed his untimely death in the fourth film:
    • His set-up victimization, which was done with his accomplice Jill that involves him being taped onto a chair, acts as a pathway for him to attack Kirby and leave her to die. Later on, he actually got victimized by Jill herself through killing him off completely.
    • The way he attacks Kirby is through stabbing her at the stomach twice. Later on, he got a two-stab treatment, as well, but it's instead done by Jill, and it's much more severe because it's done on two different organs: first at the heart, and later at the stomach.
      • The irony of this case stretches even further by the fact that Kirby herself was later confirmed to have survived from his attack on her in the next two Scream films, which were released after the fourth one.
    • Kirby was starting to openly express her romantic feelings for him after he "saved" him from a set-up Ghostface game, but then Charlie verbally responds to that by accusing her of recently reciprocating his old feelings for her just as he attacks her, indicating that he has since lost all of it sometime ago. Later on, it's revealed that he and Jill are dating, showcasing that he's now attracted to her, but then Jill backstabs him by murdering him, which presents the fact that she's not really into him.
    • Charlie's attack on Kirby would be referenced in the fifth film by Richie Kirsch attacking Samantha Carpenter in his reveal, similarly, being set up as a victim (being shot by Sidney) before stabbing his love interest.


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