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I'm like... 99% sure that you're not the killer.

–Chad to Liv McKenzie

Chad Meeks-Martin is a main character in Scream (2022 film), and its sequel (2023 film). He is a survivor of the 25th anniversary Legacy Killings (2022) in Woodsboro, California, which was committed by Stab (1997) fanatics, his former high school friend, Amber Freeman, and her secret boyfriend/partner, Richie Kirsch.

He is the nephew to original Scream character, Randy Meeks, son of Martha Meeks. Despite being Randy's nephew, he does not share many characteristics with his uncle, unlike his twin sister, Mindy. Chad was part of the Woodsboro High Football Team and won the heart of Liv McKenzie.

When a new Ghostface entity strikes, Chad immediately suspects 22-year old Vince Schneider who had stalked Liv's Instagram, having previously been in a relationship with her. When Vince attempts to steal Liv back, Chad threatens him. Vince is later murdered, making Chad a suspect.

He is later attacked after trying to track down Liv at Wes Hicks' memorial party at Amber's house. After almost being fatally stabbed and left to bleed out, he was somehow resuscitated, and appears in medical emergency recovery in his last frame.

Chad later enrolls at Blackmore University and moves to New York City where they both attend. He is assigned to be roommates with Ethan Landry who he forms a close friendship with. As he gets closer to Tara, he strikes up a romantic relationship with her and he is later stabbed multiple times by two Ghostface killers whilst trying to protect her and is once again left for dead, however he is able to survive his injuries once more.

He is portrayed by Mason Gooding.



Chad was born on aproximately September 30, 2003 alongside his twin sister, Mindy to approx. 21-year-old, Martha Meeks (appears in Scream 3).

The question of his paternity was alluded to by actress Heather Matarazzo, who stated in a March 16, 2022 Twitter Q&A that she was aware of his identity. Then after several rejected speculations by fans, she finally liked a tweet with a still of cameraman, Joel (appears in Scream 2), fueling this idea further.

If so, the Scream 2 character whose news van was an accessory to his uncle's murder, possibly developed a relationship with the Meeks family after the murders.

It is unknown whether he grew up in Woodsboro, California as a child or lived with his father (possibly in Ohio if it is Joel) or if he relocated sometime after the Second Woodsboro Murders (2011), during the time when Sam Carpenter babysat him (approx. 2012—2016). Given his absence in Scream 4 (2011), it appears likely he was living with his father at the time.

2022 Woodsboro Legacy Murders[]

Listen, all I'm saying is with everything going on right now, I think it's time we take our relationship to the next, most intimate level. (...) It's the smartest option with a would-be killer on the loose. You know exactly where I am and I know exactly where you are.

–Chad to his late girlfriend Liv and proposing to accept his GPS social-media like request, FindMyFam, during the 2022 Legacy Murders, Scream (2022)

After Tara Carpenter is attacked, Chad and his friends go to visit her after school, in the hospital after calling Tara's sister, Samantha Carpenter, back to Woodsboro. Chad is questioned about the bruises on his arm and then defends his girlfriend, Liv McKenzie, against Vince Schneider, a former summer romance of hers who is now stalking her through Woodsboro. As the friends hang out in a bar, Vince confronts them causing Chad to threaten him and getting everyone kicked out.

S22 - Meeks Gathering - 8

The next day, Chad and Mindy host all their friends, Samantha, her boyfriend Richie Kirsch, and former Sheriff Dewey Riley at their home as they discuss the latest attacks and try to figure out who the Ghostface killer(s) is or what their motive is, much to Chad's confusion as to Samantha's origin. After everyone, Chad included, accuses Samantha of being the killer and due to being Billy's daughter after she mentioned and pinpointed how all the attacks are on people related to the original killers, with Mindy laying out the rules and how she and Chad are probably screwed (due to being Randy's niece and nephew), she leaves in anger.

The next night, Amber Freeman hosts a party at her house to which Chad, through drinking, dedicates to Wes Hicks's memory, as he was killed the day before alongside his mother, Sheriff Judy Hicks. Amber scolds Chad for doing shots at Wes' memorial party, which he defends by saying it's how he mourns and is distracting himself from "the looming spectre of Death". Later, Liv and Chad are seen making out on the couch downstairs. Liv tells Chad she wants to go all the way with him, but being distrustful of everyone, he respectfully declines, causing Liv to storm out of the party.


Chad then gets a text from Liv with a GPS tracker of her phone and he follows her to try and apologize, unaware that it's actually a trap set by the Killer. Chad tries to flee but Ghostface bursts out of a shed behind him and chases him, stabbing him seven times, Chad fell to the ground in pain before Ghostface (Amber Freeman) could stab him again he is interrupted by Sam, Tara and Richie's vehicle pulling up in front of the house, causing Ghostface to flee as he bleeds out.

Liv claims to have found his body outside after the party died down and people were forced to leave, believing him to be dead when she's accused of being the killer for having his blood on her hands. Chad is later revealed to have survived his attack, being wheeled out on a stretcher conscious, exchanging a glance with Mindy, who also survived her attack.


After recovering from his injuries and later graduating from Woodsboro High School, Chad either was awarded a athletic scholarship to or he himself enrolls at Blackmore University with Mindy and the pair move to New York City with Tara, who is also attending, with Sam following them not long after to be with Tara. Chad is then assigned to be roommates with Ethan Landry, who manipulated the allocations to get close to him, and he forms a close friendship with him. It's likely he's taking a Films Studies class alongside his film major sister and Tara.

The New York Ghostface Murders[]

This'll be so fun. A little slumber party with the Core Four (...) Yeah. I sure did. I mean we've been through a lot together and it's a pretty cool nickname.

–Chad to Sam, her sister and love interest Tara, and his twin sister Mindy, officially indicting their group nickname and as successors to the Legacy Trio, Scream VI

Chad attends a Halloween frat party with Ethan, Tara, Mindy and her girlfriend Anika Kayoko and is called in as a reinforcement when Tara is groomed by a date-raper student, Frankie, who wants to take advantage of her. Chad gets into a physical altercation with the student and the fight is broken up by Sam who tases the student in the testicles. Chad leaves the party with the rest of the group and witnesses Sam being ambushed by internet trolls who believe she framed Richie for the near 25th Woodsboro Legacy Murders, approximately thirteen months prior in September 2022.

S6 0115

Chad returns to Sam and Tara's apartment, which they share with roommate, Quinn Bailey, and comforts Tara before confessing his feelings for her. He leans in for a kiss but they are interrupted by Quinn who is looking for her phone. Chad and the rest of the group watch a news report on the murder of Jason Carvey. The next morning, Chad joins Mindy and the rest of the group where Mindy discusses the rules about the "sequel to the requel".

S6 0352

The group gather for dinner that night and Chad nicknames the survivors the "core four". When they are ambushed by Ghostface, who murders Quinn, Chad and Tara are able to escape whilst Mindy, Sam and Anika are forced to escape through a window using a ladder and Anika is thrown off the ladder to her death. In the aftermath, Chad accuses Ethan of being the killer as he was the only one not with the group that night.

Gale Weathers then reunites with the group and takes them to a shrine allegedly built by Jason which is dedicated to Ghostface. When Wayne Bailey, Quinn's father, devises a plan to trace the killer, Chad hides in a police van with Mindy, Ethan and Kirby Reed whilst she tracks down a phone call from Ghostface. When Gale is then attacked by Ghostface, Chad goes to the hospital with the rest of the group and Tara comes up with a plan to trap Ghostface and Wayne instructs them to travel in public.

The group board a subway but are separated from Ethan and Mindy after they are held back by commuters. When they arrive at the shrine, Sam sends her boyfriend, Danny Brackett, away whilst the rest of the group hide inside

S6 0806

When the group arrives at the theatre he confesses his feelings for Tara and kisses her. As soon as he could kiss her again Ghostface arrives and attacks Tara. Chad then knocks down Ghostface telling Tara to run. As they are running Sam gets in the way in which Chad tells her to run. As they are running Ghostface catches up with them but Chad knocks him down but a second Ghostface comes and stabs him. They stab Chad multiple times and then leave him for the dead.

S6 1030

Chad's fate is unknown until he is rolled out of the theatre on a stretcher, still alive. Tara and Sam run over to greet him joyfully, with Tara kissing Chad. Mindy shows up and goes in the ambulance with him to the hospital.






Scream (2022)

  • "And you can stalk me like a jealous boyfriend!"
  • "Not to sound like a stereotypical jock who's trying to get into his girlfriend's pants, but..." (About Liv)
  • "Ah yes. Thank you very much, Edward Snowden." (To Wes)
  • "Actually, your mother just interrogated me about Tara's attempted murder, which was very fun".
  • "Time to introduce him to Hobbs and Shaw." (About Vince)
  • "Alright, listen up, uglier Michael Myers. It was a summer flame (fling), alright? It meant nothing." (Chad to Vince.)
  • "I don't fucking care who you're talking to." (To Vince)
  • "Don't you fucking talk to her, I don't wanna hear your goddamn voice." (To Vince)
  • "Then why kill that douche-nozzle who was stalking Liv?"
  • "Hey! To Wes!"
  • "(Muttering) Beautiful son of a bitch."
  • "God, please speak English" (to Mindy when she's explaining requel rules)
  • "Well, this is how I mourn and distract myself from the looming specter of death." (To Amber)
  • "Jesus, Mindy. That's my girlfriend and I love her."
  • "You just gonna sit here and watch a movie about our uncle being stabbed?"
  • "Oh my god, at least take some sort of weapon." (Mindy to her brother)
  • "Woah, stop! Wait Wait Wait!" (Chad to Ghostface/Amber before getting attacked.)

Scream VI (2023)

  • "Alright, cheers, man. To the dynamic duo of Hortense Tower, third floor, room 315"
  • "Oh, man. Time to start making moves. Yeah, get you out there, introduce you to some girls. What about her?"
  • "Ask her out! Ask her out!"
  • "Got to have confidence. Plus, look at you, man! Your'e a snack! (Your'e) practically an entire meal all on your own"
  • "Yeah. Your'e Ethan Landry. Hey, excuse me. Howdy. How you doing? My friend here, he's a a snack, right?" (to an attractive girl dancing and dressed in Harry Potter-esque clothes, asking her if she likes his friend)
  • "No, it's good. It's not bad. There's room for improvement."
  • "Hey partner. Tara's good down here (...) Yeah, you did." (to Frankie confronting him as he takes Tara upstairs at Halloween party)
  • "(How about you) get your fucking hands off her? You got a FUCKING problem?" (Chad as he pushes Frankie off Tara due to him pulling her and almost fighting with him)
  • "That's too bad. I was actually looking forward to getting some shots in while I can." (to Tara in her room alone after dropping off her medication and flirting with her, sparking their romance)
  • "Survivors gotta stick together... you know"
  • "And besides, you know you can do a lot better than Date-Rape Frankie"
  • "Tara, you're... I think you're really special"
  • "I'm gonna go. But get some rest, get sober, and please don't kill your sister, okay? She loves you very much. Good night". (Chad leaving after almost kissing Tara and being interrupted/"cock-blocked" (in her own words) by Quinn Bailey walking into Tara's room to get her phone)
  • "Still nothing from Mindy"
  • "This'll be so fun. A little slumber party with the Core Four (...) Yeah. I sure did. I mean we've been through a lot together and it's a pretty cool nickname".
  • "You know I would appreciate some respect from my fellow Core Four members".
  • "Where the FUCK where you last night? HUH!?"
  • "Smile for the camera, motherfucker!"


The question of his paternity has been speculated, as some fans alleged the father was an important past character. On March 16, 2022, Heather Matarazzo (who portrays Chad's mother, Martha) did a Twitter Q&A with fans. She re-fuelled speculation after she claimed to know the identity of her on-screen twin children, Chad and Mindy's father.[3]

After several "No" responses, she liked a tweet, asking her to "confirm or deny" with a screenshot of Joel, the cameraman from Scream 2 whose news van was an accessory to Randy's murder, and never re-addressed the topic following this in the Q&A.[4]

  • Actor Duane Martin's surname is also, of course, Martin, a possible nod to his character all along (and a re-working from the original Scream Forever draft where the twins were originally Martinez). This possibility corroborates previous uses by Radio Silence, by using the real-life actor's surname for an unidentified surname of a character, such as Kenny Brown, the cameraman in the original Scream and his actor, W. Earl Brown.
  • It also corroborates rumors of Duane Martin's planned return in Scream (2022) that was speculated to be scrapped for COVID-19 reasons, as he teased a return on Instagram that never transpired.
  • Radio Silence spoke to journalist Meagan Navarro and stated that Joel was once mentioned in the official script for Scream (2022) at one point, but it was cut. Given he would have no prior connections to anyone else, it further consolidates this theory.[5]
  • Some fans have expressed disliking towards the possibility—due to the appropriateness of it—given the age gap between Martha and Joel when seen in their first appearances (17 and approx. 20s respectively). However, it is possible the pair met much later when Martha was around 20 (circa 2002) before she was pregnant in 2003. If Martha's mother, after Dewey contacted her about his death came to pick up the body where Joel's van would be a crime scene, it is likely she met Joel; a connection with the Meeks family may have formed slowly over time from there.


  • His character name was confirmed by[2]
  • Is the jock fraternal twin brother of Mindy Meeks-Martin.
  • It was confirmed on the promotional TikTok @toobrashsarah that Randy Meeks is his uncle before the fifth film's release.
  • In the original draft script, Chad and his twin sister's surname was "Meeks-Martinez", and their father named Carlos appears in the house with Martha.[3]
  • In the original draft script, Chad was originally supposed to be killed off. After a couple of Zoom meetings with his actor Mason Gooding, they decided to not kill him off.
  • Chad's birthday shared with twin sister, Mindy, despite being born in 2003, is viable and in order to be timeline conflited, but canonical, for their ages to align, their birthday can be no earlier than September 30th, 2003 (Continuity Errors; see References below) who perhaps repeated their senior year as well, being in the same grade as Tara (and Amber, also), or otherwise graduated in 2023 and were juniors in 2021, only being slightly older than Wes and Liv.
  • Chad is sarcastic, humorous, and defensive when it comes to watching out for his partner and friends.
  • In Scream VI, he resembles Derek Feldman as when ask to stay away from by his love interest, he takes his chances and stays by her to protect her.
    • Unlike Derek, he narrowly survives his after being left for dead.
  • The scene of Chad being attacked outside of 261 Turner Lane is a slight parallel to how other victims were attacked during their run ins (all unexpectedly) with Ghostface and were ultimately killed, such as: Kenny Brown in Scream, Hallie McDaniel in Scream 2, Steven Stone in Scream 3, and Robbie Mercer in Scream 4. Unlike his predecessors who died outside, Chad survives his.
    • His attack is also paralleled in the TV series with the attacks of Riley Marra in Season 1, as well as Liv Reynolds in Season 3, due to each being stabbed in their legs and their arteries.
  • Chad is overall the third jock character and athlete in the Scream films, the first being Steven Orth and the most recent being Trevor Sheldon.
  • Chad is the second Black male character to survive the attacks of Ghostface in the franchise, with the first being Marcus Elliot from Season 3 of the TV series.
  • Chad and Mindy are the second pair of twin siblings (first of the opposite sex as well) and the second brother and sister duo in the franchise, preceded by Dewey and Tatum, and by Marcus and Deion Elliot.
  • He is the only jock involved in the Woodsboro Murders that has survived. (both Steven Orth and Trevor being the others that were murdered.)
    • He is also the only Black male to survive the attacks of Ghostface in the main Scream films; he's also the first Black jock to survive, overall.
    • He homages Steven Orth, as Liv carries an inverse story to Casey Becker creating a Casey-Steve dynamic. Where they dump a Macher to be with a jock. Casey dumps Stu to be with Steve, while Liv dumps Vince to be with Chad.
    • He also reverses the stereotype as it's shown that Liv was trying to have sex with Chad in their relationship instead of Chad trying to get it on with her, seeing as he's the jock. Adamantly, he doesn't fall to his girlfriend's pressure and who perhaps without knowing, survived due to the rules stated by his uncle Randy, in the original Scream about not having sex, giving a reason why, despite being attacked, survived (it's implied that Steven or Trevor did not follow this rule as they were quickly killed off, if the killers follow the original).
    • Chad was 10 years old alongside with his twin sister Mindy in 2013, the two them were possibly in 4th Grade around 2013-2014 with Wes Hicks.
    • Chad was 5 and Wes was 4 and they were both Childhood Friends around 2008 when they were both in preschool.
    • He had dated Liv first in the Fifth Film then he dated Tara in the Sixth Film.


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  1. The Third Woodsboro Murders in Scream (2022) took place on the 26th anniversary, so just after the 25th anniversary of the September 1996 murders, thus in September 2022. Chad was born approximately on September 30, 2003, so he would’ve been 17 the year before and turned 18 (2021), who in 2022, was now 18 turning 19.
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