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I don't like games. Who is this? (...) I don't even have a boyfriend. (...) You know, I don't even know you and I dislike you already.

–Casey to Ghostface (Billy Loomis).

Casey Becker is a fictional version of the first on-screen victim of the Scream-universe "real-life" Woodsboro Murders, Casey Becker (portrayed by Drew Barrymore) who appears in the Stab film franchise, a fictional film series set in the Scream film series universe.

She is the opening scene victim in the original film-within-a-film, Stab (1997 film-within-a-film). The opening scene she features in makes its very own cameo in the opening scene of Scream 2 (1997 film). She later re-appears via archive footage in Scream 4 (2011 film) as part of the viewing for the third annual Stab-a-thon party, where guests watch all 7 Stab films back-to-back, hosted by later-revealed serial killer and Woodsboro Cinema Club President, Charlie Walker.

The Stab depiction of Casey is portrayed by (a fictional Scream universe version of) actress Heather Graham, who is mentioned by Tara Carpenter in the fifth instalment, Scream (2022 film).



Casey is seen getting undressed to have a shower. However, the phone rings right before she enters. She answers the phone call where a mysterious man answers. He taunts her, frightening her, which causes her to run off knowing that he is somewhere inside of her house. She runs outside and waits to find out where he went. As she attempts to flee, Ghostface catches her and stabs her a numerous number of times, thus killing her. He then hangs her body in the tree.

Casey about to be stabbed

Casey attempts to flee but is grabbed by Ghostface

Stab Casey is certainly a satire of Hollywood horror cliches infringing on real life events. Her taking a shower when the real Casey was preparing to watch a movie, getting stabbed over fifteen times when the real Casey was stabbed only three times, and the fact that it there is a lightning storm during the murder just proves this.

Casey screaming while being stabbed

Casey being stabbed to death

Scream 2

Maureen Evans was murdered at the theatre during the death scene of Casey. Casey was screaming in the movie so the audience didn't notice Maureen being stabbed at the same time. It was then confirmed that most or all people thought it was a publicity stunt to promote Stab.

The few that were not convinced were the few that turned their attention when her blood sprayed on one white woman, and a few men and women were skeptical seeing Maureen being attacked.

Scream 4

The Stab film shown at the Third Annual 2011 Stab-A-Thon hosted by Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer was the original. Gale Weathers was attacked during the death scene of Casey by Charlie.

This time, there is one extra seen missing from when the scene was shown in Scream 2 with Ghostface dragging Casey. Due to Casey's screams, no one heard Gale screaming. This is exactly the same thing that happened to Maureen Evans.

Scream (2022 film)

Tara Carpenter mentions Heather Graham by name as the actress who portrayed the "real-life" Casey Becker.

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