Casey Becker
Casey stab 1
Portrayed by Heather Graham
Based on Casey Becker
Location Woodsboro, California
Occupation High School Student
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue

Deceased [1]


Casey Becker is the opening character and first kill in the hit movie, Stab which appears in the second installment of the Scream Franchise. Her death and murder mimics the real death of Casey Becker, the second person to fall victim to the infamous Ghostface.



Casey is seen getting undressed to have a shower. However, the phone rings right before she enters. She answers the phone call where a mysterious man answers. He taunts her, frightening her, which causes her to run off knowing that he is somewhere inside of her house. She runs outside and waits to find out where he went. As she attempts to flee, Ghostface catches her and stabs her a numerous number of times, thus killing her. He then hangs her body in the tree.

Casey about to be stabbed

Casey attempts to flee but is grabbed by Ghostface

Stab Casey is certainly a satire of Hollywood horror cliches infringing on real life events. Her taking a shower when the real Casey was preparing to watch a movie, getting stabbed over fifteen times when the real Casey was stabbed only three times, and the fact that it there is a lightning storm during the murder just proves this.

Casey screaming while being stabbed

Casey being stabbed to death

Scream 2

Maureen Evans was murdered at the theater during the death scene of Casey. Casey was screaming in the movie so the audience didn't notice Maureen being stabbed at the same time. It was then confirmed that most all thought it was some kind of publicty stunt to promote Stab.

The few that were not convinced were the few that turned their attention when her blood sprayed on one cauasian woman, and a few men and woman were skeptical seeing Maureen being attacked. If anyone witnessed and reported to the cops, it may have been one of those skeptical viewers who first witnessed it.

Scream 4

The Stab Movie was shown at the Stab a Thon and Gale was attacked during the death scene of Casey.

This time, there is one extra seen missing from when the scene was shown in Scream 2 with ghostface dragging Casey. Due to Casey's screams, no one heard Gale screaming. This is exactly the same thing that happened to Maureen Evans

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